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    Apollo's training with Nightken

    Janet Cinderfeild
    Janet Cinderfeild

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    Apollo's training with Nightken Empty Apollo's training with Nightken

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 17th November 2015, 3:00 am

    Apollo waited for Nightken on Tenrou Island. He had asked him to help him with his training. Apollo was sure he was good enough but He needed to get stronger. His shields wen't cutting it and he wanted to learn more. Herro was busty being guild Leader and Ebony was no where to be found. Though Night was and he was his team leader so he figured he would help him. Apollo didn't know much about him anyway so he figured this would be a good time to learn about him. Apollo figured it was a good Idea to knock out two birds with one stone this time. Apollo looks up to Night a a lot. Not only was he the first one to welcome him into the guild fully he also conducted his first exam so he wanted to show him how much stronger he has gotten after that time. He was determined to show him what he could do. Night was a S class Wizard and one of the strongest ones in the entire guild. Yet for some reason he made a team with Apollo when he first joined the guild which o this day he had no idea why he did that but he wasn't about to let that decision be wasted he was going to show him what he could do. As he waited he looked up to the sky. This was the guilds sacred ground and he was going to become a great wizard and protect the guild and all of Fiore with that.

    He then heard his guild mate Approach him. As he turned around Nightken was standing there looking him down. Apollo stared back then gave a wave. "Hey thanks for coming Night" he said giving a bit of a smile. He wondered how they were going to train. if it would be a brawl or if it would be something different. Regardless of the challenge Apollo was ready for whatever was in store for him, he was also ready to get to know night but what order these objectives came in was to be decided on a later date .


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    Apollo's training with Nightken EVCuZsf

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