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    meeting a old friend

    Elise LaFlur
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    meeting a old friend

    Post by Elise LaFlur on 14th December 2015, 6:16 pm

    Apollo looked at the entrance to the Labyrinth as it's walls tower higher then anything around it. he felt an evil presence coming from inside the walls of the labyrinth and it began to trouble him a little bit but he was in it now so he was determined to help Apollo sighed as e leaned against the wall and waited for Daiki to get there. "Wonder why she asked for my help..." He sighed as he looked up at the sky tapping a finger against the wall patiently. There job was to find some legendary swordsman's sword if he recalled..but he couldn't remember much and started to wonder why it was here in the fist place. If she couldn't handle the labyrinth then it must mean a lot of tough enemy's are inside. As a gust of wind blew by he stop thinking about that and turned back towards the labyrinth. Apollo tremor slightly as he looked at it's gates wondering if he was strong enough to handle this. While he would have Daiki around he was unsure about it still, he didn't want to slow him down because he wasn't strong enough. "Alright Apollo just do what you can do you'll be fine as long as you play it safe..." He muttered to himself as he adjusted his tie and started to think about surviving the labyrinth even though all he had to go on were stories about this place which is hardly enough evidence to base a plan off of but it calmed him down so he kept doing it so he wouldn't panic as much. He check hi pocket watch for the time "Hmmm she said she'd be here about this time..." He sigh turning back to the wall leaning against it waiting for Daiki to arrive continuing to prepare and think.  He couldn't remember the last time he saw her but it has been quite a while so at least he would get to see her again.

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