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    Sabertooth's Pool Party!


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    Sabertooth's Pool Party!

    Post by Hikachu on Wed 13 Jan - 6:19

    Sabertooth's Beach Blowout!

    With the perfect weather and the sun shining down upon the lands, the Sabertooth guildmaster decided to take the members out for vacation trip to Crescent Island, for coming out as a top legal guild in Fiore. What's more, they'll be having a massive pool party! Ah, the beach, the pinnacle of summer memories. Barbecuing with your friends. Playing in the sea! Swimming contests! And of course, that very romantic walk on the beach, with the sun setting down behind you at the horizon. That very special girl or guy, next to you. Closer and closer, till the moment draws near where your lips almost.... ahem, going a bit of track here.

    Anyway, Sabertooth annual Beach Blowout is here. A full week retreat at the beach. Filled with fun, laughter and games. Friendly competitions and even a test of courage! Its open to all the Sabertooth mages, young and old, new and vets! Enjoy the wonders of the Crescent Island and simply...

    Have Fun!

    Sabertooth's Pool Party


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