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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job|Solo)


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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job|Solo) Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job|Solo)

    Post by HalibelAkuma 13th December 2015, 12:09 pm


    Dressed in her white battle skirt white, Halibel walked through the Town of Hargeon. She was heading towards the town guards’ office to receive further information about the job she had taken. The young mage arrived at the door of the office to find a small group of people crying over a small memorial set up outside the building. “A guard must have recently died… That must be the family,” she thought. Halibel walked inside the building and immediately locked eyes with the first person she saw. It was a middle-aged man sitting behind a desk doing some paperwork. He was clad in the uniform of a guardsman, and seemed to be the oldest person in the room. Halibel walked up to his desk and asked him “Are you the one in charge?” He stood up and extended his arm for a handshake while saying “Y-Yes! I am! You must be the wizard that we sent for! We really appreciate all that you are doing for us! Might I ask your name?” The guard really seemed to want to make a good impression on Halibel and was a little flustered. Halibel smiled she heard the guard ask for his name and, in an overly dramatic manner, replied “I am the Holy Knight Halibel Akuma of the guild, Infinity Hydra!~” The other guards in the room seemed to be put off by her but the older one was taken back by the melodramatic introduction. He said to her with an impressed look on his face “A Holy Knight! How wonderful! You can defiantly help us! The man we are looking for is somewhere in town! Here is his picture.” The guard handed Halibel a picture of the fugitive. She looked at it for a moment before asking, “So this is the murderer?” “Yes…Sadly he managed to kill one of our own the last time we attempted to capture him. But with you here we can definatly taken him out! How many guards will you need to help you?” Halibel’s facial expression changed to match her more serious mood. She walked out of the building after saying to the guard “None.”

    Halibel made the decision to catch this man before the day ended. It was obvious that he planned to continue killing civilians for fun, and this was a crime that could not go unpunished. She made her way towards a bar were most of the town miners drink and socialize after work. When she walked into the bar, she wasn’t surprised to see a bunch of mostly drunk muscular men singing and drinking. A few were even arm wrestling. Halibel began to talk “Excuse me…” The uproar was much too blaring for any of the men to hear her mild voice. She tried again, speaking slightly loader “Excuse me!” Same effect. Perhaps a different approach would work. Halibel made her way of to a large barrel of beer that the men were serving themselves from. She managed to pick up the whole thing and throw it across the room. The barrel broke open wasting a large amount of beer. Everyone in the room turned towards Halibel with a bitter look in their eyes. She began to speak again “Glad I caught your attention. I’m looking for a Jacon Goodnight. I’m sure at least one of you might know where he might be.” A rather large man approached Halibel saying, “You better beat it kid. I’m not afraid to hit a woman especially when they just wasted all the beer for the nigh-” He was interrupted by a jab to the gut from the butt of Halibel’s Rapier. She seemed to have summoned it while he was talking. “I just need information… Then I’ll ‘beat it.’” There was some low volume chatter amongst the men before one of them approached Halibel saying, “Try the docks… That’s where most of his victims bodies show up.” Halibel gave him a warm smile before leaving the bar and walking towards the lower docks.

    By the time Halibel arrived at the lower docks, the sun had already set. No one other than here was there in light of the recent murders. She was putting herself in lethal territory. A suspicious voice then called out to her, “Hey missy…you lost?” She turned around to find a hooded man fitting the height description of Jacob Goodnight. Halibel innocently replied “Yeah actually. I’m trying to leave town but I went the wrong way.” The man removed his hood giving Halibel a malevolent smirk. He then pulled out a cleaver and ran up to Halibel. Once he was within distance he attempted to slash at Halibel torso. The young mage summon her rapier while he ran up and easily parried his attack. It was now apparent to the man that he was dealing with a mage rather than another random civilian. He raised his blade up and struck down at Halibel at his full force. She was barely able to dodge the attack. “You’re stronger than I expected…I thought this would be over by now,” she said. “I’m going to cut up! You think send some little mage is going to stop me from killing?” He ran up to Halibel and swung his cleaver down at her once more. As his arm came downwards Halibel saw and cut clean through Jacob’s waist, detaching his hand from the rest of his arm. He screamed out in pain and dropped to his knees. “MY HAND! YOU CUT OFF MY HAND!” A pair of gaurds through heard the screams from a distance arrived on the scene a while after to find Halibel standing over Jacob Goodnight. He was applying as much pressure as he could around where his hand used to be to stop himself from bleeding out. The guards noticed who he was and apprehended him.

    Jacob Goodnight’s wounds were treated at a hospital before he was taken to jail to be put on trial for the murder of his victims. Halibel returned to the guards to pick up her rewards and was thanked by the victim’s families and guards for helping the town catch the criminal. She then packed up her reward money and headed back to Mountain Village with a smile on her face. “Another win for the good guys.”
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