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    Elyx's Overly-Detailed Bio (Wip)

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    Elyx's Overly-Detailed Bio (Wip) Empty Elyx's Overly-Detailed Bio (Wip)

    Post by King Elyx on 12th January 2016, 11:35 am

    Elyx's Overly-Detailed Bio (Wip) Tumblr_nhk63cVTXG1tikchso1_500

    Elyx Reiaki

    Basic Information

    Full real name: Elyx Reiaki
    Pronunciation: EE-Licks ray-a-kEE
    Meaning of this name: Elyx: Positive power of the mind, body, and soul.
    Who gave them this name? Kia Reiaki and Silico Reiaki
    Does your character like their name? Yes
    Why? Despite it being born in a Lerale tribe, he learned that it was given to him by his real parents.
    Do they use their real name? Yes
    Nicknames: None
    Why these nicknames? Why would he need one anyways?

    Birth date: June 27th
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 18 Years
    Mental age: 21 Years
    How old do they look? 17 Years
    Mortality: Side with ethics no matter what. There should be no reason to follow anything else, since ethics keeps peace.
    Species: Lerale Human
    Ethnicity: Shadellian
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual, not the Romance comes easy to him.
    Do they mind this orientation? Very much, he would prefer to be asexual since he does not believe he can love or lust.
    Are they still their birth gender/sex?



    Length of body: 5'10
    Weight: 145 pounds

    General body health:
    Body cleanliness: Clean
    Physical Diseases/illnesses: None Currently

    Body build: Average build, not too strong nor too slender, probably due to all of the chocolate that he ate as a child. Surprisingly enough however, he does not have any of that stored in his stomach, as it is flat.
    Posture: Usually, while walking, he keeps his head held high while placing both of his hands in his pockets. If alert, he keeps both of his palms held up in front of his face while keeping his eyes half-closed.
    Muscle: A lot more muscle than fat for sure, his arms pack quite a punch despite how slender they may seem. He's been playing Violin since he was a child, he had to constantly train to give himself more endurance, giving himself a lot more muscle in the process.
    Fat: Possibly stored, not that any of the weight gain is shown due to his excessive movement and muscle training.
    Foot size: Well, using our current scale, a size eight.

    Physical defects/handicaps: N/A
    How did they get them?N/A
    To which degree do these impair them? N/A
    Do they have anything prosthetic/artificial to make up for it? N/A

    Scars: None
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings/earrings: Definitely None
    Birthmarks: Well, there is a mark on his left side collar bone, but nothing else really.
    Other body modifications: His eyes can change to Purple when angered
    How/when/why did they get these features? All Lerale mages obtain this whenever they are angered, it's in their blood. Even half Lerale blood mages obtain these eyes. They are designed to threaten, and no known abilities come from the eyes yet.
    Blood type: O

    Face and Head

    Face shape: A human... Face
    Nose shape: A normal nose
    Lip shape: The shape of a lip owo
    Lip colour: Okay, screw this
    Ear size: What the-
    Hearing: Being a Slayer, he can hear quite well, able to pick up things from miles away.
    Tooth colour: White
    State of teeth: Not even a chip
    Tongue colour: ...
    Wrinkles: Too young for that!

    Number of eyes: Two
    Eye shape: The shape of human eyes owo
    Iris colour: Light brown
    Pupil shape: A circle
    Pupil colour: Black
    Glasses/contacts: None
    Eyesight: Slayer senses, he can see over huge distances
    Eyebrows: Smaller than average
    Other remarkable features in eye: The can turn purrrrple :3

    Is your character perceived as handsome/sexy…
       ·         … by his race: Surprisingly enough, many do.
       ·         … by another race: Kind of debatable. There are all other sorts of things that find him attractive
       ·         … by themselves: Just... Elyx. Himself, average.


    Jewelry: None
    Weapon(s): Bound Iris, a Greatsword
    Gadget(s): none
    Remarkable objects owned: Celestial Spirit Keys
    Favourite object: His Celestial Spirit Keys



    Give a biography of…

       ·         … their childhood:
       ·         … their teen years:
       ·         … their young adult years:
       ·         … their adult years:

    Birthplace: Hospital
    Clan of birth: Shadelle
    Does your character have biological parents? Kia Reiaki and Silico Reiaki
    Is your character an orphan? Yes

    How were they raised? Raised by a "single mom" who was a healer for a music tribe.
    Did they enjoy it? As a child, yes. Now, he regrets it will all of his heart.
    Biological father’s name: Silico Reiaki
    Still alive? No
    Relationship with your character: He wonders about what his father was like.

    Biological mother’s name: Kia Reiaki
    Still alive? No
    Relationship with your character: He wonders about what his mother was like.

    Sibling(s): None
    Information about them: Nope
    Still alive? ...
    Relationship with your character: Non-Existent
    Any significance in your character’s life? ...

    Other family members: Hero Yamamoto
    Relationship with your character: Cousin
    Have these people had any significance in your character’s life? He's a Rune Knight, and being the last of their bloodlines, they stick together.

    Pets: Ignite (She-Phoenix)
    Still alive? Yes
    Any significance in your character’s life? From her birth, he took care of her. She was always there for him, and stuck by his side when no one else would.

    Information about them: the few people shika came to trust really in her time in the tribe of ancient stones. depending on them, and the situation, she might really listen to them
    Are they still friends? they are all distant now.

    Enemies: no special enemies, though she does hate the exiles in particular
    Information about them: the group gave her some trouble, and is thought of as holding her mother captive.

    Other significant people: Tomb, Mary, concealing eyes
    Why? were enemies in the past
    Has this person had any significance in your character’s life? fed shika's lask of trust, and bitterness.

    Hobbies: calligraphy,  
    Are they member of any clubs? nope
    Other memberships: nope
    Other things they do in their spare time: flying or runing around, exploring, training, seeking out fights,


    Current Clan: Tribe of ancient stones
    Describe their place of living: a small(for her size) darker room, with windows kept covered with long drappery
    What do they think of other Clans? not worth her time unless the clans mess with her or those she cares about directly.
    Where did they live in the past, besides their initial home?blizzardclan lakeside, Insignia prisons, cave, tribe of ancient stones, dark room made of stone
    How many times did they move?  at least five
    What effect did this leave on them? it makes her less trusting of new people and places, and makes it hard for her to think of things she has not grown up knowing as home. she feels out of place in most locations, and around most people.

    Are they married? no
    Spouse(s)/Love interest(s): subaru, and kanato's stuffed bear, slight crushes/desire for friendship towards both
    Still alive? as far as she knows
    Relationship with your character: acquaintances
    Would they cheat on them? as her feelings are not strong, possibly, but it would not be considered cheeting
    Has this person had any significance in your character’s life? kind of sort of representing, things shika would like in her life.

    How did they discover their sexual orientation? did not try to discover it, simply could not fall in love with anyone for a while. she places very little emphasis on her sexuality. it could be considered not yet discovered almost.  
    Have they come out for it? nope
    Is it considered weird by the character’s Clan/relatives? nope
    Did the character accept this? yes
    Were they accepted by society/relatives? yes
    Are/were they afraid to do so? a bit. she rather have people think her not interested at all.

    Love life:
    How easily do they fall in love? it is very difficult.
    How many lovers have they had? none
    What personality are they looking for? someone who is strong, following an ideal, and not too keen on messing around. someone who will be very loyal, and know what they are doing.
    Have they been used before? no
    If so, how and why? she has not allowed herself to be used
    Have they used someone before? no
    How and why? why bother with it when most people are a waste of time, and she does not want sexual pleasure

    Turn-ons: restraint, strength, holding to ideals
    Turn-offs: vampire, scales, messiness, silliness, childishness, sexual advances, being called attractive,  

    Children: none
    Are they illegitimate? N/A
    Information about them: N/A
    Still alive? N/A
    Any significance in your character’s life? N/A

    Current rank: Rashan
    Why? the tribe as she knew it is coming back into being, and she has been learning how to properly handle a high position without loosing sight of her identity
    Do they like it? sometimes
    Work-related Skills: not likely to be angry
    Past ranks: kid, trainee common member

    Death date: not set
    Death place: not set
    Death circumstances: not set
    Was it the absolute end? Or was there something after that? something after if it ever happens

    Important events in their time: tribe name changes/leader changes, living legends human pollution,


    Personality and Skills

    Summary of personality:  shika is a strong willed and idealistic individual who is not afraid to take things forcefully if need be. she can be very hard on herself, and on others, and not very forgiving of failures and weaknesses. she is however also rather sensitive to things, and though she may not show it, events and others words do beat her down there are times when she battles anger or depression.
    In general, who or what influenced their personality to become as it is now? the lack of having steady parental figures in her life, and living through the apparent loss of may of the people she trusted more than anyone else.
    Jung/Briggs personality: ISFP
    Enneagram: a 8w7 or a 6w5 has strong 8 and 6 traits

    Strengths: idealistic, self motivated, loyal when loyal
    Weaknesses: more easily effected than she shows, easily depressed, not trusting, aggressive, judgmental
    How were they influenced in this? losses make her care strongly about some things

    Fears: fear of loosing loved ones, fear of romantic attraction, fear of weakness,
    Why? due to being alone a lot, and not particularly able to rely on others
    How were they influenced in this? due to the loss of loved ones, and watching her parents

    Phobias: fear of dying
    Why? doesn't know whats on the other side
    How were they influenced in this? has killed others, and interacted with 'evil' spirits

    Mental/emotional traumas: struggles with depression and anger issues
    Why? cause the people she needs are not there
    How were they influenced in this? due to the losses again

    Worst thing that can happen to this character: to find out everyone has gotten possessed, or killed by demons but for herself
    Best thing that can happen to this character: to gain friends who would never leave her

    Mental state: appears stable most of the time
    Sanity: slightly insane when pushed the wrong ways
    Mental illness(es): none
    Why? not being able to find cures in the past
    How were they influenced in this? the build up of losses and emotional pain over time

    Are they street smart or book smart? street smart
    What contributed to their intelligence? growing up on her own
    Strong intellectual qualities: knows how to do a lot of things
    Weak intellectual qualities: inconsiderate of danger, unable to read emotions at times, may not physically be able to do what she knows

    Everyday habits: cleaning herself, survival chores, writing non-words on things, tearing things apart without thinking about it.
    Personal rituals: cannibalism when depressed, swimming frequently

    Self-control: weak
    General Temperament: passive judgemental
    What angers them? when people mess with/harm her or her friends, useless noise
    Self-esteem: low but uses boldness and confidence to hide that
    Optimist/pessimist: Pessimist

    Drives and Motivations: desire for family and respect
    Dreams: having the dead returned, having a family who actually loves her
    Good Characteristics: has a sense of honor. won't break promises
    Character Flaws and Quirks: Can't read/write well, can do so best only in her own non-word text, likes music but not musical, wishes to be younger again, is considered impure, and is weakened by things like holy water and angels, and purification rituals
    Pet peeves: noise, vampires, those who seek out weaklings to kill,
    Accomplishments: won several contests in the toas

    Faith/religion: things exist in the spiritual, but none deserve worship
    Why? because she had encounters with demons and such, and herself has a spiritual component to her being more than an ordinary soul
    Was it their choice? yes
    Devotion: strong unless something real out there proves her wrong directly
    Do they uphold religious values? she upholds values religiously, but that is different than religious values.
    Philosophy:kill any who mess with you, and kill them in the act if possible. leave the rest alone

    When do they feel at ease? when surrounded by beautiful things, when shrunk down with pure techniques, when flying, acting childish
    When don’t they feel at ease? when around someone who is possessed, vampires, barren lands, strangers, threats, etc
    What embarrasses them? being caught acting childish
    What depresses them? friends leaving or dying
    What makes them laugh? the foolishness and weakness of others
    What makes them cry? feeling hated
    Any specific reasons for the above answers? past experiences

    Eating habits: may not eat for a while, and then feast on as much as she can  of the biggest most dangerous kills she can take periodically. may sometimes eat more normally.
    Sleeping habits: irregular, may be asleep in the day and up at night, the other way around, or sleep at odder times

    Do they smoke? no
    How often? never
    What? hates the smell

    Do they drink? no
    How often? never
    What? afraid of a unclear mind

    Do they do drugs? no
    How often? never
    Which? none

    Are they addicted to any of the above? no
    Any other addictions? addicted to her hunting/eating habits,
    Why? needs to prove to herself that she is strong, she is trying to break this though

    Secrets: has killed non npcs, sometimes imagines killing tribemates, her liking subaru
    Darkest Secret: doesn't know
    Why? there are things about herself and her family that are unknown to her
    Does anyone else know their secret? If yes, how did that person find out? maybe someone in her family knows
    How would they react if this secret were to be known? shock at finding it out for herself as well.

    Mother language: common animal language
    Accent: what appears like standard english
    Dialects spoken: clan dialect
    Other languages known: Japanese
    Voice: kind of like toph from Avatar, but more sort and sensitive usually with a bit of a breathiness to it
    Volume of voice: usually soft, but clear
    Other special things about the voice: has a surprisingly wide pitch range,

    Social skill: bad at reading people most of the time, tends to avoid highly social situations
    Outlook on life: life is mostly bleak, there is little reason to care about most things, so try and make the best out of it, and be strong
    Outlook in general: bitter, with a dash of hope
    Activity: laid back
    Adventurousness: strong
    Predictability: medium
    Responsibility: medium
    Tidiness: medium
    Cleanliness: strong
    Generosity: poor
    Manners: poor
    Bravery: strong
    Loyalty: strong

    Morality: a little bit liberal, but with some conservative traits but overall idealistic
    Alignment: liberal
    Why? has had to care mostly for herself, but just does not care about some things

    Skilled at: hunting, ambush, flying, ruining, meticulous activities, blocking out spirits
    Particularly bad at: extended battles,
    Talents: flight, others not discovered.

    Passive or aggressive: aggressive

    Physical fighting skills: good at dodging stuff, not so good at blunt force,
    Physical fighting style: ambush, hit hard and fast, hope to kill or gravely damage in the first hit. dont stay still long enough for counter attacks.
    Weapon(s) they’re skilled with: knives and blades.
    Specific attack(s)/weapon(s): Teleport in to attack, and be gone do this multiple times, from multiple angles, the victim may become confused or not notice which was the first attack.  some stuff based on demonic powers she has not discovered them yet.
    Abilities: nothing special physically
    Signature weapon/attack: the multi hit with teleportation one

    Has powers? yes
    Magic fighting skill: supplements physical fighting
    Magic fighting style: same as other, hit hard hit fast, end the fight quick
    Powers: some elemental powers, shape shifting, sound manip molicule manip, flower prints, glow, shrink(curse), others she has not discovered
    How did they get these powers? based on parental linage and gradual awakening of them when under stress
    How powerful are they? varies greatly based on the power, but most are not very heavily trained.
    Signature power: teleportation

    Alternate form(s): tiger, human, unknown ones
    How did they get this/these form(s)? born a tiger, but became a dragon later on the human form came from alternate univers rps
    Do they prefer this/one of these form(s) to their primary form? she prefers the dragon, but wishes she could be smaller
    Can they control forms? not really

    Any other things about their combat: usually does not fight at all

    Theme song: various sogs by kokia no set theme
    Personal quote: does not have one

    Likes: gentle music, calligraphic, being around those she can trust, adventures, being right, proving herself, praise, family, stories, prepared foods, listening to complex ideas, japanese things,
    Why? remind her of things she values, and calming traits
    How were they influenced in this? some are kind of random, some are based on things she learned or experienced.

    Dislikes: other groups, intruders, nosy questions, games, vampires, demons, senseless actions, spirits who possess others, being manipulated, taking on high positions she is not ready for
    Why? it clashes with her ideals
    How were they influenced in this?  the ideals give her something to hold on to

    What is their favourite…

       ·         Colour: gold
       ·         Food/dish: fish
       ·         Dessert: icecream
       ·         Drink: water
       ·         Alcoholic beverage: does not like
       ·         Taste: meaty
       ·         Smell: fresh water yes it has a scent
       ·         Season: spring
       ·         Place: the crystal canyon of the anathema
       ·         Holiday: doesn't know any holidays
       ·         Plant: lily
       ·         Book: a blank one
       ·         Literary genre: manga
       ·         Movie: hero
       ·         Movie genre: action
       ·         TV show: doesn't have a favorite.
       ·         TV genre: music shows
       ·         Song (hypothetically): chowa no oto
       ·         Music genre: J-pop

    Do they have a particular reason for liking the above? some of it is just quirky, others is just fun stuff, some of them have back stories.

    What is their least favourite…

       ·         Colour: green-yellow
       ·         Food/dish: synthetic foods with artificial stuff and all
       ·         Dessert: twinkies
       ·         Drink: coffee
       ·         Alcoholic beverage: all of them
       ·         Taste: sour
       ·         Smell: human
       ·         Season: summer
       ·         Place: medieval castles
       ·         Holiday: valentines day
       ·         Plant: rose
       ·         Book: bible
       ·         Literary genre: novels
       ·         Movie: hunger games
       ·         Movie genre: chick flicks
       ·         TV show: 60 min
       ·         TV genre: sports
       ·         Song (hypothetically): there's a lot
       ·         Music genre: screemo

    Do they have a particular reason for disliking the above? sometimes its a quirk, sometimes she finds it just plain annoying

    Past goals: get proprt training,
    Why? she did not have any then
    Were they accomplished? was held back by not ever having a permanent teacher

    Current goals: restore a sense of family, get over depression, become stronger
    How are they going? not very well

    Dream rank: to be beyond having a rank
    Why? she does not need a hp role in a clan, but does the respect that a rank allows

    Related to the Character

    When was this character created? march 10 2014
    Did you make the design? yes
    How has the design changed? she changed from tiger to dragon, but colors and some traits do carry over
    Do you roleplay with this character? yes
    Do you draw the character? yes
    Has this character appeared in any stories? If so, which? none


    All questions here por favor

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