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    Lamia Mail Service (Private)


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    Lamia Mail Service (Private) Empty Lamia Mail Service (Private)

    Post by Benjamin 5th January 2016, 3:37 pm

    Magnolia Town.

    The sunny home of Fairy Tail, this bright port town just about always seem to be bustling about, it's citizens enjoying the happy atmosphere of the place. Safe from harm due to it's resident guild's protection and suffering no shortage of commerce, there really wasn't anything the townsfolk had to truly worry about, besides day to day issues. However, one poor soul was having one of the worst kind of problems a person is capable of enduring; troubles of the heart. And like a well funded answer to that prayer, a certain gray-haired mage was strolling through Magnolia on his way to meet this unfortunate romantic. 

    Dmitry Kazakov was never all that fond of Magnolia, it's people much too friendly for his tastes. Granted, the medium didn't really like any towns, but at least the people of Hargeon had learned to leave him alone. Still, the Lamian mage was in need of some easy work, considering the last couple of ordeal's he'd been on, and this one seemed to fit the bill. Little did he know that he was actually getting involved in a subject he knew almost nothing about. Actually, scratch that; he truly didn't know a thing about the ways of love.

    "Oh, good you made it, finally," Said the patron of Dmitry's services, a young man who couldn't seem to stop sweating. "I...actually haven't slept in about a day. Couldn't help getting anxious over the whole thing." With that said, he handed Dmitry the letter that had been mentioned in the job request. "So, I just gotta get this to that celebrity you were talkin' about?" The client nodded rather nervously, giving Dmitry all the confirmation he needed. The mage then made his way to the area where this love interest, a famous member of Fairy Tail, was supposedly going to make an appearance.

    Security, was much tighter than he had expected, but what was worse were the people crowding about to meet this woman. Pushing and shoving his way to part of the scaffolding, Dmitry used his Arc of Destiny to disappear and reappear at the top of the structure. He then used it to make his way to the back of the stage, bypassing any guards posted around the place with ease. While hanging over top of his 'target', he dropped the letter he was assigned right into her lap. A bit startled, she looked up to see where the parcel came from, but it's deliverer was long gone by then. 

    Shortly after making his way out of the area undetected, Dmitry went back to the place where his client was waiting for him. "Well? Did you get it to her?" He asked, practically oozing with anticipation. "Yeah, yeah. She got it." Dmitry confirmed, ready to get his money and get out of town. "Oh, right." The poor sod said, sifting through his pockets until he found the envelope containing the gray-hair's pay. After taking his money, Dmitry left Magnolia, hoping to never have to come back again.

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