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    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    Housekeeping! Empty Housekeeping!

    Post by Lexa Grimoire on 27th December 2015, 9:34 pm


    Job: Housekeeping!
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Max group of two. 5 posts each, at least. 150 words minimum per post
    Job Requirements: One D-rank mage or higher; Solve all of the clients dilemmas. 
    Job Description: "I'm going away on vacation and I just can't find a house maintenance done while I'm gone, please, will anyone out there help me. Watch out for Frank though, he's the neighbors dog that always finds a way in somehow, as long as you keep out of sight, but find a way to stop him from coming back without killing him. Also, there's a pesky fly problem. And finally, I have a leaky roof. Good luck! "
    If "Boss" is rolled, it also counts as Strong. If "Normal" is rolled it counts as weak.
    Strong; Frank is pretty strong against D-rank mages, so he's a bit of a challenge, he runs very fast for a dog and has the biting pressure of a crocodile.
    Weak; They are flys, they are annoyingly fast and small, making them hard to hit. Weakness to lightning and bug zappers. 
    Reward: 1,250 jewels each

    Lexa arrived at the location of her next small job. This one was one where she was asked to clean up someone's home while he was out of the house. She'd left Lillian in the care of her guild while she was here since she didn't really want to bore her sister with cleaning, or have her wait around with nothing to do while she was busy cleaning up. Upon arriving at the house Lexa lifted the flower pot to the right of the large, mosiac glass tile covered, mahogany door and gently inserted it into the key hole. She turned the key and gave the door a gentle push, hearing the sliding metal bar of the dead bolt hitting against the inside of the door. She then turned the key back, pulled it out and inserted it into the dead bolt's key hole and turned it to the left. Feeling how loose it was, and not hearing the distinctive 'click' of the dead bolt unlocking, she turned it to the right and felt it get stiff. She began jimmying the key while turning it, eventually feeling the key give way and turn all the way. The door click and she turned the handle and let herself in. Entering the home, Lexa was fairly surprised at how not-messy it actually was. The floors were sparkling clean, the walls didn't have a single scratch in the paint, the furniture was free of even the smallest most unnoticeable scraps of dust. A small shelf on the right of the door had a piece of paper with Lexa's name on it, the paper read  "I'm going away on vacation and I just can't get any house maintenance done while I'm gone. Please, will you help me out here. I've cleaned the house before leaving, so that aspect has been taken care of for you. I'd like you to fix up a few things, but watch out for Frank while doing it. He's the neighbors dog that always finds a way in somehow. Try and keep out of his line of view while doing this, but try and find a way to stop him from coming back without killing him off. Also, there's a pesky fly problem that I can't pinpoint the source of. And finally, I have a leaky roof I'd like you to fix. So far that's all, thank you so much and good luck "

    Lexa sighed at the letter and said to herself 'At least I don't have to clean.' while walking over to the living room to try and think of what needs to be done first. After standing in place wit her rand on her chin for a good minute, Lexa decided she'd tackle the smallest job first. The letter entailed that the roof was leaking, and from what Lexa could tell he hadn't known where from. It said the neighbor's mutt was getting in, but he didn't know where from. There were flies, but the home owner didn't know where they were coming from either. So Lexa dispersed into light, checking every last inch of the house in under a second before appearing on the roof with a coque gun. She plugged up the various holes to create a temporary fix, and then disappeared again. She reappeared next to a large hole in the ground where the dog would tunnel under the house and get in, across from it was a hole in the fence. Lexa placed a large stone at the hole, and then spent several hours laying a metallic wire around the perimeter. She connected the wire to an outlet, with a piece of metal sticking in the ground. Like this, the dog would receive 10,000 volts the next time it dug under the fence. Next she went back inside and took out the large bag of trash that had several flies buzzing about it. Inside the bag was a gratuitous amount of rotten meat, and maggots. The flies inside were trapped by Lexa when she used her reflect to place a barrier over the top as she quickly tied it. Lexa left the house with a list of the work she'd done, and an invoice that told where to send her payment. The rest of her day was fairly boring since she figured it would have taken longer. She'd expected the job to take so long that she'd left a notice at the guild for her to be gone for an entire week instead of just a day. Since Lexa now had 6 more days before she would have to take her next job, she decided to spend it roaming the town and hanging out at the park, playing with the kids. None of their parents assumed Lexa were actually a woman as her looks were about 12 but no older looking than 14, and Lexa decided not to tell them otherwise.

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