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    Synonym [Duel] Empty Synonym [Duel]

    Post by Dubhlainn on 21st December 2015, 10:07 am

    Its surprising that Lord Harrigan allowed Rekka to leave the guild, I'm well aware of the fact that she isn't to be targeted and killed by our faction but I can't help but be a little suspicious. I've heard that she joined Infinity Hydra and what worries me is if she's going to spill any secrets. I had to make sure and if that's the case I'd report it to him right away, treason is only rewarded by extreme prejudice and its my job to see what the crawfords could not.

    There's just soo much she knew of our guild, I can't let this pass.

    Then again she isn't familiar with the Azeron secrets but I had to make sure.

    I followed her to Hosenka, it seems that the scar left in the battle in clover still persists to this very day. How unfortunate, now she's nothing but a cyclops.

    I positioned myself on the roof with my sniper rifle, clicking to a special holographic scope that allows me to see targets behind cover by means of their heat signature. If only I had wiretaps planted in the cafe beforehand, I can hear the conversations taking place. A familiar looking man so happened to enter the cafe.

    If I remember correctly he only just recently escaped, I couldn't remember his name... was is Ren? Bard? Ben?

    She's making contact with a criminal to make a long story short.

    There's no way she can tell that I'm nearby. I'm aware of a demi-human's ability to sense the presence of hostile targets and that goes with a mage's natural sensory to detect magic. Unfortunately I refrain from using magics, especially when it comes to activities such as this, plus I'm out of detection range and her attention was towards that man over there.

    I cannot fire at her but I can certainly come down and maim that man with a bullet in order to ask him questions... but if I let him live, he'd alert Rekka and that I'd be compromised. I guess I could go to "Him" for his services.


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