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    Xiuhcoatl and Niinii

    橘ナミネ と 橘楓
    橘ナミネ と 橘楓

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    In Progress Xiuhcoatl and Niinii

    Post by 橘ナミネ と 橘楓 on 11th December 2015, 3:12 am

    Being 90 feet from nose to tail, standing 45 feet tall when
    on all fours, and having a 200 foot wingspan, Xuihcoatl is
    far too large to travel around with the siblings as normal
    pets do. Instead, he flies high above their position and waits
    for them to command him to join the fight. He is able to
    attack with Dragon Fire that deals Melee Damage, as well
    as use his claws, tail, and massive teeth as weapons. His
    fire attack has an effective range of 10 meters(+10 meters
    per rank) and has a 30 degree cone shape, and as mentioned
    before it deals unarmed melee damage.

    Xiuhcoatl is an old, wise Black Crystal dragon from nearly
    10,000 years ago. After learning of the siblings ordeal, he
    agreed to lend them his power, and guidance in order to
    defeat the dragon that uprooted their lives and nearly forced
    them to join up with Sabertooth. He speaks with a very deep
    voice, and enjoys conversating with humans, supposing the
    human isn't trying to kill him. He attempts to make jokes,
    and be friendly with others, as well as shows a strange natural
    attraction to human children often times allowing them to run
    about on him, or play with his scales.

    Combat information:
    Xiuhcoatl's abilities:
    Dragon's will:

    Draconic Blessing
    Equal to Pet's Rank
    5 Posts
    6 Posts
    Xiuhcoatl lets out a large, powerful roar that spawns a pair of 5 inch diameter blue magic circles on the siblings right, upper arms that slowly turns constantly. It gives off a faint, blue glow as it coats the siblings in the dragon's energy; transferring the tiniest fraction of the dragon's power to them. While this spell is active, the siblings are able to consume dragon, and NPC magic attacks as though they were slayers, and gain magic power from it. They also have +25% increase to their physical stats, as well as a +30% increase to reaction time due to having sharpened senses.
    The magic circle can be destroyed by taking 2.5x Ability Ranked damage directly. As it's constantly glowing, it shouldn't be hard to spot even through thick clothing.

    Pretty much turns the siblings into Dragon Slayers for 5 posts

    Doesn't make the siblings permanently Dragon Slayers
    The siblings cannot consume the spells of players
    Glowing magic circle is bad for stealthing at night
    Glowing magic circle can be destroyed, and the glow can be seen through clothing
    Dragon's healing:

    Dragon's Healing
    One Rank Below Pet
    4 Posts
    5 Post CD
    Xiuhcoatl begins glowing slightly blue as he transfers some of his life force to the siblings, as well as transferring some of the ethernano from the world into them. The use of this ability creates a white, glowing magic circle in the middle of the siblings chests that constantly turns slowly. This magic circle can be destroyed by 2.5x Ability Ranked damage being dealt to it. While this spell is active, Xiuhcoatl loses 10% of his max health every post. In turn, the siblings are healed for 10% of their max health, as well as 5% MP each post for the duration of this spell.

    Applies a powerful HP Regen to the siblings
    Applies a powerful MP regen to the siblings

    Reduces Xiuhcoatl's HP every post
    Glowing magic circle is bad for stealthing at night
    Glowing magic circle can be destroyed, and the glow can be seen through clothing
    Xiuhcoatl's reinforced claws:

    Xiuhcoatl's Reinforced Claws
    A set of massive metal casts placed on Xiuhcoatl's claws.

    Maxes melee attacks stronger

    Doesn't increase melee attack range
    Doesn't improve attacks with Xiuhcoatl's tail or breath attack

    Max A Rank
    4 Posts
    5 Posts
    By saying the name of this spell, Xiuhcoatl imbues the weapons of all his allies with a spell that absorbs 25% of the HP of any NPC killed by an enchanted weapon, while the enchantment is active.

    Possibility of healing

    Doesn't make the weapons deal any more damage to make the killing happen faster
    Doesn't heal immediately, NPC has to die first
    Drachen Gefängnis:

    Drachen Gefängnis
    Max A Rank
    3 Posts
    Xiuhcoatl slams one of his feet on the ground while saying the name of this spell and a set of crystal spikes start sprouting from 15(+10 per rank) meters away from his target, moving towards his target. All who step on these spikes will be deals Ability Rank damage, any target in the absolute middle will be trapped in a prison made of pure black crystal for 3 posts (1 post in PvP). Naturally, during PvP opponents 1 rank above this ability can simply break the crystal prison IF they or their friend is caught in it by using sheer strength.

    Deals some damage
    Traps 1 opponent

    Xiuhcoatl would have to be very good at predicting to be able to catch a moving target in the middle of the attack
    Only 1 target gets trapped
    Can be consumed by Earth slayers of all types, even though the attack is Black Crystal
    Xiuhcoatl's Armour:

    Xiuhcoatl's Armour
    Sets of armour plates that line Xiuhcoatl's head, neck, back, and tail.

    Protects the spine and brain

    Leaves the rest of Xiuhcoatl's body open...
    Armour will only last so long before it breaks...

    Max A Rank
    4 Posts
    5 Posts
    Xiuhcoatl lets out a roar as he stands on the ground, channeling his power into the ground, and then outwards into the world around him. A 15(+15 per rank) meter radius magic circle appears 1 foot off the ground. All opponents caught within this magic circle take 10 damage every post, as well suffer a -30% debeff to speed and all damage, and a -25% debuff to reaction time and defense. While this spell is active, Xiuhcoatl is unable to move at all. He cannot fly, use any of his other abilities, and cannot be healed. If Xiuhcoatl received damage equal to 30% of his maximum HP, or his current HP falls to or below 25% of its max; this ability will automatically end.

    Deals DoT
    Very powerful debuffs

    Cannot move
    Cannot use other abilities/spells
    Cannot heal or be healed
    Automatically ends if Xiuhcoatl takes too much damage or his HP falls to or below 25% of its max

    Max A Rank
    4 Posts
    (Pronounced Ruk-gan-gig)
    Xiuhcoatl says the name of this ability and the armour begins glowing. A burst of energy is emitted healing any and all within 15 meters (+15 per rank) for 30% of their maximum HP, cures them of all ailments/debuffs/status effects, and restores 5% MP. This effect occurs to Allies AND Enemies alike so long as they're within the boundaries of the energy burst. If an effect would normally prevent this from healing, curing, or restoring mp to an enemy; it would not work for this effect.

    Heals allies
    restores MP to allies

    Heals enemies
    Restores MP to enemies
    There's no way to stop this from helping enemies that are within the boundaries of the energy burst

    Unknown Species
    Beware the destroyer of worlds! Standing at a gargantuan height
    of 1 whole foot, weighing in at a colossal 6.5Kg, and having the
    dastardly nerve to cuddle with people; this being will surely ruin
    your day! Actually... it won't. Niinii is a small, warm, fluffy
    and cute animal who's origins are unknown. She enjoys running,
    cuddling, having her head scratched, having her tail groomed,
    listening to music so long as it's just the instruments, children
    and biting. For Niinii, biting is a form of affection, and it
    isn't painful, more like a small nip or her just holding your hand
    in her mouth gently. While in animal form Niinii is unable to talk,
    and she rarely uses her human form. As for her attitude, she's much
    like a child, except she doesn't get angry when thing don't go her
    way all the time. She despises fighting, and while she wont stop
    Kaede from entering combat, she refuses to. Even while in human
    form, Niinii will simply hide behind something and wait for the
    unnecessary violence to finish. While interacting with others, she
    may draw on either a shy side, if she doesn't like their smell. Or
    she will be highly energetic, and want to play with her new friend
    if she does like their smell. Niinii may also decide to play a small
    prank, or tease others if she likes them enough.

    The only form of 'magic' Niinii seems to know is a very simple
    transformation spell that allows her to freely switch between
    human and animal form. Though, even in human form Niinii's
    personality is the same. Niinii holds no intimate feelings for
    Kaede, and understands relations between she and he would be
    the same as pet and master at best. This doesn't stop her from
    addressing Kaede as her elder brother, as she was born from a
    litter of 25, with her being the eldest as well as the only one
    of her family still alive. Niinii considering Kaede her elder
    brother out of a strong inner desire to have her family back,
    combined with Kaede having been the one who saved her from dying
    of starvation.
    Niinii's human form:

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