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    So yeah guess im the third one.

    Knight of Zero
    Knight of Zero

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    So yeah guess im the third one. Empty So yeah guess im the third one.

    Post by Knight of Zero on 9th December 2015, 9:00 pm

    Sorry to do this to my FT peeps and friends but I need a break from the site. How recent events where handled and other things just kinda killed my muse for this site I think.

    Gonna be gone for at the very least a month I think to sort some stuff out. If not back in a month; two months is most ill go before saying probably not coming back.

    However this doesn't mean I wont help you or not want to talk to my fellow faries and friends in other guilds. Feel free to hit me up on Skype, pm or in guild chat if need anything at all.

    Lastly sorry to Tatsu and Nadarr for leaving you in lurch like this; encourage you to find other people to help you with the jobs.

    Hopefully SYL peeps. Chao.

    So yeah guess im the third one. Latest?cb=20151009150423

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    So yeah guess im the third one. Empty Re: So yeah guess im the third one.

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 9th December 2015, 9:05 pm

    We talked already but still wish you wouldn't leave! Hopefully you can come back after a few months when all this drama is over. Fairy Tail's gonna miss ya!


    So yeah guess im the third one. OdNtuIpd_o
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    So yeah guess im the third one. Empty Re: So yeah guess im the third one.

    Post by Guest on 9th December 2015, 9:07 pm

    Come back.

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