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    The Sweet taste of jealousy [Kanix Laspor]


    The Sweet taste of jealousy [Kanix Laspor] Empty The Sweet taste of jealousy [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 16th January 2016, 9:29 am

    The Sweet taste of jealousy [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    Kanix knocked on the door of the house she had been directed to when asking around the neighborhood about it. She waited patiently for someone to answer, curious to know who was hiding within the house that belonged to this woman's "beloved." Her foot tapped lightly with her staff as she waited, blind eyes dancing around as her other senses took everything in. It was eerily quiet, and she was beginning to think that maybe the man had run out to do errands before she had arrived. As she thought that though, a handsome man opened the door to the home, smiling briefly at her before realizing she couldn't see.

    "How may I help you, Miss?" the man asked her, a slightly confused and worried expression crossing his face. Perhaps something had come up with a relative or. . . heaven for bid. . . the one that he truly loved and planned to marry?

    No, that couldn't be, he hadn't seen this woman before, so how would she know anything about Eleanor or his relatives?

    "Are you. . . Theodore Arboran?" she inquired in return of his offer for help, her lips pursing together. She was trying not to smile at the deceit she was laying out for the woman and the soon-to-be dead man standing before her. How tragic it would be when the woman learned of her soon-to-be fiance's death; it nearly made her giggle! Kanix cleared her throat and waited for an answer from the man, her tapping of her foot and staff having receded.

    "Yes, that would be me, but may I ask? What brings you to my home?" the man answered her in a worried voice.

    "Oh? You must not be aware of who I am then," Kanix stated, looking a faked shocked for a brief moment. "I'm Death, and I'm here to take you to the Otherside. Sorry to say, but your time here has just ended!" The dark mage grinned at the man again, and tapped her staff harshly against the cement of his home's steps. Her eyes glowed a brilliant white, along with the brilliance of the shining emerald green of her staff's gemstone.

    The man before her quickly froze in his place, and Kanix giggled at the sight of the now soul-trapped man. "I guess my presence will did shock you into death!" She laughed at her own joke, even though it was rather horrid. She then swooped her staff in the direction of the man's head and bashed his skull in with the stone and knot of the weapon. Kanix whacked him a good one, one more time, to make sure that he truly was going to be dead in the end.

    Once that was over, the blind woman turned on her heels, wiped off the blood from her staff, and hummed her way toward the lady's house. She had a few letters stuffed in her pocket, one that was a false love letter from Theodore to another woman. The other letter was a fake letter that stated the death of Theodore, though Theodore truly was dead now. Kanix couldn't help, but giggle at the sight of the woman gasping and fainting, and being completely sad over his death. This was only because she found human emotions completely and utterly useless; after all, they only got in the way. A few more steps, a hummed song, and Kanix was at the doorstep of the woman's house, putting on her game face. Well, not so much a game face than it was a face that represented the fake sadness she was currently feeling.

    The Basilisk Fang mage rapped her knuckles on the woman's door, and patiently waited for her to open it. When a fair maiden opened the doors to the quaint home, Kanix tilted her head a more inquiring way.

    "Are you Isabella Toronto?" she would ask, hands now gripped firmly around two letters as she awaited a reply.

    "Yes, that would be me," the woman responded, looking down to the two letters that Kanix was holding.

    "I have these letters that were sent to my home on accident. I figured you would like to have these both," she stated, handing the woman the letters.

    Confusedly, the maiden took them and stared down at them suspiciously before opening the first letter addressed to another lady. Her eyes widened slightly at the letter, though Kanix wasn't able to see the shocked and betrayed look come across her face. The woman made a small, achy sound and clutched at her chest, the feeling of betrayal coursing through her. She tossed aside the other letter and cracked open the one about Theodore's death next, reading it over carefully.

    A gasp escaped the woman's lips and Kanix could hear the tears (figuratively) rolling down the woman's cheeks.

    "I'm so sorry for your loss. I thought you already knew about Theodore's death, seeing as everyone else does," Kanix murmured unapologetically.

    "It's. . . It's all right. He was a good man, I just can't believe he's gone. I loved him so much!" Isabella exclaimed.

    "Well, I should be getting on my way now. Take care," Kanix stated in a much colder tone than previously. With that being said, the woman turned on her way and headed back to her client's house to tell him about the finished job.

    Kanix would tap on the door and a man answered it as quickly as when she had first come across him to inform him she was doing the task. "The deed is done. He's dead, she's brokenhearted, I suggest you go swoop in now and comfort that broken soul before I have to take it," she said. The man just stood there and nodded quickly before he stepped out and started running toward the maiden's house.

    "Thank you for this!" he shouted over his shoulder.

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