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    Myosotis (Alye/Social) Empty Myosotis (Alye/Social)

    Post by King Elyx 11th January 2016, 6:42 pm

    His lips would emit a sigh from his lips and he traveled alone, Ignite was not even with him today. He needed a bit of time away from the whole thing, the problems that he had as a Guild Ace of Black Rose, the stress of being forced to go on jobs in order to pay for rent, all of the people that he needs to talk to today. Those things were pulling on his joins like strings, and he was the puppet. But, even if just for a moment, he could take a moment to relax and let the scenery blend in with his calm and collected personality, he would resume back to the world that he is forced to live in.

    The Rose Gardens brought back many blissful memories, and not just from jobs. It was his happy place. And whenever he was happy... He would pull out his Violin from his knapsack on his body. It was his signature instrument, and he used to have a whole magic set based on it. Now it was just a talent, he let go of his previous Lerale roots, not even wanting to use their magic. A smile on his face would then reveal itself to the world, though it was a private area. A small circle of grass with a 10 meter radius, surrounded by trees of the forest. This was the chosen area that he felt was private, his to own since he believed that no one else knew of it.

    Using the effect of Deemos Orb, he would place a flower on the ground for every step that he took while he swayed along with the Violin. The piece that he played was a soft one, Classical Reflections. It swayed with the wind gently, the music spreading with melody of the breezes instead of trying to force its way through, causing a lot less quality to occur in the song. His light brown eyes would then close as his steps let flowers grow from each place that he stepped. His lips were locked in a smiling formation, this was his alone time. This was his happiness, he did not have to be formal, be polite, be a yes-man, he only had to be himself. No one could tell him what do to, not while he was alone at least.

    The music was so beautiful, and the scene was so blissful. The world felt like it was his to own, it did not matter. No money, no currency, no government, no economy, but just a free world... And it felt like at the end of the day, he could smile... Because nothing mattered except for him and his Violin. It was his music, it was his peace, this whole world... It was all... His...

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