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    To Earthland... and Beyond! [Private/Calico]


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    To Earthland... and Beyond! [Private/Calico] Empty To Earthland... and Beyond! [Private/Calico]

    Post by Calico 7th November 2015, 2:24 pm

    Calico was a little happier than someone going to get a passport should be. And why not? He finally got to use the train pass he received from the Oshibana mayor. He had used it to take the train from Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town and, as one would say, the best things in life was free and that train ride was no exception. it made him look almost cocky when he entered through the double glass doors to find a an astounding long line of people there for the same reason as he. His reason for wanting a passport, however, might have been much nobler. There was apparently trouble brewing in the nation of Joya and Fairy Tail had been contacted to help with their problem.

    The line of people separating Calico from the passport giver came as an accepted challenge that Calico could not deny. He viewed himself almost as a martyr for the Joya people: the man who waited in a long line in a heated room just to get to their nation and save the day! Calico might have been getting ahead of himself, but the odd line of thinking did at least encourage the man to be patient and wait in line. He had to admit, however, that choosing to wear his usual metal boots and bracers as well as his calico cotton pants and jacket probably was not the best thing to wear in an incredibly hot room. The heat generated almost made him feel like his was a hot seed being pressed through a fiery cotton gin. It did not matter though, for it was just another cross he had to carry in his "martyrdom." (He was willing to think anything to help keep himself enthusiastic through the unbelievable boredom accompanied with waiting in line).

    While Calico waited, he let his mind go astray and thought about the future job he had in mind, the one to Joya. The initial job notice posted on the Fairy Tail job notice board made mention of people from Pergrande. It made Calico wander whatever happened to the demon hunter from Pergrande he met on Galuna Island, Kosovo. The two had fought and Calico ultimately came out as the winner, but he ended up leaving a batter Kosovo out there in the jungle without a map or any medical supplies. The Fairy Tail mage shrugged it off and figured he was tough enough to find his way out of a jungle. He had that special whip anyway. Calico actually shivered when thought about Kosovo's whip. It was amazing he had not been cut in half from it.

    Calico was next in line before he knew it. He had to answer the usual questions that people had to, including his name, his guild, and his criminal history (short than you'd think). There was little fuss or scrutiny of Calico's answers and he was soon the proud owner of a sleek passport.

    "Thank you. Come again some time."

    "Haha, never."


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