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    Back to the Earthland?!?!

    Gabriel Anthello
    Gabriel Anthello

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    Back to the Earthland?!?! Empty Back to the Earthland?!?!

    Post by Gabriel Anthello 16th January 2016, 1:04 pm

    The explosion died and smoke cleared. It walked out without a scratch. The ten foot tall suit of animate armor, ever still spewing blue flames from ever joint, marches from the crater as though the blast hadn't ever happened. A boy stood between the hulking suit of fire armor and a swirling blue vortex, that is to say one of the Wakusei portals, this kid was Cain; age 11. Not that he looked much like the man he was known as in Earthland of present; the white hair those know by his peers was instead replaced with a mess of raven hair and maybe more surprising was that among the locks of hair there was the occasional feather.

    But that was about to change. His eyes filled with tears he screamed like a child half his age "No! No! No! I don't want to go! That was supposed to work! That was supposed to free you dad!" The armor marched ever closer slowly raising its right gauntlet; reaching for Cain. He took one last painful look at the approaching monstrosity, "Why? This wouldn't be happening if you had just stayed in hiding you freaking idiot!"

    Scared and without any other option; he turn and ran into the portal.

    Cain blinked and was pulled from his memories. A frustrated old man behind him shoved him forward "Oi! Snap out of it! The line has moved up." Cain glared at him but moved forward anyway. Honestly he was a bit embarrassed, the line had moved up a considerable bit bringing him just that much closer to his passport. Tch I hate having to do this again. This line is way too long. But I can't be going around with my old passport; especially with my- Cain's train of thought was cut off as a child ran by hitting his leg as he passed.

    The kid ran ahead up the line much to Cain's frustration Damn kid! If he knew the importance of what I was doing he wouldn't be screwing around like that! The boy's mother ran past Cain; all but but throwing him out of the way to catch her child. Cain would have joined the angry masses yelling at the careless mother but instead found himself again trapped in his own memories.

    "Come on dear. You can do it!" "Yeah you just gotta concentrate and just do it!" Cain, 7 years old, looked up at the tree trying to see his parents in the branches above. "I don't know how! I just can't!" The lighter of the two voices, a more reaffirming and gentle voice; his mother called again, "There isn't anything to know Cain. It is different for everyone; it is something you just do." "But what if I can't?"

    Cain willed himself out of his trance just in time to find himself at the front of the line, "Tch, can't wait in a line for ten minutes without seeing these things. What a pain." He entered the pass port office; completed the mandatory paper work and just like that he was on his way. New passport in hand, and ghosts in his wake.

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