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    The Waitress and the Red Dragon.

    Aemon Trahaearn
    Aemon Trahaearn

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    The Waitress and the Red Dragon. Empty The Waitress and the Red Dragon.

    Post by Aemon Trahaearn 30th November 2015, 10:34 pm

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    - Aemon

    It had been quite some time since the destruction of the Eclipse Soul guild, Aemon hadn’t been there for very long but even still the fact that the guild he had sought to join was now gone hit him in the core, to the point to where he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep since it had happened. The dreams he would have were so vivid if he didn’t know he was having these nightmares he would have thought it was real and the saddest part was that it was real and that it did happen, and he had no idea what had caused it. The day it happened was nothing special, there were no tell tale signs of trouble, no ominous warnings, just another day in the fortress of a guildhall that was Eclipse Soul. Aemon was in his room located within the guild, he had just gotten back from completing a job request and was settling in his room after just arriving "That is one less bad guy in the world." he could remember these words coming out of his mouth as he laid on his bed, still in his travel and work clothes, his red colored shroud that covered his upper body and arms, his black body armor and pants that connected to his boot. He had left the comfort his bed to change into his casual wear so he could mingle with his fellow guildmates for once and it was then everything had started, is when it happened, when everyone thought they were safe. He could remember the sounds of people panicking from a distance and before he could even start to change his wardrobe he had to go see what it was, upon opening the door he caught the sense of something happening, a shift in the air and temperature and then the explosion. Black colored Flames flooded the guild hall, all of it’s corridors and rooms flooded with this forceful flames. Aemon had extended his wings and called forth his shield spell, Rho Asis to shield him but it was all for nothing. The force of the flames crashed into the his spell and shattered it with as much ease as a bowling ball being thrown into a glass window and Aemon was ejected forcefully out of his bedroom window with only the snow to break his fall. He remembered the feeling of cold on his back while the front of his body felt like it was on fire, despite his scales he felt the intensity of the heat and could only be thankful that he was in once piece unlike the guild that he looked at upon sitting upright….

    Just like he always did with this nightmare he sat up in the real world but instead of the horrible sight of Eclipse soul burning to ash he saw a stone wall instead, the wall of the hut that was located in the Mountain village, one of the many villages scattered throughout Fiore and the place he was staying for a short time. He could have gone anywhere, Oak Town to the north, Crocus to the Northeast but he didn’t want to go anywhere crowded. He needed a place that was out of the way where he could heal his wounds, both the physical and the mental with success with only one of those. He had just started to get out of bed when the sound of screaming came from outside, "That sure doesn’t sound good. I had better go and see what the commotion is about. " he said to himself as he exited his hut only to see some of the village folk scurrying about while three men had one of the merchants pinned against the wall , clearly threatening the man. Aemon didn’t say anything at first he simply called for his bow and the magical implant produced and materialized it right into his hand. He pulled back on the bow string until he was in perfect form, his grip tight but not too tight, the string resting at the kiss of his lips and a red arrow made of his mana formed. With the sound of a thwak, he released the string sending the arrow right into the wall next to the bandit who was threatening the man. "You know, that’s not a very effective way to win someone over. The threatening should come after you woo him with your kind words.” he said mocking the bandit who released the man and pointed the knife at the Red dragon “ And what bidness is it to a pretty boy like yew” the bandit said. Aemon let out a sigh "None, but if you keep talking you are going to give me a headache so let's skip the dialogue and you can come meet your end. " he said with no emotion in his voice, he saw things differently, he was at the raggedy edge and these men just pushed him, so now he was pushing back.

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    The Waitress and the Red Dragon. Empty Re: The Waitress and the Red Dragon.

    Post by Sora 1st December 2015, 8:08 am

    Something about today was. . . off.

    The maiden could feel that something was amiss, a heavy pressure in the air that seemed to constantly weigh down the body and mind. Not only was this emotion brought about by the near destruction of her own guild of Infinity Hydra, but the mood as of late among the members were heavily anchoring down as well. Their anger would permeate any sense of comfort and happiness, revenge and payback being some of the choice words the more violent or active would use. The more relaxed and calm members would instead keep silent, finding escapism in their own thoughts and worlds that were cherished by them. The shock from the very moment the guild was attacked was still present, and Shu knew that among the many members that were there to protect it, she wasn't.

    The woman went as far as to blame herself for not being able to assist as much as she could in preventing any more damages to the establishment itself - the place that she called home. It was in that moment that the mage had to stop in her tracks, feeling her perception focus in and out as everything would either be a blur or not. A heavy feeling was blanketing her heart, almost as if it was being pulled down further and further into a world of darkness. Thoughts began to cloud her mind as her head tilted down, strands of black hair sliding over her petite shoulder on the right to hang at the side. Did she really consider such a guild her home? Was she really feeling alive within its walls? Was it only when traveling on the outside that she was truly able to spread her arms in pure bliss? There were so many questions rising up more and more, piling on to create a heap of unanswered mysteries.

    The young woman couldn't even determine her thought process, her current emotions, or even where her heart lied. All that she could do now to ease the pain inside was focus on the very reason she traveled out to the Mountain Village, her hunt for supplies having just begun. Supplies were needed to help refurbish some areas of the guild, and the some of Shu's own supplies for every day use were either tampered with or destroyed in the battle. 'Twas why she was out here on this cold, winter day in her Yukata and extra winter gear. It was with a shake of her head and the tapping of her eyes with her gloved fingers that she sniffed, relieving herself of any tears that were daring to slip out as she continued onward with whatever sense of courage she had left.

    Her steps were slow and steady, heavy along with her heart. Shu was beginning to have a lingering feeling in the back of her heart and mind that she was dreading in going back to such a place, a sense of freedom completely captivating her. Although, why was she dreading to go back in the first place? The young woman couldn't determine an answer as her thought process was forced to a halt, the trembling screaming and panicking of civilians overwhelming her. People were running past her along with a few animals, all carrying the same emotions of fear or panic. Something was wrong to have spooked so many at one time, and the young woman could only take in a cold breath before releasing it in a puff of white.

    "I-I have to. . .", she told herself.

    Beginning to jog towards the direction the people were running from, the young woman found that on occasion she would stop to help the people that tripped or the animals that couldn't move - giving them to the people that would surely care for them in their haste. The black haired maiden knew that time was of the essence, and she needed to find the source as soon as possible. With a newly found determination slowly seeping through the traces of her skin, the woman turned around a corner to find a merchant trapped against the wall - trembling in fear. A burly man was holding him captive before another man stepped in, seeming to start a conversation or taunt. The waitress decided to keep herself steady and still, lingering behind the wall of the corner with the creasing of her brows.

    What would this stranger do? What was he capable of? What motivated him enough to want to protect this place - this merchant?

    The stand off was filled with a sense of dominance and intimidation, one pitted against the other in what seems like an old fashioned contest of the ages. Violet orbs took extra care to observe every detail and retain any emotion she could, trying to even take a few examples from a good friend to implement in a moment like this. Despite how Shu wasn't a fighter or even believed in hurting another, the woman knew that this thief needed to be driven off somehow. With a slight wave of her hand from behind the wall, she whispered to herself as she cast the spell.

    "Gravity Orb. . ."

    And so the man was trapped in an orb of purple, causing the maiden to speak out when she could. "Run, Merchant! Go to safety, please!" Without a moment's hesitation the man nodded, running off in what seemed to be a near sense of crying. Shu felt a sigh escaped her lips in a pure sensation of relief before shifting her attention to the stranger cloaked in red. "E-Excuse me, sir. . . for barging in l-like this.", she spoke softly with a shy nod. Her presence was an indication that this man wasn't alone - that she was here to help if he accepted it or even appreciated it in the slightest.

    Do what you feel is right.


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