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    Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail


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    Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail Empty Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail

    Post by Ethair on 1st November 2015, 11:14 pm

    Knotley Blackflower had just showed up at Magnolia Town, do to a note that was sent to here in mail say that the guild master of fairy tail wished for her to join. She preferred to be called Zolona due to personal reasons. So that had the reason for her to show up here but she had forgotten to map and wasn't sure where in Magnolia Town the guild was. Ugh, its gonna take forever to find that dam guild in this town. After she had sighed a few time, Zolona took off looking for the guild while knocking over stands, trash can, and other things that most wouldn't want spilled all over the ground. Chaos and destruction had always been really fun to her though out her whole life so far. Finally Zolona had found the guild after aimlessly wondering around and pissing off at lest three fourths of the town by knocking things all over the streets. Dam this place is huge! It sure would be fun to knock down. Hehehe! She had walked up to the front doors of the guild and flog the doors open while hearing all the noise from out side of the guild. Zolona had yell as loud as she could have, Where is your guild master!

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    Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail Empty Re: Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild on 1st November 2015, 11:25 pm

    It was another normal day at Fairy Tail. There were random fights happening, people taking jobs, and all around people having a good time. As normal Apollo was quietly reading in the Corner when the guild doors slammed open and someone had come in shouting for there Guild Master Apollo looked up from reading  his book on magical runes and sighed. "What did you do now Heero...."   He then sighed looking at his pocket watch shaking his head he shut it looking up at the girl "another energetic one..."  He then stood up shutting his book.   he set his book down then got up  straightening out his suit.  While the girl who had been yelling didn't request him he had a weird feeling she was here to join the guild...and no doubt Heero heard her.  With that he started to walk over to the girl. This actually has happened quite a bit before people coming in like this which ment good things for the most part.  He looked around the guild hall at the random fights happening and shook his head a little. as he got to the girl he gave a wave. "Hey,  My name is Apollo I came to help you find our master he sure to be around here somewhere...whats your name?" He smiled at the girl wondering what she was like and if her magic reflected that.  Though Apollo had just met her he was sure she was going to fit in around here just fine.


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    Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail Empty Re: Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail

    Post by Julius Seas on 1st November 2015, 11:59 pm

    Julius was sitting at a table with a glass of water. Julius still didn't got over with what happened in Crocus. And sitting in a crowded guild sure was not going to help him either but Julius thought that being with others was better then sitting in his house the whole day. Julius never wants to experienced with what happened in Crocus ever again. A man almost killed himself because of Julius. *sigh* Maybe a good laugh can cheer me up... And as soon Julius said that the doors of the guild hall swung open. A girl that Julius never had seen before came walking through. *gasp* an new member! Fairy Tail is sure getting crowded for the last couple of days! Julius saw that a other member in a suit was walking to the girl. It was Apollo Julius new him by name but didn't know him very well. Julius stood up and walked toward the newcomer. Julius stood up and putted on his blue pirate coat. Hi Apollo-san are you also saying hi to the newcomer? Julius grabbed the hands of the girl and began shaking the very fast up and down. Hi! My name is Julius Seas! What is your name?! Where do you come from?! What kind of magic do you use!? Julius uses water magic!


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    Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail Empty Re: Path of Destruction Leading to Fairy Tail

    Post by Haru-senpai on 2nd November 2015, 12:08 pm

    Downstairs in the Library; Garfield his Exceed went through all the paperwork. Heero himself being to...himself to manage it.

    "It looks like Zero and Julius are racking up bills for destruction again!" Garfield would swish his tail as he continued to read. "And here's the hospital bills for Nyk and Gamon putting their opponents in...bad conditions!!!"

    The camera would shift to a pair of boots, slightly untied and then zoom up a pair of black loose black pants with a set of chains wrapped around the right leg. A long white shirt, open and revealing his abs as usual. He would simply wave his right arm, which was covered in bandaged except for his fingers at the orange cat.

    "Yeah, yeah. Pay it off." Heero said to no one in particular, as he looked up. The library here...it seemed to go on forever. "Wait..how much are those bills..." Garfield gave him a look that said 'you don't wanna know' as the Exceed moved em too the 'paid' pile. Heero sweatdropped, but remembered that he'd racked up....some crazy ones himself over the years at Fairy Tail, even as a kid.

    Something caused his ear to wiggle, as someone yelled the word Guildmaster upstairs. His Slayer hearing went off. As Garfield hopped on his head.

    A blur as the air would shake behind everyone literally went off. Heero was behind the young lady.

    Now leaning on a pillar. With an orange Exceed on his head.

    "I see, you got my letters." Heero would continue leaning for a moment before standing up. "Energy Magic, Julius...." Heero would put one hand on his hip, standing at the front doors of the Guild with everyone else in front of him now. "A pretty good Energy wizard too---if the reports were right..." he'd gotten interested when reading reports of an Energy wizard who had amazing skill, but was hard to track down. How his letters reached her; he would not ask. Standing with his open shirt, he would cross his arms and walk right up to her. Standing a little taller than her he would get close, and look down.

    A sweatdrop would drop over Heero's head as he tried to read her up close and personal.

    "Yes, I think you'll do nicely! Welcome to Fairy Tail!" orange the cat on his head would sparkle comically after a shot of Zolona's rack, hips, and body from behind was shown on camera. Heero would facepalm at the cat on his head. "What you know you were thinking it too!" in truth, he was resisting the urge to sparkle and go for his normal womanizing ways. Because he was still thinking about a few other things at the moment. Like---

    "So, I see you've made it......and pissed off a few people outside it sounds like." Heero changed subjects mid sentence as he heard something behind him out the Front Doors, as obviously on the way here Zolona had caused a bit of trouble. It was funny, because the people of Magnolia actually loved and looked up to Fairy Tail who protected their hometown above all from the evils of the world. Magnolia enjoyed relative peace in a world of chaos thanks to the power and might of Fairy Tail--at the same time if anything crazy happened...it was probably their fault. "Well, let's take a walk." he would nod to her once and them moved past her with his hands in his pockets heading downstairs to the pool.

    The pool was the size of a football field and like any indoor pool the sounds of laughter and splashing echoed about; stretching out in front of them in wondrous marble pillars and decor. The wall literally had waterfalls pouring from marble in places.

    Stepping up to the edge, and nodding for her to join him he asked her one question as she looked at her reflection next to his.

    "What do you see?" he asked her over the sound of people splashing and playing off in the distance.


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