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    Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza.

    Kite Wilhelm
    Kite Wilhelm

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    Demon King

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    Private Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza.

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 31st December 2015, 7:55 pm

    Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza. Gz9pLlV

    Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza. Gz9pLlV




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    "You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

    Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza. VjAvM1A

    - Kite

    The events that followed after Kite’s first transformation into his Demon Force were nothing but a blank, black blur. The Demon Slayer’s sudden surge of power was impressive for any who had the pleasure or horror of seeing it first hand but it was short lived, Kite had succumbed to the injuries he had sustained while consuming the flare like projectiles from several members of Gragas’ little club, not to mention the critical hit that Kite took after narrowly avoiding slicing Mao when the big man himself used her as a shield. During his blackout moment he was able to recall the events that had lead to his current condition. He could remember seeing Mao being dragged by her arm, The moment where he almost killed her and even remembered when he managed to hurl a gigantic fireball at the man but he couldn’t recall what amount of damage was done to the man, that was the last memory he had from the event. The rest was noises that penetrated his forced shut down, the sound of a man screaming, the sound of objects shooting through the air and then an ear piercing scream which caused Kite to look, he didn’t even know he was looking as the events transpired before him, the vague sight of a human, or human shaped object crashed into the ground with a thud and then he was gone again, eyes closed and all black again.

    What was actually a moment in real time felt like hours in that black abyss he found himself in. It was like he was dreaming, same sort of feeling that one would have if he were dreaming but instead of images pushed onto his mind by his subconscious it was black an endless sea of nothingness and that was bothersome as hell. However a voice, familiar voice pierced through the darkness of the empty world that he had somehow found himself being pulled out and soon enough his eyes had began to flutter open, the pain he had felt through his entire body the moment he collapsed had gone it had vanished. His vision was blurred at first but the blur had a familiar shape, it was someone he knew and soon enough the focus returned to him and it was none other than Mao who Kite was looking up at, as if he was under her, which he soon figured that his head was resting on her lap and she was glowing but of course still being woozy from his blackout city visit said something rather out of character for him. ”Hey Mao, didn’t know that you were an angel. “
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    Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza. Gvf4gD8

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    Private Re: Bumbling Booze to a Pool of Booza Booza Booza.

    Post by Mao 7th January 2016, 12:00 am

    When his eyes opened she felt more relief, glad that the spell seemed to be working quickly enough despite some of the hefty damage he took. She hadn’t been conscious for some of it, but the wounds and budding bruises spoke for themselves. Those red orbs – almost ruby-like – looked a little dazed still like he hadn’t fully come around, but it was the words that confused and worried the girl. For starters she’d never possessed wings that she knew of, and likely not even temporarily for that matter. Had he perhaps confused her species by accident? ”I’m not, I’m more like a flashlight right now than an angel…at least…I don’t think they glow…do they?”

    Natural for her, Mao had taken the statement too literal, though as she hadn’t yet met an angel the girl couldn’t very well say if she resembled one or not in that moment. For one thing she definitely lacked wings that most pictures portrayed – though the halo seemed to come and go depending on artistic interpretations. Perhaps it was the same with wings? Lightly she massaged his head, hoping the man would fully come back to his senses or else she might begin to worry about potential brain damage or something of the like.

    As they sat there some of the locals returned, a few of those burly men the owner kicked out moving to deal with the body of the once determined boss. What they did with some of the lesser fellows she didn’t see, their unconscious forms on the other side of the building, but she opted to ignore any of the whimpering or sniveling that lightly drifted over to the side as a barmaid came over with what appeared to be a first aid kit and bottle of alcohol.

    ”S’not the good stuff I’m afraid,” she explained with a half-smile, ”though don’t worry hun: my husband’s got some stuff for you guys to take ‘long with y’all now. This’s just for his wounds.”

    ”Oh, if you could just leave those with me I can tend to his wounds,” Mao reassured her with a smile, the woman’s only seeming to grow in response and asked if she was sure. ”I am…the spell’s simple so I won’t know exactly what’s healed until it wears off, so it’s better to wait a little more than waste anything where it might not be needed after all.” Another part of her figured it might be better to be treated by someone he knew a little more, Mao not entirely sure of his preferences on the matter yet she wanted to err on the side of caution. ’Plus it’s the least he deserves considering all he’s done to help me,’ she thought while watching the woman trudge off to help with cleanup.

    As her spell ran out the warm glow ebbed away, the world appearing just a little darker by comparison for the girl as she opened the bottle of rubbing alcohol. ”Are you okay to sit up now? I’m sorry it’s still a low level spell, but I can help clean and dress your remaining injuries.”


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