Red Snow | Introduction | Open



    Red Snow | Introduction | Open

    Post by Guest on 13th November 2015, 8:04 pm

    Red dots stained the white snow, creating a long scarlet line in the snowy tundra. The red trail, if followed, led to a lone figure walking through the quiet snow. The young traveler—Joan Blackheart— walked with a hunch and continuously clenched the side of her stomach. The girl would wince in pain every couple of steps when it felt like the large wound on her belly was popping open. Small lines of blood would continuously trickle down the girl's white clothing. Joan's gloved hand pressed against the wound to halt the bleeding and distract her from the bitter pain.

    When she reached a dark, innocent stone in the middle of the snow, Joan fell over and leaned against it for a break. The cold had slowly been numbing the pain but making her body stiff all the while. The girl bit her lip and cursed under her breath. "I-I-I'll kill them. I'll kill all of them." She took a deep breath but the oxygen felt so weak in the mountains and the cold sting of the air was an unwelcomed feeling for her tired lungs. Her greatest discomfort though, was the anger boiling in her tiny gut. She could only reply the image over and over in her head, the memory of those foolish bunch who put a pitchfork through her. "I'll come back for you all in due time." Joan held out her hand snapped her fingers, causing a strange map to appear floating in front of her. The map showed the entire mountain and but had only a single dot on it. It read "Basilisk Fang."

    Joan waved her hand, and the map disappeared. Joan forced herself up from the stone with a loud groan while her face contorted in a sour look of pain. Her trek through the snow continued unobstructed. When she found her way to the mountain pass she sought after, her worn eyes gazed off into the distance and spotted the dark silhouette of a might structure hidden away. Joan smiled with a look of victory and an air of valor about her. She approached the large, metal fort in her hunched over demeanor. When Joan reached for the large metal doors of the box-like fortress, she grasped one of the handles and could feel the chill through her gloves. She pulled the handle back and, while the door initially resisted, managed to open one of the doors with a painfully loud creek that echoed out with a haunting moan.

    The girl immediately pulled off her wool hat and threw it the ground as she wandered in. The bleeding had subsided, but the stains remained on her clothes. "Come out of your pits, snakes. I'm here for you." Her high-pitched voice was throne through the chamber she entered. Small pants in her breath muffled her voice only slightly.

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    Re: Red Snow | Introduction | Open

    Post by Nykyrian on 16th November 2015, 12:17 am

    The Debt That All Men Pay

    Having just gotten comfortable in his new 'Home', the freshly new Guildmaster sat in his throne at the head of the Guild Hall; The giant basilisk statue coiling around the victorian styled seat. He appeared comfortable, a goblet of a deep red liquid in one hand, and rolled papers in the other. His eyes scanned over the contents of Basilisk Fang, studying each member, the patterns they had, even the way they spoke to each other.

    He was aware that they frowned upon his crowning, feeling that a stranger was unworthy as a leader, but Nyk was no stranger to the ways of the Basilisk. Spending alot of time with a previous master who led them to greatness once before.
    He smirked just before lifting the metal goblet to his lips and partaking of the still red water within.
    Nykyrian just licked his lips as his eyes flicked up to watch the huge door creak open; Breaking past the hushed words each members passed to another. They had a visitor.
    He didn't stand, just continued to stare as a small girl stepped inside.
    The man instantly noticed the blood stains on her garments, the smell instantly filling his nose. Nykyrian's smirk faded and the edges of his mouth even frowned slightly in a scowl.

    " If you came here to die, then i suggest turning around to leave. This isn't a morgue." He remarked, giving her a quick glance over. While she appeared quite young, he definitely knew there was something more to the lady.

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