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    To Earthland... And Beyond!

    橘ナミネ と 橘楓
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    To Earthland... And Beyond! Empty To Earthland... And Beyond!

    Post by 橘ナミネ と 橘楓 8th December 2015, 10:41 pm


    Job Title: Too Earthland...And Beyond!

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank and have joined a Guild. If you've joined a Dark Guild, you must claim too be from one of the Light Guilds or your passport will not be issued. If you wish, you can buy a Passport for 5k at the end of the Job regardless of Guild affiliation. 

    Job Requirements: 5 posts. 100 words per post. 

    Job Location: Hargeon Town or Rose Garden

    Job Description: A huge line of bustling people are going nuts in front of the Docks, it looks like Wall Street on a bad day. Families, children, old folks attempting to go on vacation; everyone's clamoring for a Passport! Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders too Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace. 

    Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other Nations (for a hefty fee of course!); obtain your passport! Cut in line! Or wait in line! Do whatever is necessary! Because people are going crazy trying to get their entire families Passports registered!

    Enemies: (None)

    Reward: Passport (Access to International Jobs and Casual RPing in Other Nations)

    Sitting against a wall, sucking on a strawberry flavored popsicle, Miyuki awaited the announcement from her younger brother that it was their turn for a passport in line. It was the norm for Miyuki to be the one embracing the blazing hot sun, especially when it was this humid but for once she didn't feel like tolerating it. This feeling was brought about more so by the lack of fun things to do while waiting in line than anything else, but it was strengthened by the sea breeze deciding to go away for the day and leave Hargeon Town over dosed with an unbearable heat like none other. Kaede walked over to Miyuki from his place in line and sat next to her with a rather dull look on his face. "It's hot..." he said with a lethargic tone. Miyuki slumped over, her head landing square in his lap with the wooden stick of her now extinct popsicle clinging to the side of her mouth. "What's our number?" she asked, her voice sounding exhausted despite Kaede doing all the standing in line. The young man, wearing brown clothing that was burned, torn and tatters looked at the small page in his hand. He put it back in his pocket once a number vastly before his own was called, not wanting to let his elder sister know just how many possible hours it would take for their number to be called. "Hey... Kai?" Miyuki asked, her eyes focused on the world in front the siblings. "Yeh?" Kaede responded, having a feeling in his gut that he already knew what she would say. "You think we can do this?" she asked, her voice hesitant and depressed from their world having been collapsed so soon. "You mean this... guild... wizard thing?" he responded, wanting to make sure the two were on the same page. He felt Miyuki's head make a nodding motion as his eyes stared at the sky, his head resting against the concrete wall he was leaning on. "No." he said bluntly, having no faith in their survival odds increasing because they'd banned together with some strangers. "Pessimist..." Miyuki said softly, almost in a whisper. "I prefer being called a realist." Kaede responded, his voice growing soft as well. "But we don't have much of a choice... do we?" Miyuki asked, her mind beginning to try and formulate some way she could have protected her little brother... some way she could have protected her entire family. Kaede looked down, not wanting to admit that they needed the guild as he said "No." with a tired voice. "My...uh...kai and Kaede?" the names came over on the intercom. Miyuki's eyes turned to irritation as her name was mispronounced so terrible she wanted to throw Kaede at the announcer for getting his name right. Kaede began snickering as his big sister's name was called, adding to Myuki's irritation even further. Regardless of her frustrations, Miyuki got up and walked with Kaede over to the clerk's desk without caring to wonder why they were called ahead of their number. They picked up their passports and left the area, heading into town to see if they could get the ice cream vendor to give them another popsicle for free...

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