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    Fairy Tail Guild Event [Festival of the Fairies]


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    Fairy Tail Guild Event [Festival of the Fairies]

    Post by Hera-senpai on Tue 12 Jan - 1:54

    Festival of the Fairies

    The festival of the Fairies is underway in Magnolia Town! Head there now to get your rave on! Over a million people from all corners of Earthland, and all Races are in attendance.

    Ever wanted to dance with a crowd of Neko girls? Drink out of the barrels with the Dwarves of Stella? Try Enca miracle weed? Everyone is in their party attire, faces are painted, flowers are on the heads of hundreds of women celebrating the defeat of Priory of the Wyrm!

    All of Fiore is invited regardless of Guild Affiliation!

    Let's get shwifty! Let's get wasted!



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