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    Valkyrie Requip || Tyriel's Secondary Magic


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    Valkyrie Requip || Tyriel's Secondary Magic

    Post by Kariline on 27th October 2015, 10:52 pm

    Username: Tyriel

    Secondary Magic Name: Valkyrie Requip

    Evidence of Accomplishment: (insert link to training thread)


    Requip is a magic that utilizes storing weapons and armor in a extradimensional space, and calling upon them whenever needed.
    Tyriel is capable of Requip by enhancing a technique her Archive magic provides her. She has trained and is able to requip items she has prepared before hand to suit her needs in battle. Using her dearest friend Hakurou, she provides a ultimate technique using her requip known as The Valkyrie.
    Her Requip specializes in sword, shield and Lance/Spear uses. By training with her Mentor and Guildmaster Ardere, she is capable of fighting with these items appropriately.
    To set Valkyrie Requip aside from normal Requip magic, because she scans and manipulates each item into her Archive magic, she is able to output the same weapon multiple times. So if it is lost or broken, she is able to create another. This however takes an extreme amount of magical energy and can only be performed so many times.

    :: She has mastered using her Requip and is able to summon her weapons and armor almost instantly and on her person's anytime.

    :: If she breaks a weapon or loses it she is able to reproduce it ( This takes a full rank of MP )

    :: Offensive and Defensive capabilities, such as a sword, lance; and Shield and Armor


    :: Can only re-Requip so many broken items, not infinite.

    :: Her Requip is Melee based, so long ranged is difficult

    :: Magical Weapons and Shields can only block magic spells Equal rank or below


    :: Tyriel is able to Requip anything she has prepared, so if it's extra clothes, so be it. Or even a pen she needs. This can come in handy especially if she has alot prepared for just in case.

    :: Tyriel is able to have more than one item equipped at a time. This costs no extra MP other than the initial energy required for the Requip.


    Armor & Ragnarok:

    D-Rank Spell Name: Rider's Armor

    Rank: D

    Duration: 3 posts

    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Type: Defensive

    Description: Rider's Armor is a magical armor suit that gives Tyriel a speed boost.
    This armor makes her extremely light, and therefore gives her the ability to move at a 50% speed boost. Because is makes her lighter, if she is riding Hakurou, he also increases in speed, but only 15%.

    :: Tyriel is able to preform at a 50% speed increase
    :: Her armor is durable enough to withstand 2 D Rank of Damage
    :: The speed boost is implied with walking, running, swimming, climbing, fighting ect.

    :: No Offensive Capabilities at all
    :: Short Duration
    :: Does not improve the damage of offensive attacks, just the speed at which they are performed.
    :: It's quite possible for Tyriel to run out of stamina, seeing as how it doesn't make it any easier to move, just feel's that way.

    C-Rank Spell Name: Ragnarok

    Rank: C

    Duration: 4 posts

    Cooldown: 5 posts

    Type: Offensive

    Ragnarok is the name of Tyriel's Spear. It is about 5 meters in length and tapered at one end. The red color is from the material's it is made out of, which hold no special properties. Ragnarok's special capability is flight. She is able to throw it at a desired target and it is capable of hitting the target up to 60 meters. It flies at 85 meters per second, so it is rather hard to dodge.

    :: Causes C & 1/2 C rank damage. The extra damage is due to being thrown as such a high velocity.
    :: If Tyriel needs to, she can create another to throw.
    :: Can be paired with her Rider Armor, so if fighting in close combat she can block and attack faster.

    :: If thrown and missed, it takes one full post to recreate another spear.
    :: Can be picked up and used by opponents
    :: If fighting close combat, the flight capabilities are useless
    :: It is possible to miss her target, and its possible for the path of the spear to be disrupted
    :: Can be broken by 1 B rank of damage

    B-Rank Spell Name: Valkyrie's Wings
    Rank: B
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Type: Supportive
    Description: Valkyrie's Wings are feathered wings that are a set add on to her Rider's Armor. They give her the ability of flight. With these wings, she is capable of flight at least up to 220 meters, and at speeds of 120 mph, which is calculated with the 50% speed increase due to Rider's Armor. Alone, they are only able to produce speeds at 70 mph.
    Keep in mind that the flight speed is at max velocity. At initial take off she can only move at 20 meters a second.

    :: Tyriel can fly for the complete duration of the Spell
    :: Can be paired with not only Rider's Armor, but Ragnarok as well
    :: Can be equipped in midair, so in case she is falling

    :: No particular offensive or Defensive capabilities by themselves
    :: Takes 1 A rank damage to break them
    :: Even with Rider's Armor speed boost, she still is rather slow up close
    :: Can not fly her above 220 meters and has a short duration

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