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    He's a boooonnnee digger!

    Rexfa Dax Xanar
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    Completed He's a boooonnnee digger!

    Post by Rexfa Dax Xanar on 22nd December 2015, 4:58 pm

    Job: Archaeological Excavation!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1 - 3 Mages. 10 post minimum. 160 words min per post.
    Job Requirements: You have to be at least a D rank mage. Find the remains of the ancient creature and bring them to the professor.
    Job Location: Forgotten Desert.
    Job Description: An archaeological professor has stumbled on a dig site in the Forgotten Desert. Somewhere burried in the sand are the remains of an ancient creature. The professor asked for capable mages who can help him excavate the creature.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each.

    The sun was beaming down hard on the Forgotten Desert. Why they called it the Forgotten Desert beats me. Maybe this desert was abandoned and forgotten by its desert family which makes TOTAL sense. Anyway, on to the story. There was nothing but sand for miles with now sign of life except for some cactuses here and there. The sky was pure blue with no clouds in site. The burning sun was making its existence known with its intense heat. Some animal skeletons can be seen scattered around the desert, picked clean by the vultures. We see a young white haired mage walking the hot desert all by himself. He was wearing a black tank top with black pants and brown boots. He had his brown jacket wrapped around his head and a circular canteen of water attached to the left side of his pants. That mage was Laughing Coffin's own Sebastian Skyllon.

    The mage paused so he could take a quick breather, picking up his canteen and taking a small sip of water before placing it back to his side and walking again. His body was glowing of sweat, showing how hot he was from walking in this desert for what feels like an eternity to him. Sebastian took out a folded up piece of paper from his right pocket. He unfolded it revealing it to be a job request. It requested for mages to come down to a dig sight in the Forgotten Desert to help dig up what could be a major discovery. Sebastian found it pretty odd that this was at the Laughing Coffin guild hall since people usually seek legal guilds for this kind of stuff. Being a neutral guild, you'd think we would get much more darker jobs, but not as dark as dark guilds, but oh well a job is a job, especially if it pays well. At least, that's what Sebastian learned back at the guild.

    "Of all of the places, why did it have to be a desert?" Sebastian said to himself with a sigh. The heat was just so unbearable. Who in their right mind could work out here? Good thing he wasn't an Archaeologist. Sebastian took out his canteen again and took a big gulp out of it as he continued walking, some of the water dripping from the side of his mouth. He shook the canteen a little. "Only less than half left. Crap." he quietly said to himself as he continued walking. He took another pause and looked up to the sky, holding his hand above his eyes so the sun wouldn't get in his eyes. He noticed three vulture flying around in a circle above him which caught him by surprise. The scared mage then ran, pretty confident that the vultures were waiting for him to take his last breathe.

    After a few hours and a lot of running, the timid mage finally found the dig site. It was a huge crater with many people around it wearing archaeology uniforms and a lot of digging equipment around. Sebastian, who was breathing heavily decided to take a minute by some rocks before going over to the site. He sat on the rock and started to pant like a dog. He picked up his canteen and tried to take a sip of some water, but there was none left. He turned the canteen upside down and shook it, only a small drip coming out and evaporating as it hits the sand. "Seriously?" Sebastian said in a disappointed tone with a sigh before throwing the canteen to the ground. Sebastian stared at the sand, his vision getting blurry. His body then goes numb as he falls to the ground, going unconscious.

    Sebastian slowly opened his eyes, his vision going back to normal. He found himself staring at the ceiling of what appears to be a tent. The sinner mage blinked once be fore quickly sitting up, rubbing his head. He noticed that his tank top, jacket and boots wasn't on him. He only had on his black pants. The white haired mage looked around, seeing that his jacket and top was folded on top of each other at the side of his bed with the boots next to them. "Where am I?" the boy said to himself as his eyes went from left to right. "Why you are at the dig site of the most amazing find of the century my dear boy!" Sebastian jumped as he heard a sudden English accent coming out of nowhere. Coming into the opening of the tent was a guy wearing an archaeology uniform with a huge yellow mustache and a binocular. "Uhh." Sebastian said with a blink. Well it appears he is still in the forgotten desert. The red eyed mage crawled out of the tent and noticed it was dark out now with a lot of tents out. That would explain why it doesn't feel so hot anymore. "H-how long was I out?" Sebastian asked the archaeologist. "How long? Boy you should know that archaeologists don't keep track of the time! We are too busy digging up stuff and what not!" the archaeologist said proudly much to Sebastian's confusion. "You should get back to bed young one. We have a whole day of bone digging ahead of us!" the enthusiastic archaeologist said before leaving out of the tent. Sebastian tilted his head and shrugged as he went back to his bed, drifting back to sleep.

    The Next day. The sun was again beaming as all of the archaeologists and those who came to help were working on digging up all the bones of this mysterious creature. Sebastian was beating at the ground with a pickaxe, almost as if he had did this before. His shirtless body and face was covered with sweat due to the combination of heat and working for a while. He paused a little and wiped the sweat from his forehead before going back to work. "Here you go, lad." said a familiar English voice. Sebastian turned around to see the archaeologist who saved him yesterday handing him a glass of lemonade. "Oh, thank you very much." the boy said as he took the glass with a smile on his face. He then took a huge gulp, swallowing all of the lemonade at once. The sinner mage then sighed in relief before handing the cup back to the archaeologist. "My word boy! You must have been really thirsty! But then again we are in the desert." he said, chuckling to himself. The archaeologist placed the cup down and picked up a shovel, staring to work as well.

    "So what is your name, my good man?" the cheerful guy asked Sebastian as they both worked. "Sebastian, Sebastian Skyllon." the you mage said as he continued picking the ground with the pickaxe. "I am Professor Herald Jasmine Samantha Lacington the Third." the professor said proudly as he took a bow before going back to digging. Sebastian then looked to the professor with surprise. "Wait, so you're the professor? Wh-why are you out here digging and not overseeing the work?" the white haired mage asked in confusion as he paused a little to take a breather. The professor grinned as he continue to dig. "My good boy. A true professor doesn't just sit around dilly dallying while his archaeologists work! A true professor jumps right into the action as well and helps out in anyway he can. A true professor loves getting their hands dirty in trying to dig up rare finds like this one we are digging up right now." Sebastian smiled at the professor's answer. It just showed how much Herald loved his job as if it were a hobby. We do need more bosses and leaders in the this world just like Herald who likes to get in and help out their followers more.

    It was now noon and break time. All of the workers were sitting down and eating, talking with each other and having a good laugh. Sebastian sat there at the edge of the crater, his stomach growling since he forgot to bring something to eat. Herald then sat next to Sebastian and offered him half of his tuna sandwich. Sebastian took a quick sniff of it and shook his head nervously. The professor then shrugged and began to eat. "Hey, Herald. I was wondering, why did you put up a job request at Laughing Coffin?" the white haired asked in a wondering tone. The professor took a bite out of his sandwich before answering. "Well they are a guild aren't they not?" Herald asked as he took yet another bite from his lunch. "W-well, I mean. Yeah, you're right." Sebastian said, stuttering a little. He didn't know whether to tell the professor that Laughing Coffin is a neutral guild or not. "Don't worry, I know about the guild's neutral grounds." Herald said in a casual tone which caught Sebastian by surprise. "I've heard of all of the great jobs that guild has done and it has inspired me to ask for their aid. I was quite surprised that a member came all the way out here to help. I heard that you guys specialized in more violent jobs." the professor said as he finished his sandwich. "Well, I mean I wouldn't know. I am a new mem-" just before he could finish his sentence, Herald got up and said, "Well! Break times over guys! back to work!" which caught Sebastian off guard. Sebastian sighed to himself and smiled softly before getting back to work.

    After hours of excavating, the bones of the creature was finally dug up and placed in special containers to be brought somewhere for further research. No damage has been done to any of the remains and everyone was paid for their work. Sebastian waved off the professor as he left with the other archaeologists. Yep, everything went off real good. There was only two more things. Sebastian would have to walk all the way back to his guild without any food. Sebastian took a long sigh before he began walking, just now realizing that himself.

    Word Length: 1697


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