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    A "wonderful" time with the Guild Master's Grandma! (Job)

    Rexfa Dax Xanar
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    Completed A "wonderful" time with the Guild Master's Grandma! (Job)

    Post by Rexfa Dax Xanar on 18th December 2015, 10:14 pm

    Job: Tea Time With Granny!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements:
    Single, can be done in 10 posts with 150 words each or just one post with a word content of 1500
    Job Requirements: Must be D rank and is not guildless, must tell the client
    Client Name: Current Guild Master
    Job Description:
    Your guild master asked you to babysit his/her dear old grandma. She is quite fond of telling stories so be ready for story time. If your guild master's grandma likes you, she might get in the word with your master to get you off floor duty for a week.
    Enemies: None
    Reward: 500 jewels

    Sebastian was on a small rowing boat heading towards the town of Cedar. He was being accompanied by the boat's rower, Jackson who appeared to have quite the stamina, rowing the white haired mage from Beanstalk Village, around where the Laughing Coffin guild is located all the way to Cedar with a fee of course. It was afternoon and was beginning to get cloudy meaning it was going to rain quite soon. Sebastian looked to the sky, a little worried about the possibility of them getting caught up in the rain while they are still in the water because we all know what happens when it starts raining hard in the middle of a body of water.

    "Welp! Here we are. The good old town of Cedar." the energetic rower said as he rested the boat by the docks. Sebastian nodded to Chuck and handed him the jewels. The timid wizard slowly got out of the boat and bowed to the rower. "Thank you, Chuck." the young mage said as Chuck waved him off, rowing back out to sea. "Hmm, I wonder how was able to row for that long without taking a break. He sure did talk a lot though." Sebastian shrugged and turned around to face the town. This town is  famous for its docks and the church that they held dear to their hearts. Sebastian was in his usual attire, a brown jacket with a bit of black on the top right, a black long sleeved shirt with black pants and brown boots. This time, he was wearing black gloves as well since he heard that this town relied heavily on the Rune Knights. His guild tattoo was located on his left hand and since Laughing Coffin isn't a legal guild, Sebastian didn't want to run the risk of being caught and possibly thrown away.

    Sebastian began to walk from the docks into the town. He wasn't here for sight seeing, he was here for a job. Not just any job, but a job requested by the Grave Master, which is the Guild Master of Laughing Coffin, herself. Well, she didn't come up to Sebastian and asked him herself, he had one of the other members, Fietan do it for her. Sebastian has yet to meet the Grave Master.  He had only met two members so far when he joined the guild, but was told that there was more members. Anyway, this super important job that the Grave Master herself has trusted the young sinner mage with, was to babysit her grandmother. "Well, at least this beats that steam bun fiasco." Sebastian said, sighing to himself as he made his way through town. Sebastian was surprised that the Guild Master of an independent guild's grandmother would live in a town that is infested with knights. Sebastian watched as a couple of knights were walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the one he was walking on.

    The young mage quickly hid behind some barrels, forgetting that he had gloves on. Of course this may have been a reflex from his days as a street rat. He would steal food to survive and end up being chased by rune knights from time to time. He even did other unspeakable acts during those days, but that is a story for another time. Sebastian quickly got up from the barrels as the Knights went past him, not noticing the boy hiding behind the barrels. He sighed in relief as he continued his walk. He was greeted by citizens who were walking by while greeting them back with shy hellos. He looked through the windows of shops, looking at the neat things they had on display. He even seen a bakery which lit up his eyes. To him, bakeries were the haven of chocolate pudding, mainly the one in Rose Garden. "I mustn't get distracted." the naïve mage said to himself while shaking his head. He felt a drop of water hit his forehead which caused him to look up. The clouds were now dark gray and completely covering the sky as well as the sun. "Oh no." the mage said to himself as he started to high tail it to his destination as it started to pour with rain.

    After a few splashes by puddles, and random trips into the mud, Sebastian has finally made it to his destination, the house of Haruhi's Grandmother. She lived in a small cottage at the top of a mountain. The red eyed mage turned around and took a good look at the view. Almost the entire town as well as the church could be seen from up there. Even in the rain, this view was really impressive and interesting to the young mage. "Wow!" is all that the mage could put into words as he took in the beauty of this view. "What's with all that racket!?" yelled an elderly and feminine voice coming from the house. Sebastian turned around to see that the door began opening, and there she was, the grandmother of this young mage's guild master. Her hair was gray and in a bun with an old, wrinkly face. Her eyes looked so innocent, but you could tell by the tone of her voice that she wasn't anyone to mess with. She wore a purple bath robe with pink bunny slippers. She looked at Sebastian, who was covered in mud and began to laugh, which caused the mage to blush in embarrassment. "Boy, you look ridiculous." she said as she continued laughing which embarrassed the young boy even more. "Well are you going to come in, or stand out there and catch a cold?" the old woman said, gesturing the mage to come in. Sebastian started to have a feeling in the pit of his stomach that he was going to regret this. He gulped lightly and began to walk in.

    The elderly woman shut the door behind them. Sebastian looked around the house looking at all of the old creepy antiques that it had in there. He then sniffed the air. Yup, it smells like old people he thought to himself. "Well, this is the living room which I personally call the DEATH room." she said with a creepy but still elderly tone. Sebastian saw why clearly why she would call it this."Over there is the bathroom, which I'm pretty sure you want to use." the woman said, gesturing towards the bathroom. "Th-thank you ma'am." Sebastian said with a quick bow before walking into the bathroom. "Sheesh, youth these days. Having WAY too much respect for their elders." The old lady said as she relaxed on her recliner.

    After taking a short but uncomfortable shower, Sebastian has finally came out, with his jacket now off and in his hand, neatly folded. He was still creeped out about that weird looking gargoyle like face the was the shower head. Sebastian couldn't understand why an elderly woman would want something like that. It looked like it was endlessly staring at the poor mage. Sebastian walked back into the living room and noticed that the woman had a pot of tea out with two tea cups. The one by her side was already filled with tea while the one away from her wasn't. "So, youngin, what brings you to my little house on the hill?" the elderly woman asked curiously as she poured tea into the other cup. "W-well, I, um, I am here on a job to w-watch you." Sebastian said, nervously as he scratched his cheek with his index finger. The old woman sighed and shook her head. "Child, you have to speak up and talk straight! I'm not as young as I use to be." the elderly woman said rather sternly as she took a sip of her tea. "O-oh right, sorry." the timid boy said as he took a bow. The woman put down her tea and sighed. "Look, boy, I was only kidding. I may be old, but my hearing is still perfect. You need to loosen up a little." she said as she gestured to the other tea cup.

    Sebastian gently picked up the tea cup and blew on the tea before taking a sip. I know all about this "job" of yours too. Freaking Haruhi, doesn't think I can't watch my own damn self these days. I've been looking after myself all this time and nothing bad has happened." Sebastian listened as he took another sip of the tea. Sebastian made a brief, disgusted look on his face as he took that sip, but he didn't want to be rude so he continued to drink. "Although, she usually sent this other guy who wore a some kind of mask that covered the bottom part of his face. He also had long black hair." Sebastian raised an eyebrow as the woman described Fietan. Could it have been possible that he was suppose to go instead of him, but chose to make Sebastian go instead. Now the sinner mage had two foul tastes in his mouth.

    "What's your name, child?" the woman asked as she took another sip. "S-Sebastian." the boy said nervously as he nodded before taking another sip. "Hmm, sounds old. My name is Tabitha." the old woman said as she placed the cup on the table. "That's a pretty name." the white haired mage said with a soft smile on his face. "It's old." the woman plainly said, pouring more tea into her cup, gesturing if Sebastian wanted some more which he declined. "S-so, what's your granddaughter like?" Sebastian asked the woman, curiously. The Laughing Coffin mage has never gotten to meet the grave master yet as well as majority of the guild so he doesn't know too much about her other then the name and that she's a woman. "Let's just say she is just like me, but a little more annoying." Tabitha said sarcastically, following with a witch like laugh which caused the poor mage to tilt his head in confusion.

    The rain continued to make an echo against the roof of the house as it continued coming down. Sebastian twiddled his thumbs as Tabitha stared out the window, watching the rain fall to the earth. "Kid, do you want to hear a story?" the elderly woman asked the timid mage which he shyly nodded. "Alright then. This is he story of the lonely boy. The lonely boy lived by himself in a house on the lake of Westendale. He had no friends, families or pets to keep him company, so her had to constantly bang his head on the wall. One da, a girl came a long just about his age, gave him a rose. The rose symbolized their friendship and possible relationship. The girl would visit the boy everyday in which they would talk about their days and things that would happen in their past. The boy was having so much fun with the girl, but then one day, the girl didn't show up. It was fine with the boy who thought that maybe she was caught up in something. Then days went by and she hadn't came back. The petals on the rose fell each day she were gone. The boy was scared that something may had happen to the poor girl, so he decided to go out and look for this woman. He left the rose at the home which continued dropping its petals day by day. The woman then finally arrived to the home, but there was no one there, but a petaless rose." Tabitha took a sip of her tea and placed it to the table. "The end." the elderly woman said with a smirk on her face. Sebastian just looked at Tabitha with a "That was it?" kind of face. There was a hidden meaning to that story, but perhaps that meaning will never be discovered. "It's okay, Haruhi never understood that either."

    The rain has finally cleared up and it was night. The sky was clear, but now black with a full moon illuminating the town. Sebastian walked out of the house while waving at the elderly woman. "You aren't that bad, kid. Haruhi should send you here more often." Tabtiha said as she crossed her arms. Sebastian smiled at the woman before turning around, making an annoyed and sort of disturbed face. He was happy that she liked her and all, but he honestly never wanted to set foot in that creepy house with that creepy lady ever again. "I'd take the steam bun incident over this job any day." Sebastian said quietly to himself before sighing. He then noticed something, how the heck was he going to get back home!?

    Word Length: 2121


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