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    Act I: Genests

    橘ナミネ と 橘楓
    橘ナミネ と 橘楓

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    Post by 橘ナミネ と 橘楓 10th January 2016, 10:12 pm

    Two more spiders charged at Miyuki and Kaede, the two siblings gave each other a quick glance with a nod at their agreed plan. Miyuki charged in first with Kaede at her back running at the same speed. "Switch!" she called, spinning around as Kaede moved in front her. Miyuki grabbed Kaede's shoulder and continued her spin to be resting a knee against his back. Kaede tried bashing the first spider with his shield, but this one had known what happened to the other and slide to a side. Miyuki jumped off Kaede's back and landed on the spider's. She made a quick slash and saw as the circuit markings sparked, and not a single cut was made. The other spider has jumped, attempting to attack Miyuki as she stood on the arachnid seemingly defenseless. It was then that a buckler smacked it in the face and sent it flying to its back. Miyuki jumped off her spider, running to the other and quickly removed its legs. The spider would die of starvation, but that was its curse for being so damn tough. The other spider had focused on Kaede, continuously attacking him and keeping the boy from doing nothing more but blocking with his body shield. Miyuki used the distraction as a chance to slide under the spider, and spin with her swords spread out. The spider fell on top her, twitching its nubs in an attempt to move about but the attempt was in vain. Kaede walked to the creature's side and tossed it off Miyuki before helping her up. They noticed the other two, and Lexa were going to be busy with the others but decided it smartest to follow after the shirtless man. Whatever was in the building, it was sending out a lot of enemies and even he might get overwhelmed eventually.


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    Post by Blood Plus 23rd January 2016, 5:40 pm

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    Well that was eventful, the young dragon thought to himself. In the time that he had been both recovering his breath and magic supply, his partners had successfully demolished the remaining forces. It seemed the rest of the monsters were intimidated to show themselves as they slinked back into the shadowy depths of the crevices that the five young mages had created. He glanced around a few times more, he'd really grown superstitious in these ruins; constantly vigilant for danger not to mention his incessant hate for those mechanical spiders.

    Slowly, Ibara rose to his feet with the absence of monsters surrounding him from every angle. It took him a while to brush the rubble and occasional flame from his now shredded clothing but slowly and surely, he got the task done. Just in time too, as Klein warned away the monsters with his light-show spectacle, Ibara noticed the rest of the group; Miyuki, Kaede, Niyol and Lexa all disappearing into another section of the ruins which had now opened up for them to explore. This couldn't be coincidental and despite the guilt of leaving his partner to fight the rest of the enemies alone, he was very conscious of the fact that this was a factor of the job that he wouldn't want to miss.

    "Next time? Speak up when you're heading off!“ Ibara said, catching up with the group as they disappeared into what seemed like some kind of hidden laboratory. It made sense with what, the mechanical spiders, wired-up scientists and other scientific-related experiments which dotted every hole, nook and cranny of the ruins. There had to be somewhere that all these monsters were compiled and originated from. This looked to be the jackpot.

    "So? What's the plan, we burn this place to rubble and get the hell outta here?" The young dragon's head turned to Lexa in a somewhat reassuring fashion but she wouldn't meet his glare. She was focused on something else, clearly something of much higher importance; it was then that Ibara knew that this job wasn't all that it seemed to be because there stood another Lexa Grimoire, sitting on what looked to be an experimental, metal table. Her circuitry glowed in a similar fashion to Lexa's, other than that slightly differentiation which wasn't noticeable to anyone really, the two Lexa's were completely identical in almost every aspect.

    "This is so fucked up." Ibara heaved an exasperated sigh while his fingers lit up with flame casually. Clearly their previous ordeals were of no comparison compared to what they were about to face, for some reason, Ibara missed Klein's happy-go-lucky attitude at this particular point in time.

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    Act I: Genests - Page 2 Empty Re: Act I: Genests

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 24th January 2016, 4:27 pm

    Niyol watched as the second Lexa made herself known, and one of the others had joined. He placed a hand out, telling him to stay back. "One of them has no soul. Unless you can tell the difference, I advise staying put." he said quietly while watching the two speak. Niyol then drew out his black sword, turning it into a rather large scythe and slamming it on the ground.

     A faint popping sound was heard, the same one that occurs when Lexa used her shadow burst spell, accompanied by a very familiar voice. "Hehe. Hi there!" the voice called. Lexa slowly turned her head, her eyes still wide with narrowed pupils. "wh-who.." Lexa began saying, her voice terrified, hesitant, and weak. "I'm Alexandria! Alexandria Lexicus Grimoire! Lexa for short!" the girl said in a chipper, high pitched, child like voice while curtsying. "It's good to meet you big sister!" she added, the smile on her face was as bright and big as can be. "But unfortunately my data log says you're supposed to be dead." She said, her voice became deeper, mature and adult. Lexa's eyes shot open as the girl who looked every bit like her disappeared from sight, reappearing with a balled fist planted several inches deep in Lexa's stomach. A plume of blood spilled from Lexa's mouth as she processed the fact that she was being hit by... herself? She slammed down on the floor, expelling more blood, tears and some spit as the last bit of air flew out of her. It wasn't even a second after that Lexa felt a foot sliding under her back, then it lifted up sending her in the air. A shin broke the free fall, ramming into her stomach and sending her back across the room and into a wall next to the door she entered through. "What's the matter Nee-san?" the girl asked as she began slowly approaching Lexa, her knuckles cracking as she balled her fists.

    "This won't end well... for the copy that is." Niyol said with a rather blank look on his face.

    Lexa heard the comment as the blood slowly drained from her mouth. "Awe... you think I'll lose big brother?" the other Lexa said with a bright, chipper, childish voice. Lexa's circuits finally erupted in a flurry of golden sparks. "You bitch..." she said with a very adult voice. "Oh? You're not done?" the other Lexa said in the childish voice that only served to piss Lexa off more. "That's not your big brother..." she said, her voice still adult like and brimming with anger. "THAT'S MINE!" the shouted as she burst into a plume of shadows and appeared flying out of the other Lexa's shadow. She then bent her knee, ramming it into the opposing Lexa's chin causing her to fly back wards. The real Lexa then dropped to the ground in shadow form, emerging from the shadows of one of the rafters on the ceiling and allowed herself to fall with a balled fist aiming straight for her opponent. The other Lexa opened her eyes at the last second, not being able to react fast enough to the fist slamming into her heart and sending her to the ground. All of a sudden, while the crater was still being formed from the impact, the other Lexa disappeared, and came back with her shin slamming into Lexa's side. Lexa flew across the room, into the wall and exploded from the other side. She hit the floor, bouncing to her feet and sliding a bit still. "THAT'S MY SHTICK!" Lexa screamed as she placed her palm on the ground and disappeared. Where her hand had rested laid a single black pillar, signaling Lexa had utilized her 'Trick House' spell, and was going to use it with full force.

    When Lexa appeared, she was wearing a set of armour akin to that of ancient oriental assailants. In her hands were to large, black chains that continued forming as she spun. The opposing Lexa hadn't known her elder sibling had more than her default spells programmed, and as such had no reaction but to take the full force of the chains and be launched across the floor. "No one... takes my place." Lexa said with a scratchy, anger filled voice as her tank born opponent skidded across the floor, leaving a massive crater when she finally stopped. The other Lexa, the one from the tank that is, got up slowly with her circuits fully glowing as well. "No big sister, but I can follow papa's orders and kill you!" she screamed as she snapped her fingers. Lexa saw the portals begin to open and immediately teleported between Aiyana and Kateri, as she knew exactly what was about to happen. It was something deep in the back of her subconscience but she didn't know how to do it herself. Having let go of the chains, they disappeared immediately. Lexa placed her hand out and screamed "Reflect!" as a massive storm of weapons of all kinds erupted from the portals and slammed into the barrier. As fast as the attack came, it was finished, and as fast as that was the opposing Lexa was missing an arm. "Wh-what?" she said as her body flew back, her eyes wide open as the circuits inside sparked trying to process the situation. Lexa panted heavily before walking up to the girl, who looked back at Lexa with a weak smile. "I-I guess big sisters are made stronger... and little sisters are made to learn from them..." she said with a high pitched, pained voice before teleporting away. Lexa looked around, noticing a wall that had some stuff on it. She then walked over to the wall with a bunch of strange suits and picked a set of them up, and walked back to her partners. "I guess this is the best I can do..." she said with a still aggravated expression.

    Niyol took the item, looking at it with a strange look but still accepted it. "The lot of you can leave, I will ensure lady Grimoire returns safely." he said with a cold expression about him. Lexa suddenly collapsed from having possibly the hardest fight of her life, the only thing stopping her from hitting the floor was Niyol grabbing her with a free arm. He placed a hand out saying "Come Forth, Stallion." calling the soul of a long dead horse. He placed the sleeping girl on its back and began walking. "Be safe outlanders!" he called while exiting the room.

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