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    Spread the Word! (Solo|Job)


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    Spread the Word! (Solo|Job) Empty Spread the Word! (Solo|Job)

    Post by HalibelAkuma 22nd December 2015, 1:19 pm


    “Infinity Hydra! Best guild in Fiore! Join now! We have an open bar!”

    Halibel was given a rather easy job to do this time around. All she had to this time was pass around small pamphlets with information about Infinity Hydra and try and convince some one to join the guild. Rose Garden seemed to be filled with a lot of promising looking wizards walking the streets. Halibel was tasked with recruiting any guildless mage she could find, or at least convince them to consider Infinity Hydra. In light of the season, Halibel decided to dress up in a red and white Santa themed cocktail dress with a matching hat while passing out the pamphlets for her guild. The outfit alone was enough to attract the attention of a few men walking by. She waved her hand filled with pamplets around saying “Join Infinity Hydra! One of the top tier guilds in Fiore!”

    After broadcasting her guild for a few minutes, a walked up to her with a smile on his face asking, “What are you advertising?” Halibel smiled back at the man before saying “I’m recruiting for my guild. Infinity Hydra!~” He tilted his head in confusing before asking “Is that some kind of merchants guild?” It was a reletivly new guild, so it’s no surprised if some non-wizards have yet to hear of the guild.“No! It’s –only- the best wizard guild in Fiore!” “I thought the best was Sabertooth… Or that Fairy Tail guild.” Halibel then stared at him with a look of disapproval and contempt. He quickly changed his tone as he said to Halibel “Infinity Hydra! Oh, I think I remember now!” He was more interesting in keeping Halibel happy than joining the guild. Halibel then smiled again before handing him a pamphlet for her guild. “If you know how to use even a little magic come to Mountain Village and join the guild.”

    After a few hours the crowd began to grow thinner and less people were walking past Halibel. She didn’t really expect anyone to actually make an offer to join her guild but it didn’t really matter to her either way. Halibel did notice a man on the other side of the street make contact with her so she decided to talk to him. “Hey sir! Are you interested in magic?” He looked a few years older than Halibel, but a little timid. He replied to her “Yeah kind of… I wanted to be a Rune Knight but I got rejected.” Her guild wasn’t really looking for someone that was even good enough to become a Rune Knight, but it wasn’t her job to decide who go in. Halibel handed him a pamphlet and said “Where in the Mountain Village. It’s the big Midi-style castle.” He read through the pamphlet for a moment before exchanging a few more words with Halibel. After about 5 minutes of question/answer, the man walked away from the scene.

    Shortly after he walked away, another man approached Halibel. He said to her, “Hey I’m looking to join a guild! Are you just advertising, or are you actually a mage in the guild.” Halibel turned towards him and said, “Yes I’m a Infinity Hydra Mage.” He smiled at her before saying “That’s cool! I’m looking to make some money! I just came into Fiore and I heard joining a guild is one of the best ways to make cash.” Thought to herself for a moment before saying “Kind of… Not every jobs pays as much as you think it does.” He looked slightly disappointed while asking, “What do you mean?” Halibel said to him “There are certain clearance levels for certain jobs. The kind of job to can get depends on your general skill level. For example, I’m currently doing a job that pays nothing.” He shook his head before saying to Halibel “Yeah…No thanks. Maybe I can be a merchant or something.”

    The day was coming to a close and Halibel had yet to find anyone that looked like they could hold their own in Infinity Hydra. It was time for her to call it a day and go home. Halibel walked over to a near by trash can and threw away the extra pamphlets. Her clothes then began to glow as she activated her requip magic. Her red and white dress turned into her regular clothing, and see began to walk back towards Mountain Village. “I doubt anyone will actually care that I was unable to recruit any new guild memebers.”


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