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    That extra mile [Kanix Laspor]


    That extra mile [Kanix Laspor] Empty That extra mile [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest on 16th January 2016, 10:06 am

    That extra mile [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    Kanix placed her hands around the cup of her drink that she had ordered from the bar, not exactly knowing what it was. All she had done was ask for a fruity alcoholic beverage, so she only hoped that whatever was before her, was good-tasting. She stared down at the cocktail, tapping her fingers lightly against the sides of the glass and listening to her surroundings. Her staff was resting beside her, the feathers, attached to the knot of it, dancing with each wind of a passerby. The dark mage lifted a finger and felt for the umbrella that was placed inside of the liquid, swirling it around when she touched it. Sadly, she was hesitant in trying it, only because this was her second time in drinking something from a bar. Graciously from Cain, she had learned she liked fruity liquids the best, and actually didn't get sick off of them as she had feared.

    Finally, the dark mage took up the yellowish liquid and had a sip of it, savoring the rush of a lemony flavor on her tongue. Fruit was one her most favored foods in the world, and lemon was among the top fruits that she liked to eat. So, the lemony flavor tasted great to her; how it was both sour and sweet all at the same time to give a burst. Kanix ran her tongue over her lips and set the drink back down, refraining herself from drinking it all in one go. She didn't need to get sick off of drinking too much, even though this was her first drink of the night and likely not her last. However, seconds later, she had picked the glass up again and took another sip, then another, and before long, the drink was gone. The shaman smiled at her stupidity and placed the glass back on the counter, pushing it slightly away from her.

    "Would you like another of this drink, Miss?" the bartender inquired, taking the cup away from the mage.

    "No," Kanix began, shaking her head partially, only to stop herself and rethink the offer he was giving her. "Actually, I wouldn't mind having one more if you don't mind, but I am trying to watch what I drink." She smiled kindly at the bartender, who merely nodded in her direction, not knowing she couldn't see him.

    The bartender stepped away and into the back, likely to get the items he would need to make her drink. In that while that he was gone, Kanix heard the bell on the door ring as it opened, signaling more customers' arrivals. Her head swiveled in the direction she heard the bell ringing, curious to know who had entered the place.

    They were boastful mages who had entered, annoyingly loud and constantly bragging about how good they were. She heard how they were boisterous of their guild, and how that guild was the best legal guild in all of Earthland. Kanix snorted at that idea of there being a guild that was better than any other guild in the world, legal or dark. The idea was absurd to her. How could one even measure the likability of a guild just be the mages and their work? Grimacing, she turned her head in another direction, hoping to at least be able to tune out some of the nuisances' voices. However, they were all far too loud for her to simply ignore, and she spun her stool around to face them. Her fingers tapped anxiously against the wood of the bar,, her blind eyes studiously studying the mages in hatred.

    Kanix would then spin her stool back around and lean forward, toward the cash register that had been left unattended. A few clicks of the keyboard she had memorized the bartender doing, and the cash drawer popped open for her. The dark mage took a few hundred jewels and slapped the register closed again, ignoring the faces she was getting from other customers. She placed a forefinger to her lips as her blind eyes scanned the customers staring at her, telling them to keep quiet. Afterward, she would stand to her feet and sneak after the boys, reaching forward to place the jewels inside one of their coat pockets. When the deed was done, Kanix sneaked away again and sat herself back on the stool, waiting for the bartender to come back.

    "All right, Miss, here is your drink, freshly made!" the bartender interrupted her thought process as he handed her her drink.

    "Thank you," she thanked him, taking the glass and handing the jewels she had to pay for the fruity beverage. "Speaking of jewels though, I heard those young boys over there getting into your cash register. I think they took some jewels."

    "What?!" the bartender exclaimed, looking to the register and quickly opening it with the key around his neck. He counted the jewels that were in the register, recounted them a few times, and realized that jewels were missing. The man looked up from his workplace and stared at the three legal mages before climbing over the bar and heading toward them. "Hey, boys! You took something that didn't belong to you!" the bartender snapped at the trio of nuisances. His arms crossed over his chest, and Kanix whirled her seat around again to watch the show that was about to unfold.

    "What are you talking about? We didn't steal anything from you. We literally just got here!" one of the boys defended themselves.

    "Oh yeah? Then what the hell is that in your pocket?" the bartender exclaimed, reaching toward one of the boys and snagging the jewels from their pocket. He jiggled the jewels at the boys, who only stared at him in disbelief at how the jewels had gotten on them. Without thinking, the bartender then punched the nearest legal mage to him, and the rest of the boys became fussy.

    Kanix busted it out laughing when she heard the knuckles of the bartender make contact with one of the boys' face. She took a sip of her beverage and leaned back, already beginning to enjoy the show that was starting up. The other customers watched along with her, giving her side glances, but unable to help a laugh or two. The dark mage shrugged in reply to their looks, then finished off the alcoholic drink, pushing it onto the bar counter. As the fight ensued, the manager of the bar came out of his office to see what the ruckus was that was going on. It was then that Kanix decided she needed to head out before they realized she was a dark guild member ruining business.

    "Hey! Knock it off, Balamon! These are customers you are beating up over a few bits of stolen jewels! Take those jewels, put them back in the cash register, and get the damned bodyguard to take these boys out, you idiot!" the manager yelled.

    So, the woman stood to her feet and dug out a few jewels for a tip to the bartender, looked to the fight still going on, and headed out. It was fun while it lasted, and she was slightly tipsy, but other places called for her to make a bit of mischief in.

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