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    The rarest flower

    Atsui Haru
    Atsui Haru

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    The rarest flower Empty The rarest flower

    Post by Atsui Haru 11th January 2016, 7:30 am

    Lately he was getting really busy with all the job he took, Atsui went on the board of the job seek, and got another job, one in which he had to find some kind of her, or a flower.

    After reading where the request was coming from , he took his things and headed down for the medicinal shop in Magnolia. And after finding it, he entered asking around who sent that request to the guild.

    After a bit, one of the worker in the shop went to call the manager. After a few minutes of wait, the guy came out of his office, and welcomed Atsui.

    Please come to my office young lord. we will discuss this in private.

    Atsui nodded and followed the guy in his office without spilling a word.

    Ok now, have a seat and let's go down to buisness.

    The manager sat on his chair and started to talk.

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