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    Early timing {Daiki}

    LeeAnn Nakamura
    LeeAnn Nakamura

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    Early timing {Daiki} Empty Early timing {Daiki}

    Post by LeeAnn Nakamura on 23rd December 2015, 8:29 pm


    Assama-chan made this :3

    She was traveling throught to quickly get back to the Mountian Village and the safety of her guildhall. Her brother, Sol, had really turned her life upside down as of late. He really had changed. Toko was with her at the time as they had finally met. Toko knew Sol way back when they were traveling together. His red and black eyes stood out with his bazzar appearance, but he was a loveable guy. He was the only other friend she had besides her mentor. "Lee, there's not rush it's not we're not on a time schedule or anything. Its okay, the train doesn't leave for another three hours" he said. He stood next to LeeAnn as her long red hair and armor with the Infinity Hydra symbol on it.

    "Well, we'll get there early" she insisted. Toko frowned and rushed forward to her to catch up as she picked up the pace. He knew shew as stubborn. Nothing had changed about this women since they were kids. "You're gonna get bored and you're acting weird" he said. The girl stopped dead in her tracks and stared back at Toko sharply, but his gaze broke through her iced one. Her eyes softened. The girl turned her body and walked towards Toko. They were together since the beginning of her slavery, both victims. "Its hard feeling safe these days. Especialy with Sol around, he's scaring me so much" she said. She hugged her best friend as he returned the favor. His fingers brushed through her hair. "The past is the past and I am glad you and I gotten reaquantied again. You have a whole life in front of you and this time with me. We can do all the crazy stuff we did as kids like mixing sodas and pull pranks. OH and dont forget those double tripe dares" he smiled. LeeAnn smiled adn laughed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him as they walked together like a young couple. "Yeah, I think so too. Things are going to get really interesting" she said.

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