Tesoro Family Guild Jobs

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    Tesoro Family Guild Jobs

    Post by Tesoro Family on 16th November 2015, 10:26 pm

    ♖ GUILD JOBS ♖

    these are the jobs created for Basilisk Fang members only, they are based around the guilds goal.If you have any questions about these jobs ask in the Guild Discord server, or DM a Gm or Ace.

    ♖ D Rank ♖
    Fear Tactics
    Fool's Gold
    Bomb Testing
    Bomb Creation
    Dark Mages Just Wanna have Fun

    ♖ C Rank ♖

    A Fang in Your Side || Lamia Scale
    B#### Better Have My Money.
    Being a Dignitary
    Retrieve the Contraband
    Find the Traitor

    ♖ B Rank ♖

    A Fang in Your Side || Infinity Hydra

    Sea Snakes

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