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    Sea Snakes


    Sea Snakes Empty Sea Snakes

    Post by Guest on 13th November 2015, 11:09 pm

    Job Title: Sea Snakes
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: Must be a member of Basilisk Fang. Must be at least B-rank or the equivalent of to take this job. This job may only be completed once.
    Job Requirements: 35 Posts minimum, 300 words per post. 3 dice rolls minimum. You must roll all 3 dice before you can steal the flag.
    Job Location: Minstrel
    Job Description: There is an infamous armada of pirates known as the Sea Snakes that terrorize the western oceans. This rambunctious group of thieves has recently contacted us with a request to help move one of their ships into Joya to deliver some stolen goods. The pirates claim that the Minstrel navy has blocked the channel leading to Joya and require assistance in getting past the checkpoint. By cooperating with these pirates now, they might be more willing to sell us stolen goods and naval information in the future.

    When you arrive at the port city in northern Minstrel, the pirates will be docked and waiting for you. After boarding, they will set sail in search of a small Minstrel navy ship and task you with stealing its flag. When you are on the Minstrel ship, you will likely face resistance from the crew but nothing too difficult. After stealing the flag, the Sea Snake's ship will sink the Minstrel ship and sail for the naval checkpoint leading to Joya. With the stolen Minstrel flag acting as a disguise for the Sea Snake's ship, you and the pirates should be able to bypass the checkpoint without much trouble.

    Weak: Minstrel Sea Monkey x4 - Young men, barely adults, who are new to the Minstrel navy. They don't wear any armor and typically use just cutlasses, though one might occasionally have a flintlock pistol. They deal C-rank damage with their attacks and take one B-rank damage each to defeat.

    Normal: Minstrel Crewman x3 - Veterans seaman who work the ship. They have a variety of cutlasses and flintlock pistols and are very capable fighters. While they don't wear armor, they do wear navy jackets meant to reduce the force of impact from attacks. They deal B-rank damage with their attacks and take two B-rank damage each to defeat.

    Strong: Minstrel Naval Officer x2 - Usually middle-aged men that can be distinguished from their colleagues with long naval coats capable of minimizing damage from stabbing attacks. While they do have a cutlass and two flintlock pistols each, they also rely on their water magic to both attack and defend. They deal B-rank damage with their attacks and take four B-rank damage each to defeat.

    Boss: Minstrel Ship Captain - The captain of the ship is an older man who wears a long red coat and captain's hat. He possesses dual cutlasses and four flintlock pistols for rapid fire but relies more on his water magic for attacks. This man is apparently proficient enough to cause large storms while at sea, so caution is needed to make sure he doesn't accidentally harm the flag you're after. He can also turn his entire body into water, making it difficult to hurt him with non-magical physical attacks. He deals B-rank and A-rank damage with his attacks and takes six B-rank damage to defeat.

    Reward: Extra B-rank experience, 10,000 Jewels, and the loose alliance of the Sea Snake Pirates (benefits include free passage through the oceans on their ships).
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