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    A Letter Long Delayed


    The Phoenix

    The Phoenix

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    A Letter Long Delayed Empty A Letter Long Delayed

    Post by Kirahunter on 8th January 2016, 6:25 pm

    "Dear Family of Mine,

    Hey guys! Simon here!

    Nah that doesn't sound right.

    How about...

    Yo! Your favorite phoenix here!

    Wait hold on are you writing what I am saying now?

    Dammit dude! Whatever I guess that'll work as an intro this.

    Anyway, I'm writing to tell you guys I'm sorry. Back when the whole cathedral thing went down I messed up real bad. I picked a fight I couldn't win and I got seriously messed up.

    As in I am now incapable of casting magic messed up.

    When I realized what happened I went into hiding. I should have let you guys know way sooner.

    But I get the feeling my adventures are over.

    I really hate to end things like this but I can't bear to appear in public without my magic. I feel straight naked without it.

    I've made enough money from my time on the front lines to last me forever and a day in paradise. So don't you guys go and pity me for a second or anything!

    Don't you dare!

    I mean sure I was every kind of depressed for a while, part of why I didn't write sooner. But I've found myself a good place where I am happy now.

    I might swing by for a visit some day when I'm more comfortable with my eh.... disability?

    But I don't know if I can ever become comfortable with something like this. So don't wait for me, but you had better save me a seat at the Harvest Festival!

    Dang I really don't know how to wrap this up. I'll miss all of you guys. Just uh carry on and keep the dream alive! Fairy Tail is forever!

    -This message transcribed by Sir Alfred W. Smith VI, scribe and retainer for the magic council.

    What I am writing now are my own words, I being Sir Alfred W. Smith VI. Your friend Simon has grossly over simplified his condition and I ask for his sake that you don't come looking for him. He actually can use magic but it presents a great danger to his body and life. I fear interaction with any of his former guild members may tempt him to return to his life as a mage, which could dramatically shorten his life in a painful fashion.

    I can only write this because he cannot read and does not know I am telling you this. This is a very difficult choice for him and I hope you will respect it."

    Simon kicked back in a lavish armchair far too large for a man ten times his size and looked at the ceiling. "This is really it huh?" The aged gentleman sitting across from him in a much more reasonably sized chair, writing on a scroll he nodded "I believe so sir. You are making the right decision. Trying to be a mage again would only lead to a very painful death." The Ex-Mage grimaced "I guess you're right. Still I never figured I would retire at 16. I had hoped to spend my life fighting giant monsters until I was old as you. Five years of hard work at Fairy Tail, a life time of adventure in front of me, all thrown to the curb by that Lancelot bastard." Alfred rolled up his scroll and tucked it into a bag "Fate takes us to strange places Sir. I will deliver this letter to the Fairy Tail guild hall and then I shall return to Era."
    Simon didn't respond, remaining transfixed on the ceiling.

    The scribe stood up, picked up his bag and turned to leave the ornate study. As he reached the door he paused looked back and said "You are aware this is good bye sir don't you? By my contract I must erase my memory of your location once I return to Era. I will be unable to return." Simon took a last look at him "Go on you lowsy old fart. You've got other things to do then look after an Ex-Wizard Saint don't you?"

    Without another word Alfred left the room, never to be seen by Simon again.

    But almost as soon as the door closed a window was sprung open by a burst of wind and flew in a snow white swan that perched itself on the arm of Simon's chair. He looked up at the bird just as he transformed into a young woman clad in robes of white with long white hair that fell all the way down to her feer "Hello Cygnus. Just you and me now."


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    A Letter Long Delayed Empty Re: A Letter Long Delayed

    Post by Haru-senpai on 9th January 2016, 4:16 am

    (One Week Later)

    Heero sat on the stage as he usually did in Fairy Tail, as the Guild was packed with regular humans and wizards both. The regular humans were here usually everyday, packed to the brim with Job Requests for the wizards of Fairy Tail. Today was no different.

    On a cold winter morning, it seemed the New Year had brought a bevy of Jobs that needed doing, Jobs that only Magic could help with. Although half the time, Heero was sure it was just regular humans wanting to pay for something expensive like a wizards help.

    As he rested one arm one a bent knee sitting on the stage stylishly, a mail courier busted through the doors. It looked as if he was dressed like a Rune Knight, or some kind of official from Era.

    Raising an eyebrow, Heero would get a sweatdrop over his head as he walked right up to him.

    "I thought you paid all of Fairy Tail's bills for December....." Rose said with a side eye toward Heero, who gave her an irritated look, which only served to satisfy his Exceed even more as the red furred cat swished her tail and crossed her arms.

    "I did, I don't know what this is about..." Heero said as he took the letter; most of the Guild had noticed that this was an actual mailman and not a person with a Job Request in their hands.

    "Oi...Heero what's it say!"
    "Yeah don't keep us in suspense, Master!"
    "Is it a challenge from another Guild? We'll smash em! Maybe an invite to a tournament of some kind!"

    Heero shook his head as he read over the letter, tears somewhat forming on the corners of his eyes before his expression turned to anger. Balling up the letter in his hands, he let his arm drop to his side loosely.

    "It's...Simon.....he's not coming back. He said he...he can't use Magic anymore." Heero would ball up a fist, as the God of Ishval dropped the letter on the bar in crumpled form and began to walk off. "I'm going too...find him. Bring him home. Simon must be devastated...." in Heero's mind, he saw the image of the 11 year old fresh recruit, five years ago long before Simon was the youngest Wizard Saint and Guildmaster ever recorded. Even at 16 now, he was still young. Heero couldn't imagine how he was feeling, having his entire world ripped away from him twice now. Simon needed him, Heero was his brother. He'd been 15 a year younger than Simon was now when the young Phoenix wizard had first joined Fairy Tail. He had to find him.

    "No you're needed here. You can't go charging off everytime you get your feelings worked up.....read it again, Simon made himself clear. He just needs some time to recover." at first Heero looked back irritated at Rose, but he knew the cat was right.

    To himself, Heero plotted. He would send out a few Fairy Tail wizards in secret on a Job. A Job to find Simon and bring him home. For now though, he would act as if everything was normal. But the first chance he got, he was sending some of his wizards after him.


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