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    The Red Cat and the Road Home to Edolas for a Prince


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    The Red Cat and the Road Home to Edolas for a Prince Empty The Red Cat and the Road Home to Edolas for a Prince

    Post by Haru-senpai 8th December 2015, 2:27 am

    Heero walked through the streets of Magnolia; he'd been searching for Garfield for about two hours now---and was starting to get worried. His mind raced with possibilities.

    "Kidnapped? Did someone hurt him? Garfield...where are you...." Heero walked straight past people trying to say hello to him, looking frantically left to right at every turn. Praying here and there and actually beginning to get emotional.

    Eventually, he heard Garfield's voice but it was in a state of anger or panic as Heero followed the sound right through a crowd of people and around a corner; where Garfield stood at a bench in Magnolia, arguing with what looked like.

    Another Exceed?

    Heero decided to hang back for a little while, and not let either of them see him. Doing his best to get a little bit closer he would then disappear around another corner with anime speed, comically peeking around the corner slowly like Scooby Doo.

    "Look! There's NO WAY what you're saying can be true! You're cute but you're not that cute that I'd believe such a crazy ass tale!" Garfield yelled at the other cat, who was red in color, compared to his brighter orange. Although her fur was just as if not more vibrant than his. She wore a white and black dress, and swished his tail as she crossed her arms.

    "Look, don't be mad at me, I'm just the messenger. The King himself has sent for you...after what happened when those wizards from Fiore came to Edolas last year....your parents they're worried sick!" the cat opened her eyes, finally. Scolding him with just a look as this sent Garfield into an even deeper fit of rage.

    "STOP, calling them that! Heero's parents were my parents! When I hatched they were there for me! He was the first person I laid eyes on! I was their cat! his cat! Like I'll always be." Garfield balled up a fist and leaned forward a bit with rage as he stomped on the ground frustrated.

    The red Exceed merely shook her head, and then nodded before she spoke again.

    "You are the Prince of the Kingdom of Extalia in Edolas, and it's time you return to your brothers, sisters, mother, and father. They sent you here to keep you safe at the time, nothing more....I mean what...do you think a HUMAN layed that egg? HA! Don't make me laugh. HA!"

    As Garfield got tears in his eyes as the other cat crushed everything he knew that was real, Heero had seen enough. The wizard approached from behind them, and before they even noticed he was there with a final footstep as the two cats looked up as he spoke.

    "A friend of yours, Garfield?" Heero asked casually as he walked up, one hand in his pocket.

    "No, she's totally out of her mind!!!" Garfield recounted the story she told him, as the red Exceed seemed in awe of how much Magical Power was radiating and coming from Heero.

    "This is...the one who found you all those years ago???" Rose looked amazed.

    Heero, after hearing the tale Rose had told. Looked down at the ground.

    "It's...how she says it is.....it's all true. That day I found your egg on the beach near my house, I saw a brilliant flash of light in the sky. You fell like a comet...and the egg didn't crack....I waited for weeks on end for you to hatch, wondering what was inside." Heero kept his eyes on the ground for awhile, not bothering to look at his best friend from sheer shame. "That light in the sky....I recognized it as Anima some time ago, but never got around to telling you....heh." Heero lied at the end, as he'd been doing to Garfield for awhile now. After he'd remembered that light in the sky after seeing Anima again a few years ago; he realized that Garfield was in fact from Edolas, like all Exceeds were.

    "Heero...you......YOU!!!" Garfield sprouted his white wings and flew up to Heero grabbing him by the shirt. "HOW COULD YOU LIE TO ME!!!" Garfield stared at him with both anger, and sadness as tears filled his eyes. They'd saved each other's lives more times than they could count, from rogue flying arrows, to gigantic spells of apocalyptic destruction. It had been them against the world for so long; Garfield had never thought a betrayal like this would come from Heero.

    "You fool! How could you blame him!" the red Exceed spoke up, finally having enough she'd thrown her paw to the side. "This wizard has raised you as his own, protected you, fed you, kept you safe!!! Took you from a kitten and turned you into a warrior more fierce than a thousand of the cats I've seen in Edolas! You sit here and turn on him just because he kept the truth of your own existence from you? Did you ever stop to think how you would've reacted hearing it from him instead of one of your own!"

    Garfield looked back at Rose, blinking and then looked back at Heero who he floated in front of. Releasing his shirt, he just floated there looking sad.

    "Garfield, I---I'm sorry." Heero rubbed the back of his head.

    "N, no. I knew...somewhere deep down I knew. I mean, we've never ran into a village of Exceeds...and we've been ALL across this damned globe together right?" in a moment of recovering his bearings, Garfield would wipe a tear from his eye and fly in for a hug toward Heero. Surprising the Slayer. As much as they fought all the time, it had been awhile since Garfield had just hugged him like this. Grabbing a hold of him, as the Exceed's wings dispelled at his embrace. He held him there for a moment. "I mean, I always thought we came form somewhere else...there are so few Exceeds...and no villages or anyone of us being born here in Earthland."

    Rose would smile at the two, blushing a bit as they looked adorable.

    "That's......you're so lucky to have someone who loves you like that. Some cats in Edolas think humans are geniuses, some think they're just fools incapable of showing emotions like this....I guess we still have a lot to learn about Earthland...which is why I was sent here. I won't be returning to Edolas, you will. I'm supposed to stay here to keep whatever is near and dear to you safe....by order of your mother the Queen....my name is Rose by the way." Rose would roll her eyes at the thought of the Queen ordering her to bring her baby boy home, but not to leave the things he cared about unattended too.

    Garfield would ball up his fists, and grow silent. As Heero and Rose would literally just...wait for any reaction from the revealed Prince of Exceeds.

    "Let's go.....I need to see my family, I'll be able to tell instantly by looking at my siblings and parents. Once I feel their magical energies...." Rose would nod.

    "Yes, that's how I found you...by following traces of Magic Power similar to the Royal Families...." as Garfield shot her a look, she would raise her paws in her own defense and once again give an 'I'm just the messenger' look to him. Before she would turn her back on both Heero and Garfield and speak again. "Well, there's only enough energy on this side for one more trip back to Edolas with Anima....are you sure you're ready to do this? We'll be traveling to Southern Fiore to the Ancient Ruins. You can ask your family to send you back, but I'm sure there will be a lot to learn for such a curious cat."

    With that, Rose would begin leading the way with a swish of her tail, as Heero and Garfield nodded at eachother and began to follow her right out of Magnolia Town.  


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    The Red Cat and the Road Home to Edolas for a Prince Rose

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