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    Hired Muscle [Kanix Laspor]


    Hired Muscle [Kanix Laspor] Empty Hired Muscle [Kanix Laspor]

    Post by Guest 16th January 2016, 8:48 am

    Hired Muscle [Kanix Laspor] Tumblr12
    Her next mission was off in Motor City, where she was reprized with the role of being a bodyguard for Theobold Thrawn: a well-known thug in the city. She had entered the city knowing full well that she would be used to kill some people, especially since Theobold had some unfinished business. At least, that's what one of her guild members had told her from reading the job description to her, thanks to her lack of sight. Kanix wasn't so bothered with the idea of being used as a killing machine; she had already killed an innocent woman anyway, so what exactly mattered? Absolutely nothing mattered to her now, and she was quite excited to meet one of the most reputable thugs in Motor City. In fact, she had always wanted to meet a thug, only not as the victim of a misfortune that resulted her in being mugged by one. So, she danced off into the city to find the building that she would find Theobold hiding in, ready to take her off to some shops.

    She hummed quietly to herself as she soon arrived at a dark alley and turned down it, her fingers trailing the grimy walls. Her fingers hit a space, where a smooth, blue door was located, and she knocked on the metallic beast, listening to its echo. Moments later, the gateway creaked open, and a bulky, intimidating-looking, also middle-aged, man answered her call.

    "You must be the dark mage who took up the Boss's request? Come in and I'll take you to the Boss's office then. Follow me," the man stated.

    Kanix didn't say anything as she stepped inside the building and followed the gruff-looking man to an office not too far away. The goon knocked roughly on the door and waited until it opened to reveal another middle-aged man, grayed hair, but buff and mean-looking. Not that she could see either of the two men at her side, though guessed that they looked like the stereotypical city thug.

    "You are the dark mage then?" Theobold inquired, turning to the side and offering her to take a step into his office. "Two of my goons are sick; the two who are always with me when we're off to regain the money that was borrowed from us and never returned. So, I was hoping that you would be willing enough to help me in getting that money back from two of the shopkeepers here in the city?"

    "Well, if I didn't want to help you out of boredom, I wouldn't have taken the job request in the first place," Kanix retorted, smirking at Theobold. She walked into the office and the man closed and locked the door behind her, making her jump slightly at the suspicion. He was a thug though; why she hadn't expected him to bolt the doors shut and close them all the time was beyond her. However, she didn't say anything to the thug and sat down in one of the chairs that was across from the place Theobold sat.

    "Right. Well, the first shop is down a few blocks. The man asked to borrow some money from us to start up his job and now he hasn't been giving us the due back. The other shop is just around the corner from this hideout, and this woman borrowed some money from us to pay back her family. I know it sounds cruel, but hey, it's business and if I don't get my money back on time, there's gonna be some issues with us. So, shall we get a move on then? I'd like to get this shit down quickly, so the coppers don't catch wind of us before the day's over," Theobold explained.

    "I say it's a go," Kanix responded, smirking slightly again as she stood back to her feet, dusted off her coat and waited for the man to get up and open the door. As she did, the man got himself ready as well, grabbing his gun, and then walking over to the door to unbolt and open it. The duo headed out into the city, first making their way down to the flower shop, where the woman worked that he needed money from.

    When they arrived at the flower shop, Kanix stepped forward and cracked the door open with her foot, listening it swing to the side and topple off its hinges. They stepped inside and Theobold cocked his gun at the cashier, who happened to be the woman that he was looking for.

    "You's got some business with me," he spat out at the cashier, "I needs my money right here and right now, or I'll kill ya."

    "Please, sir! I don't have your money right now! I swear I'll have it to you in a week's time! I just need to get the last little bit," the terrified woman exclaimed.

    "Ah-uh.You're time is up, Missy. I set the date for dues yesterday, and you never paid me back at the requested time," he snapped.

    "Please!" the woman begged, "just a little bit longer!"

    Kanix listened to the terrified words of the woman and the angry ones that came out of Theobold's mouth, making her angry as well. Her head snapped in the direction of the woman and she took a menacing step forward, placing her hands on the counter and staring dead in the eyes of the cashier.

    "Give him your money, even some from the fucking cash register if you have to, bitch, or you're not going to be the only one having a hell of a time," she threatened.

    The woman gulped and nodded at the blind mage, her shaky hands digging into her pocket to pull out the dollar bills and hand them to Theobold. He took the money from her and watched as she unlocked the register and began taking out the rest of what she owed him. Kanix stood there like a statue, smiling at the woman with eerie patience until the woman handed over the remaining tax.

    Theobold spoke as he was giving the remnants, "thank you for your time, miss." Then he turned to Kanix and pointed at the cashier, "kill her and the rest of them."

    Kanix's head whipped around, so her sightless eyes stared at Theobold, but she didn't question the thug's words and turned back to the lady. "Sorry," she mumbled, as she tapped her staff on the ground and out came a fire elemental, who quickly burnt the woman to a crisp.

    Right now, she was quite happy that she didn't have to see all the deaths and misfortunes that she was creating around here. The people in the flower shop, those who had been unfortunate enough to have been shopping at the time, were frozen still, fearful to even move. She turned on her way though, and followed after Theobold as he exited the shop, stuffing the money into his pocket meanwhile. Whereas, the elemental creature within the confines of the shop began attacking the rest of the people in there, burning them and cutting them apart.

    "I didn't need her getting word out that all of this happened, and there were witnesses, so they needed to be taken care of, too," Theobold explained.

    Kanix didn't say anything in return, and kept her mouth shut as she was led to the next shop in town, where she expected the same to happen. Theobold was a strange thug, she didn't think they killed everyone that happened to be around when they took money.

    It was only minutes later that they were at the next shop and Theobold was insisting to the man in the back that he give the money. The man refused, however, and Kanix was standing there beside Theobold, waiting for the command to kill the man. Just like that, the signal to attack was given to her, and she tapped her staff on the ground, summoning up a gate to hell.

    "What the hell?" the manager exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at the closed door and looking to Kanix for an explanation. Though he didn't hesitate at lunging at the blind woman, where she only tsked at him and smiled abrasively to the manager.

    "You will not win any fights against me, dear. I'm a lot more powerful than you happen to think I look to be. Such a pity. You were a nice guy," Kanix stated.

    It opened up and a demon exited from the door, looking to Kanix first, but then wheeling itself around and launching at the manager. Kanix grimaced as the man screamed in pain when the first blow from the demon hit, and it began ripping, slashing, and tearing at his skin. This shop was closed though, so she didn't have to worry so much about having to kill anyone who was shopping in there. Moments later, the manager was torn to shreds, and Theobold, dismissing the attacks as nothing more than work, stepped over the limbs and grabbed the money from the cash register.

    "I would like to thank you for helping me get this money back, even though I didn't want for this to get so bloody," he stated. "So, take these jewels and go on your way."

    Kanix was handed jewels from his pocket and she thanked him for them before turning on her way and leaving Motor City.

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