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    Road Fighter [Solo]


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    Road Fighter [Solo]

    Post by Dr.Stein on 13th November 2015, 11:03 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Road Fighter

    Rank: C

    Player Requirements:
    * 1-2 mages, C rank.
    *If 2 people accompany each other you can not fight the bonus bosses. For soloing you must have 16 posts with 400 words and, 18 or 20 if fighting the bonus boss(es). If having 2 fighters on this job you must have 8 posts each for the beginning fights including the one with Tagas. You may tag-team the final boss and bonus bosses. Each post must have 500 words if teaming.

    Job Requirements: Win the tournament. Each fight takes up 2 full post, so make it good. Using any weapons, armors, pets, or items will result in disqualifications and failure of the job. Also killing someone results in failure.

    Job Location: Talonia Arena

    Job Description: "Fighters from all around Fiore have gathered to see who is the world's strongest! All fighters are eligible and you get to show off your insane fighting skills. We are finally proud to present the Road Fighter Tournament! You will fight a total of fifteen fighters, and don't worry your health and mana will be restored after every fight! So come on down, you have nothing to fear!"
    -Letter found in your guild hall
    Enemies: All enemies except the boss and semi boss and bonus bosses are counted as Normal. You don't have to roll and can fight them in any order. Afterward you must fight the semi boss, then the main boss, then the bonus bosses if you wish. After each fight you regain 20% mana and 20% hp.

    Wyvern: This is the man who won the tournament last year, and he is known as the best fighter the world has seen. His Dragon Fist and Wave Motion Cannon are a force to be reconed with, as well as his Tornado Blade Kick. The Dragon Fist is an uppercut that sends you sky high, and his tornado blade kick is a way to screw gravity and helicopter across the arena with a ton of kicks. Lastly his trademarked Wave Motion Cannon is a blast of wind and lightning at you. He deals C Ranked damage with all of his attacks including regular ones, except the Dragon Fist which deals B Rank damage.

    Masters: Masters is Wyvern's childhood rival and blond-haired friend. He is very egotistical and uses the same moveset as Wyvern, so some could say that he is on the same level as Wyvern, but that isn't true and even he knows that. He deals C Rank damage with every one of his attacks including the ones Wyvern has, and he shares every move with Wyvern.

    Detective Chun: This fighter is a detective from INTERPOL and has gone through detective training. She wears a blue Chinese qipao with maroon stockings. Detective Chun fights with a special fighting style taught to her by a demon, and she too has her own set of moves. She can fire a slow ranged attack similar to the Wave Motion Cannon, and can enhance her kicks to super speeds. She mainly fights using her legs, although she is strong with her fists and may use them if need be. Her slower ranged attack deals C Rank damage, and if she speeds up her attacks they deal D Rank damage but in rapid succession, quickly piling up damage.

    Cam: Cam is one of Detective Chun's best friends. While what she is wearing may show a little more than you would feel comfortable with in battle, and hugs her a little too much she is not to be taken lightly. Her legs and fists alike are extremely powerful, and she can surround her legs with green energy to produce her Cannon Drill, and jump up in the air for a back-flip kick the Cannon Upper, and she knows many different pressure points and will try to paralyze you in battle if she hits you in one. For damage she deals 1 and a half C ranked damage (3 D) with each of the special moves, and if she hits your pressure point within the fight the next attack will hit because you'll be paralyzed, unless you're immune to paralysis.

    Hibiki: Kick his arse. Hibiki is the worst fighter alive and won't take any effort to beat. He uses a messed up version of Wyvern and Masters's moves, and he even wears a pink version of their gi. Hibiki is just... Useless. Everyone of his attacks deal D ranked damage and he will taunt every once and a while. Demolish him.

    Mike Bison: This guy is very similar to the world's own Mike Tyson. He fights like a boxer and is wearing a boxer's outfit. He uses no special moves, and just punches the ever living crap out of you. Sadly he deals 1 and a half damage with every punch

    Balrog: This man is a narcissist. No I mean narcissist beyond all narcissists. He even hides his face beyond a mask just because the world isn't worthy enough to see his beautiful face. He uses a wolverine claw glove thing On his left hand, and is a master acrobat. Flying around the arena with precision this man
    Tagas: (semi-boss)Tagas is the king. He fights with EXTREMELY powerful moves. He can throw fireballs and punch with the force to crack brick walls, it's obvious why he is the champion for every year except last year, when Wyvern beat him. He fights with the Muai Thai fighting style. He stands at over 7 feet tall, most of this being his extremely long legs. He deals B Rank damage with any hit, and his fireballs deal C rank damage. It takes him 6 C Rank hits to take down.

    Vega: Vega is the evil ruler of an elite organization meant to take over the planet. He wears an all red version of what would look like a colonel's outfit, with a purple hat and cape to accompany it. Vega can jump extremely high, and can summon purple fire from his hands and surround his entire body in it. While he only does C Rank damage he is much more versatile than Tagas, using his fire to do many different attacks and with great speed. Plus he has even better health than Tagas. He takes 7 C Rank Damage to take down.

    Boss: (both are optional)
    Kouken: The master of Wyvern and Masters, he is not really that much of a fighter as he used to be as a teen, although he can still kick some arse. He uses the same movesets as Masters and Wyvern, except all of his moves does 1 and a half C damage. Kouken takes 8 C rank hits to take down.

    Demon: After you beat Kouken (if you decide to face him) Demon will appear. He will throw Kouken aside and will prepare for battle. As his soul was sold to a demon to gain maximum power, his strength is immense but at the cost of his vitality. He uses an upgraded version of Masters and Wyvern's movesets, being able to use the Wave Motion Cannon in the air, use the Dragon Fist and Helicopter Blade Kick, as well as his own moveset. He can teleport short distances and use the Demon Flip, when he jumps into the air and demonic energy surrounds his foot and kicks downward. Unlike everyone else in this tournament, Demon fights to kill, seeing everyone who loses a fight to him as unworthy to live on this earth. Another thing that's different with him- he has special moves. These techniques will be used on the second post of his match, and one is the Ultra Wave Motion Cannon, when he fires a great purple energy beam at you, and the second will be the Punch of Death, when he punches the ground (or you into the ground) with the force to make a giant crater in the ground. As his vitality is lower Demon takes 4 C Rank hits to beat, but he deals B Rank damage with every attack, except his super moves which deal A Rank damage.

    *7,000 J,
    * +1 ranks worth of exp for each boss defeated

    Stein had arrived at the Basilisk Guildhall to take on a job, but he did not expect to be put in a fighting tournament. "Why the hell do I have to be in this stupid tournament designed for these barbarians?" He complained as he traveled to the Talonia Arena while on the back of his pet that was mostly underground. It took a couple of hours to travel to the arena, but it wasn't the fact that he was fighting people that specialize in close combat it was the fact he can't take Spike or any equipment with him. Once he came near the arena he had Spike stay away from the arena while holing onto his lab coat and guns. Walking up to the arena he looked up to see just how massive the structure stood. While people entered the arena into the seats Stein started to walk into the actual arena area. People were silently watching as he calmly entered the arena and stood in the center with his hands in his pockets. "Ladies and gentlemen we have quite the show for you all today as this lone man is going to be fighting our warriors. Now let's get ready to rumble." The announcer said as a man in a pink gi entered the arena. With a ring of a bell the crowd exploded in a roar of cheering as the man in the pink gi ran towards Stein. Seeing his sloppy footwork he knew this one wasn't going to be an issue. Summoning Aegis in front of him causing the man to punch the humanoid mantis shrimp doing nothing to it. It looked down at the man and smacked him aside with its club arm. "What the hell is with that this is a one on one fight." The man in the pink gi complained as he held the side of his face with it starting to swell. The people in the audience began to murmur as the announcer started to tap on his microphone. "Actually Hibiki the use of magic is permitted it is just pets and equipment that aren't allowed and on that note let the battle continue." As he said that Hibiki stood back up ready to continue the fight. He attempted to do a flurry of punches and kicks against Aegis, but it did nothing to the humanoid mantis shrimp. Rubbing his eyes about how pathetic this man is before he was knocked to the ground again by a side swipe.
    Spell Used: Name: Test Subject A- 6501 Code Name: Aegis
    Rank: D
    Type: Test Subject Summon
    Description: Aegis is a mix of the mantis shrimp and ironclad beetle, through some tweaking to the exoskeleton of the ironclad beetle DNA he was able to make it so the exoskeleton for it is impenetrable. The mantis shrimp DNA has made one arm club like but it is able to use that club hand to punch at an astonishing speed of 140 MPH in an instant. Even though it has such a strong defense it is still vulnerable to ice base attacks. The only real way to destroy it is to freeze it solid then the exoskeleton becomes brittle and will shatter from any hit. It stands at 5'5 and is limited to its arm reach of 67 inches, but hits like a cannon with C-rank equivalent damage. Aegis is humanoid in shape then when you look at the face it looks like the mantis shrimp.
    Passive: Takes one rank less amount of damage thanks to how strong the exoskeleton is. This means that D-rank attacks are useless, except for ice attacks and doesn't stop side effects of the attacks.

    Active:Aegis cocks its club arm back and launches a punch at 140 MPH which allows it to hit with C-rank damage equivalent allowing it to shatter D-rank defenses with ease. Cooldown: 3 posts
    Strengths: -Impenetrable exoskeleton, except to ice attacks
    -Insanely fast punch
    -Elemental resistance, except to ice
    Weaknesses: -Takes one C-rank amount of damage
    -Doesn't handle ice attacks
    -If frozen solid any hit can shatter exoskeleton
    -Limited to its arm reach to punch an enemy
    Duration/Cooldown: Duration: 4 posts/Cooldown: 5 posts


    "My motive is extremely simple. Observe and experiment, thats all. Thats what I live for, Everything in the world is my test subject. Of course that includes me."
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