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    Aemon Trahaearn
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    Wanted:Jacob Goodnight Empty Wanted:Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Aemon Trahaearn 9th November 2015, 3:45 pm

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    - Aemon

    Aemon hated to use his magic with a passion, the very power that had been the route of his family’s decline, the source of power that had managed to corrupt the man to be in power of his family’s legacy and the kingdom they once ruled. Of course the possibility that it wasn’t the dragon’s fault is very much a possibility however that wasn’t a discussion he was looking to have. That being said he could not but appreciate the benefits his powers give from time to time, in this specific instance he was loving the fact that he had wings. The wings flapped once or twice and then Aemon would be gliding in the air with the wind blowing hair back. He had left the Eclipse Soul a few hours ago and was flying east, towards the location of his current objective, the port town of Hargeon. Aemon had never been to a port town before, it was different from the landscape he had grown use to between the Temple in the mountains and now Eclipse Soul, so he had no real idea what he was going to see as he flew towards his destination.

    After about an half an hour of flying Aemon saw a town up ahead, right by the ocean’s side with multiple docks, lighthouses and ships docked there. While he knew next to nothing about the particulars of towns like this he knew well enough to figure that this was his destination, "Is it bad I was expecting to see something bigger? " he said to himself as he began his descent down into the town. Within minutes he was nearing the ground and as he was about to land he released his wings and landed in a crouched position and stood up straight and looked in the direction the wind was blowing, the skirt hooked at his belt flapped in the wind and his slicked back hair also waved in the air as well, the salty smell permeated starting from the sea. Aemon inhaled deeply taking in the scent and exhaled "Ahhh, that is an interesting scent"  he said and repeated the process of inhaling and exhaling "This scent is much different than the mountains at  home and much different from the phoenix mountains that is for sure" he said and looked around briefly before coming up with a game plan "As much as I would like to go sight seeing, it might be best I check in with the authorities and figure out what the game plan is " he began to make his way towards the nearby station where there were wanted posters a plenty hanging on a bulletin board, that could only have meant that he was in the right place. Aemon let a smirk cross his face as he reached for the door knob with his right hand, locking it in his now tightened grip and he turned the knob counter clock wise opening the door by pushing it inward as his feet crossed over the threshold. He made his way over to the clerk’s desk and leaned on it with both arms crossed over top. The clerk dressed in an officer’s uniform looked up at him “yes how may I help you?” He asked but with a tone void of sincerity or enthusiasm, it was clear that the clerk wasn't fond of his job and had the question hardwired onto his psyche. Aemon reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper, unfolded it handed it to the man. "Yes, I am just taking claim of this job" he let go of the paper and it fell to the desk of the clerk. Aemon then began to walk away to do his job. The clerk stood up and stared at Aemon’s back “sir! You have a death wish!?” Aemon heard this man’s statement and his stride came to a halt as he looked over his shoulder at the clerk sensing that the officer had more to say. As Aemon’s emerald colored eyes stayed locked on the man as he spoke “we lost one of our best officers when he went after the man by himself. What sort of chance does someone like you have on your own.!” His voice rose in volume and the dragon could sense that the man was upset by the notion of a man who wasn't an enforcer of the law going after this mass murderer alone. Aemon let out a sigh as he spun 180 degrees to face the officer "I won't make light of day your loss. This monster killed a lot of good people, your officer is included among the lost and for that you have my condolences. " he paused and had his gaze turned much more stern "but you decided to outsource to mages to deal with this particular problem of yours. " he paused and crossed his arms beforehand would continue "so underestimate the help you hire. Also I'll accept your apology when I bring this cold blooded murderer in" he said before shifting his attention to the door and exiting the building so he could scout out the docks ahead of time.

    Several hours had past the, the sun had fully set and full moon shined brightly over the town. Unlike in the afternoon the temperature dropped down low so it was a chilly afternoon especially by the docks, the closest location to the waterfront aside from the beach. Aemon had no idea when mr. Goodnight would strike or even if he would at this particular dock but unlike the ones he had scooped out this one had a few things about it. It's tallest dock used for freight and the like and had plenty of room underneath. The other thing that he noticed were the industrial eye hooks anchored into the beams that held the dock up. Aemon could just reach them but someone as tall as this Goodnight could, also hooks like this were typically used to hang stuff up and on a dock like this there was no need for something under the dock like that. "this guy had better show, I don't want to have to wait all night. " he said to himself. However as luck would have it he managed to hear the sound of something coming his way off on the sand. It sounded like something being dragged and he peaked out to see a large mountain of a man dragging a large bag behind him, typically this wouldn't raise much suspension but what did was the fact that something was moving in the back constantly pushing against it as if something or someone was trying to get out. As soon as the giant man went under the docks Aemon leaped from his hiding spot and ran towards the dock but before he reached it he activated his weapons factory and materialized his bow before ducking under the dock just in time to see the bald headed man hanging a girl up, he hands were shackled and connected to the eye hook by a chain. She was terrified as the man stood over her, dwarfing her in sheer size and height. The man had not noticed him nor the girl. He had his butchers knife in hand and was about to bring it down on the girl to cut on her but acting quicl Aemon took aim and fired a red arrow made from his own mana and shot the knife out of the hands of the killer. Both he and the girl looked over at him, one in surprise one with joy on her face "I don't think the lady would appreciate that very much. Why not make this easier on the both of us and just come in quietly before..." he was going to finish his sentence but Jacob pulled out a meet cleaver and tossed it Aemon as if it were a tomahawk, Aemon shot the cleaver out of the air with ease but it was followed up by the larger man swinging a meat hook at him which caught him off guard and hooked nearly hooked him but luckily he ducked his shoulder in time but managed to get a decent cut, would have been worse if he didn't have dragons skin. Jacob ha caught the hook end of the chain and looked to fling it at Aemon again but before he could he took aim and shot an arrow through then throwing shoulder stopping that in its tracks. "It's over Jacob. I'm taking you in. Don't make me take you down." He said to the man while holding the hole in his shoulder. Jacob remained silent but glared at Aemon, clear that he was angered by the Mage but before Aemon could take a step Jacob dug out his knife from the sand and threw it but at the restrained girl. Aemon shot the knife out of the way but this gave Jacob time to charge at Aemon knocking the bow out of his hand and lifting the Mage by his neck. “ I will put you to rest and then the girl” Aemon could feel the inhuman grip tighten around his throat. Aemon had no choice, it was kill or be killed so kill it was. Aemon’s bow dematerialized and in his hands he created the replicas of his two swords, Ailhbe and Ciara. He wasted no time, he brought his right hand upwards and sliced through Jacob’s right arm but my he elbow joint which severed his arm from his body. Aemon’s feet were on the ground and not giving Jacob any time to react to his dismembered arm the Mage from Eclipse Soul slashed through the man's abdominal area cutting through the man like he were butter making him drop to the ground with his blood staining the sand as he laid dying. Aemon checked his vitals and confirmed he was in fact dead. He walked over to the girl and freed her from her binds "Are you hurt? " he asked but the girl was too shaky to speak so Aemon pressed a finger to his lips "You don't need to speak here, I'll escort you to the station alright?" he asked her and received a nod as a response. He released his weapons and draped his shroud around the girl as he escorted her to the station.

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