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    Catching a Chicken in the Town of Legends!? (Job)

    Rexfa Dax Xanar
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    Completed Catching a Chicken in the Town of Legends!? (Job)

    Post by Rexfa Dax Xanar on 28th December 2015, 11:31 am

    Job: Get that Chicken!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Capture the chicken without hurting it. Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character.
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: A farmer has recently had a broken chicken house and requires you to hunt that Fowl down! This Chicken however had magical growth hormones injected into him that increased its size to a 5 foot monster! Its peck will deal C rank damage so watch out! Damaging even one feather on that chicken will result in a job failure so it may be best to lure or scare the chicken back into its fence. Completing it will give one grateful farmer his livelihood back.

    Reward: 250 Jewels. Failure if you do a single D-rank of damage.

    Clover Town! The town where legends come to retire, where legendary stories of the past are shared for many generations, where various legal guild masters come to meet, and home to the mage guild, Blue Pegasus. Today on this, another legend will unfold, this is the story of Sebastian Skyllon, the day he became known as the Cock Wrestler. Okay, maybe not that, instead this will be the day he will be known as, The Legendary Fowl Whisperer!

    Sebastian was exploring Clover Town as he made his way towards his destination, admiring the old houses and stores. This place must have been around for quite some time which shouldn't be a surprise due to the history of this place. "This town might have some really old daggers somewhere around here." The white hair mage said to himself as he continued walking. In the red haired mage's mind, a place with a lot of history to it must have ancient relics of the past which means there could most likely be old and possibly powerful daggers around this town. Sebastian really didn't care about the power of the daggers, he is much more interested in the daggers in general. "Well, first things first." Sebastian said as he continued walking. He has to put that dagger stuff on the back burner for right now, he was of course here on yet another strange job.

    Sebastian had finally arrived to a small farm. It had a small field in the back that crops were grown and a chick house that appears to have been broken n half like an egg. Sebastian tilted his head a little as he observed it before walking up to the farm door. He knocked on it and after a few minutes, the door opened revealing this farm's farmer, known as Farmer Fleet. He had on a straw hat with a piece of hay dangling from his mouth with blue overalls and a red shirt. "Well, I'll be a rifty rafty on the moonlight of july of the river water! If it isn't my hired help from the guild, Laughing Coffin!" the farmer said in a strange accent that just caught the poor timid mage off guard. "Y-yeah..I'm here about an escaped chicken?" Sebastian shyly said even though the farmer already seems to know who he was, so the introduction wasn't really needed. "Good good good! My name's a Farmer Fleet. Let mme show you to the houses of th chicken." Farmer Fleet said as he walked out of his house, Sebastian following behind.

    The two have arrived to the scene of the crime, the chicken coup! It as said above was broken in half, but it appears that majority of the chickens were still inside, all fine and acting as if nothing happened. There was one nest however that was missing a chicken. "As you can see, guild mage, my dearest chicken, Tabetha has gone missing during all of this ruckus that caused my poor chicken coup to burst on up open like a chicken egg hatching a perfectly bouncing baby chick!" Farmer Fleet explained as Sebastian tries to gather up what exactly this guy is saying. "S-so..what you are saying is, what or who ever did this to your chicken coup, must've kidnapped your chicken?" Sebastian has gathered up from what Farmer Fleet had said. "Tabetha! Her name is Tabetha! She isn't just like any of these othere chickens here, sonny!" Farmer Fleet yelled, drooping the hay from his mouth. Sebastian began scaracthing his cheek with his index finger, nervously as he noticed that the other chickens were crying, due to what Fleet had just said which caused a sweat drop behind Sebastian's head. "Plus, It wasn't nobody that did this and took my dear Tabetha. It was Tabetha herself who done did this and ran off." Farmer Fleet said with a shrug as he rubbed the back of his head. Sebastian just looked at the farmer then to the coup with an eye brow raised. "Well, I guess that explains the residule magical energy." the young mage said to himself.

    Sebastian began to walk back into the town with these words echoing in his head, "Tabetha is about your height, reaching to about five feet, and has been blessed with magic which makes it so strong and tall. Be careful, his pecks do quite some damage as you can see by this here coup. Oh yes and one more thing. DO NOT LAY A FINGER ON MY TABETHA OR YOU GET NON THIS HERE JEWELS YOU GOT THAT?" Sebastian sighed as he made his way back into the town. Why did a farmer have a chicken that was enhanced by magic? If he knows that it could do such damage, how come he didn't put it in a coup that could suit it? As Sebastian continued thinking about this, he heard a loud bang and some screaming coming from a distance. Sebastian ran towards the direction of the noise. As he made it, he noticed some rubble falling towards the ground in which he dodges. People were seen running from the destruction. Then it happened, an unholy roar could be heard, that sounded like the combination of a chicken and Godzilla screeching. There it was, the source of this unholy ear piercing screech. It looked like an ordinary chicken, only it was about the same height as Sebastian with a sadistic look on its face. "O-okay." Sebastian said to himself as he was still a little confused about all of this. He summoned his carnwennan as ancient text have begun to light up on the blade with a light aura around it. "Wh-whoa..I can't believe that a chicken is stronger than me." Sebastian said in a disappointed tone as he looked at is blade which transforms depending n how strong his opponent is. Just before he was about to strike, the words of Farmer Fleet echoed in his head once again, specifically the last part about not harming the chicken. "Oh, right." Sebastian said with a sigh before causing his dagger to disappear.

    Tabetha began to slowly approach the timid mage who had to think fast about how to bring this monster fowl back to the farm without inflicting any harm. He could try baiting it with corn or something, but he had none on him. Sadly he couldn't think of anything else quick enough because the chicken had began running towards the Laughing Coffin mage at full speed which caused Sebastian to panic and cower in fear. Before the chicken could peck him, it stopped just inches in front of his forehead. The chicken then observed the timid mage quite curiously. Sebastian then peeked his head out to look at the chicken which caused it to blush. Tabetha has seem to have taken a liking to the white haired mage, almost appearing as it had hearts in its eyes. Sebastian blinked before looking back and fourth, awkwardly. "Umm..hello?" Sebastian said nervously, causing the chicken to snuggle up to him much toe Sebastian's displeasure. It did give him an idea however.

    Sebastian then began to run back towards the farm where Farmer Fleet was on his rocking chair on the porch. He then stood up in disbelief, as he saw the young mage returning with his Tabetha following right behind. "Well I be a son of a wizard saint's third uncle, you brought my Tabetha back home safe and sound!" Farmer Fleet said in joy as he ran towards his chicken only to get pushed off by it as it set its eyes on Sebastian, snuggling up to him. "I guess Tabetha likes me or something?" Sebastian said, scratching his cheek nervously. Sebastian then summoned his dagger once again, cutting off a piece of his hair. "Now Tabetha. Do you promise to stay here with Farmer Fleet and not cause anymore trouble if I give you this?" Sebastian said, holding out a piece of his hair in which the chicken nodded excitingly. He then gave it to Tabetha which began to nuzzle it before walking back to the coup.

    Sebastian then began walking through the town with his reward in hand as the people of the town cheered him on, causing the timid mage to blush and smile shyly. "And that was how Sebastian Skyllon became known as the legendary cock wrestler!" said Farmer Fleet as he told the story to some young children with their parents covering the kid's ears. "Pretty sure we should change his name to something more, dignifying, like the fowl whisperer?" said one of the parents only for Farmer Fleet to sigh and shrug. "Well, I don't see what's wrong with Cock Wrestler, but f that's what the people want." the Farmer said as everyone nodded.

    Word Length: 1467

    (I couldn't color in the talking parts because the option to color them in isn't appearing on my screen for some reason v.v)


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