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    Rowan Spreads the Word (Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan Spreads the Word (Job) Empty Rowan Spreads the Word (Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan 17th December 2015, 1:17 pm

    It was a beautiful day in the Rose Garden, and for once, Rowan was enjoying himself on a job. He was standing in the middle of heavy pedestrian traffic, handing out pamphlets for the guild Infinity Hydra. It made sense that the job request insisted on completing the task in the Rose Garden because no matter where you looked, there was magic to be seen. The mage had been mostly unsuccessful in distributing the small packets of information, but occasionally a passerby would accept. Rowan figured it was more out of pity than actual interest, but he didn’t mind too much. As long as he got the job done, the mage would be satisfied. He continued to pass out pamphlets, or at least tried to, as he made his way to a nearby sandwich shop. His stomach was grumbling and Rowan was due for a meal. He put the pamphlets away and took a break, enjoying himself further.

    Rowan munched steadily on the simple sandwich that he had ordered, deep in thought about his progress thus far. After being accepted into Infinity Hydra, Rowan had been working hard, going on all sorts of different quirky jobs. He knew that guilds ranked their members based on their experience and number of jobs completed, and he was eager to move a step up on the ladder. However, Rowan couldn’t help but feel that the jobs he had signed up to do were insignificant. While other D-ranked mages were out there stopping bandits, fighting crime, and the like, Rowan was over here, rescuing puppies, retrieving chickens and handing out pamphlets. Was his work meaningless? He sat there for some time, pondering the question. Before he knew it, it was time to get back to work, and the mage shook away his thoughts and began his guild advertisements once again.

    A few minutes later, Rowan bumped into a tall and incredibly buff man. The mage mumbled out an apology before attempting to hand the burly man a pamphlet. To Rowan’s surprise, he accepted it and began reading, right then and there. The buff guy stood there for some time, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Finally he handed the pamphlet back to Rowan and spoke, “The name’s Ortin Ash, and I’ll consider joining your guild. You guys seem to have a good thing going… well… see you around.” And with that Ortin swung around and continued on his way, almost as if the entire encounter never happened. Rowan pursed his lips and shrugged, either Ortin would sign up at Infinity Hydra, or he wouldn’t, there wasn’t anything else to it.

    After strolling around the Rose Garden for awhile, Rowan found himself in front of what looked to be a stage. On top of it, there was a group of musicians preparing for their concert, and the leader spotted Rowan watching from the audience area. Putting on a smile, he jumped off stage and jogged over to where Rowan was. “You one of our fans mate?” Rowan looked around to see if the leader was talking to someone else, and spun back around when he realized there wasn’t anyone else. “Uhhh… yea! Of course!” Rowan decided to capitalize on the situation and played along. “Do think that you could sign these?” Rowan quickly shoved a few of the pamphlets into the leader’s hands, and flashed a smile. The singer obliged the mage and quickly returned the handful of pamphlets without even reading them. “There ya go! I hope to see you in the front row in a bit!” With that, the singer winked and ran back to the stage to help his bandmates set things up. Rowan snorted once he was far enough and left the area. Still it was worth it because hours later, Rowan was passing out the pamphlets to ACTUAL fans that had showed up using the signatures as incentives.

    Much later, Rowan regretted his decision on using the signatures. After awhile, information was exchanged, rumors whispered, and the end result was the audience assuming that Infinity Hydra had sponsored the band’s performance. Suddenly “Infinity Hydra” became a common chant during the concert, and it was at this time Rowan made his escape. He wasn't going to wait around for the band members to find out what had happened, then hunted him down. Still, Rowan felt that he had accomplished his job beautifully, fulfilling the task of increasing Infinity Hydra’s renown. As the mage meandered down the moon lit streets, his earlier feelings returned. Was he really making an impact on the world? Even with his terrible work ethic, Rowan felt that he wasn’t worthy of the title of mage. After a few minutes of walking, Rowan spotted a lone, little girl crying on the other side of the street. Before he could make his over to find out what was wrong, a lady, presumably the mother, burst around the corner, carrying a kitten in her arms. Without further ado, she handed the kitten to her daughter, and the crying ceased. With peace restored, the pair, and the kitten, walked off to their next destination. And Rowan didn’t feel so bad anymore.

    ((859 Words. As a little side note, I did in fact invite quiqdraw to join the site and to an extent his character, Ortin Ash to Infinity Hydra. However, he's taking 50 years to make his character and I'm fine with not getting the double xp. I just wanted to clear up who Ortin Ash was in this thread.))


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