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    To Hunt Shadows.


    Ninetails Derpfox

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    Re: To Hunt Shadows.

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox on 25th February 2016, 10:54 pm

    Niyol waited for his ally to vacate the area before he began sealing off the room. Upon hearing the sounds of shattering glass from the woman jumping out the window, Niyol drew his white blade 'Tamashi Reitoko' and said "Dance." solemnly. The blade disintegrated and erupted into an avalanche of white, metallic powder than Niyol formed into a set of large golems that was used to move shelves and desks into the doorway connected to the hall he was standing in. Once done, the blade was reformed into Niyol's sheath while he was walking away.

    Moving down the halls of the large building, Niyol spotted a rather large number of portraits of people; many of which had the title 'Master' in front their names. Others had 'Ace of' with something found in nature afterwards, the followed by their name. It was more than likely a hall to remember the aces and guild masters of old, either that, or a hall to remind the guild's residents who the current, currently deceased now, aces and master was. He let out a sigh while passing through these halls, the white walls cracked and falling apart, the ceiling with holes in it, the creaking floors... the lack of anything alive... all of it causing Niyol to detest this place further.

    While it was true, Niyol was the vessel for the Demon of Death, an entity that cared not in the slightest for the lives of others; and like wise Niyol had no problems annihilating an entire settlement at the drop of a hat, he detested that these people had all been killed. He felt some form of remorse for their losses, as some had just begun discovering themselves, others were yet to even become old enough to discover their genitals...

    Niyol arrived at the window with shards of glass, cut by the strands that Erika commanded so nimbly and looked out at the scene beyond. Through the fog, Niyol saw with his soul vision the two girls fighting. However, it was more along the lines of Erika shitting all over Lillith's plans and deciding to not kill her.

    On the ground, a shadow would be cast of Erika as the teddy bear Lillith was normally accompanied by began growing to an immense size, not caring for any wires cutting into it. It reeled back its massive arm, converting the material of the fabric to metal so it would definitely leave a mark if she survived at all. Just as it began swinging, the fist in perfect alignment with Erika's being, a large pillar of ice engulfed the creature entirely, stopping the attempted surprise attack. The pillar cracked, and then shattered leaving behind nothing but frozen toy bits. As the particles of frozen dust fell slowly, Niyol stepped forward while flicking the white blade, the moonlight reflecting off its contours as it turned. He then gently placed the tip at the opening to the white sheath on his left hip and slid the weapon inside, saluting the grip before taking his hand away. "Well done." he said calmly while approaching Erika and Lillith, who was bound and bleeding a bit in the web like strands. His dark purple eyes gave a faint violet glow in the darkness of the night, and the demonic scars all over him glowed black and crimson with rage. Lillith's eyes grew wide, she wanted to scream, run, hide again, or at least kill one of the two before she was takin in or killed herself. "A death mage... how cute. You should know to consume the souls of those you kill, less they seek vengeance on you." he said before placing a large hand on her head. "Don't worry... that lesson will soon be vain." his voice sounded off grimly before a dark aura radiated through his arm. Lillith let out a shrill scream of pain, the same dark aura bleeding into her body as Niyol claimed a portion of her soul. The screaming continued for several long seconds that felt like years to Liliith and once his hand disconnected, she was revealed to be shaking and in tears. "I've claimed most of your magic child. You'll no longer use death magic, and your mind manipulation is far weaker than before... Woman, I apologize for forgetting your name. Do with this child what you wish, I care not for her life anymore." he said with a cold voice, talking to Erika while walking away. Niyol disappeared in a burst of darkness, perhaps he'd never see Erika again... perhaps he would... only the chains of fate would lead them to their next adventure if there was one.

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    Re: To Hunt Shadows.

    Post by Special Snowflake on 26th February 2016, 12:04 am

    "Already done, well that just won't do."

    Erika stated softly as she saw the little spectacle unfold, and was very amused, all he wanted at the end of the day was something so simply to happen to the little girl. Such a simple action to end all of his interest, that was quite nice, and here she thought he was going to torture her, or something strange like that. Honestly, Erika never loved true torture, it was just a waste of time, she had better things to do than torture someone to death painfully, after all, they weren't so important as to demand that much of her attention regardless of who they say they are. Still she could see her torturing the girl for a little bit due to her ability to cause Erika annoyance in getting to her, but it was still shoddy at best, she apparently couldn't fight back now, which was good at least Erika got some of the blood with a bit of magic in it for later, now the girl was just broken and tired.

    "You... what are you going to do huh? Finish me off?"

    "Judging by how pretty you cry, I suspect that you have given up."

    "Of course you give up, you lose everything what is left!"

    "Your passion is what is left, power isn't what you can do with your blade, but how you manipulate it. You don't need powerful magic to rule the world, just passion and determination, both of which... you sadly now lack."

    Forming a gun out of the threads that she manifested within her hand, Erika pointed it towards the girls head, as the girl looked with shaking eyes towards the barrel of the pistol.

    "Good night my little Lilith, may the angels sing you onward though I doubt they would sing very loud for you, now would they?"


    With that Erika left the area, and headed back home for some well-needed relaxation and plotting. She had to also make sure that this blood was on better ice, after all, she never knew when she might fully need it.

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