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    To Earthland and Beyond!! (Job)

    Rexfa Dax Xanar
    Rexfa Dax Xanar

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    Completed To Earthland and Beyond!! (Job)

    Post by Rexfa Dax Xanar Tue 15 Dec 2015 - 5:56


    The air smelt of seafood and salt water here at Hargeon Town. Seagulls could be hear squawking from a distance. The sky was light blue since it was afternoon. The town was pretty lively this afternoon with people left and right. Some were going out to eat seafood, while others were just having fun outside with their friends and families. But then there was a long line at the docks. Not to get on a boat, but to sign up for passports. These passports would allow people to travel to different Nations around Earthland. There were different kinds of people waiting in this line from regular people to mages of different ranks. One of those mages was a young fourteen year old boy named Sebastian Skyllon. He had white smooth hair, dark red eyes, and was wearing a brown coat with a black long sleeve shirt underneath, black pants, and brown boots.

    Sebastian was wearing black gloves today, something that he normally didn't wear because he was trying to hide his Laughing Coffin guild tattoo so that he could get his passport. To get a passport, the person is required to either have documents stating that they are a citizen or that they are in a legal guild, which Sebastian had none of those. The young timid mage however had forged documents with him stating that he was from the guild Fairy Tail from a shady looking guy. Sebastian wasn't all too proud of using a fake document, but he had no other choice since he was formerly homeless before joining the independent guild. He patted the document against his side as he waited patiently in the line.

    Sebastian observed his surroundings as he waited. "Why didn't I get chocolate pudding when I had the chance?" Sebastian said to himself with a sigh as he placed a hand on his stomach. "Did ya say somethin, kid?" an older intimidating looking guy who was in front of him asked. "N-no." the boy shyly said as he looked down, scratching his cheek with his index finger. Sebastian never did well socially. He always kept to himself and barely spoke a word. Sebastian sighed as his stomach began to growl in hunger. "Here, kid." the tall man in front of him said as he crouched down to Sebastian, handing him a loaf of bread. Sebastian blinked and took the bread and began biting it. He started chewing on it with a small smile growing on his face as he nodded to the man. "Th-thank you." Sebastian shyly said before the man nodded and turned around.

    About an hour has past and the line has finally died down. Sebastian was waving at the guy who gave him the bread, who had just got his passport. "This way please." said a woman who was sitting at one of the tables. She was wearing a secretary like outfit and had a welcoming smile on her face. Sebastian smiled softly and walked up to her as he hugged the fake documents against his chest. "Do you have documents or will you be paying five thousand jewels for your passport?" the woman asked in a polite tone. "F-five thousand jewels?" Sebastian repeated as he tilted his head. "Yes, if you didn't have the documents then you could've paid for it with five thousand jewels." the woman said with a smile on her face. Sebastian then bit his lower lip, realizing that he paid eight thousand jewels to get this fake document made. He then slapped his hand against his face at the sudden realization.

    "Is everything okay, sir?" the woman said with a bit of a puzzled but concerned look on her face. "O-oh yea, it's nothing." Sebastian said nervously before scratching his cheek with his index finger. "I will be using these, miss." Sebastian said, as he handed the documents over to her. She then open and inspected the documents. "Ah, a Fairy Tail Mage. I am a fan of the guild. Don't tell any Lamia Scale mages I said that." the woman said while whispering the last part. Sebastian snickered a little and smiled nervously before he was handed back the documents and now a passport. "Thank you and enjoy your day." the woman said, waving him off as he left. "Thank you." Sebastian bowed to her before walking off while looking at the passport, smiling softly before looking at the forged documents where his smile turned into a small slightly annoyed expression.

    "I could've still had two thousand jewels left to buy pudding." he said while sighing to himself.

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