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    Blue Pegasus VS The Syndicate


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    Re: Blue Pegasus VS The Syndicate

    Post by Nimbus on Thu 28 Jan - 9:50

    Shuhei hung tightly on to the helm, pulling desperately to keep it facing towards the Island. Even with his Dragon Slayer strength, it was difficult to keep the bitch straight. All sails were loose and the ship was accelerating, and Shuhei was left with no means of slowing it down as it headed directly for the side of the stone giant. "Come on Girl!" Shuhei shouted, as he pulled with all his might to turn to wheel. Little did he know, there was debris clogging the rudder, preventing it from turning and to no avail, Shuhei continued to pull desperately to save his ship. All hope seemed lost, and the thought of abandoning ship crossed the White Wizard's mind, to his displeasure, it seemed like the only option available to him.

    Suddenly, an explosion shook the sky! The side of the airship boarded by Akryn Motomiji had exploded outward, generating a strong shockwave that gusted over the island like a Hurricane force wind. The blast caught the sails of the Saving Goddess, tightening the sails and snapping ropes and best of all, blew the debris from the rudder. All of the sudden the helm turned rapidly and the Saving Goddess swooped above the stone Giant, surfing the shockwave over the behemoth. "Woah!" The sudden burst of speed, threw Shuhei back on to his rear and he looked back over the stern of the ship to see the stone giant behind them. Though relieved, he hadn't landed yet.

    His destination had been overshot, and the sudden shockwave dismantled Shuhei's quick repairs to the ship, the main mast, toppling over causing the ship to descend very rapidly over the forest, beyond the resort's beach. The hull of the ship scraped against the tree tops and continued to descend, paving a large path through the forest, snapping tree trunks, debris flying over the bow and past Shuhei. Finally the ship touched land and dirt rooster tailed in to the air as the ship slid to a full stop at the very edge of a cliff on the opposite side of the island. When all was still, Shuhei took a breath. "That's all the excitement I need for today..."



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    Re: Blue Pegasus VS The Syndicate

    Post by Akryn on Sat 30 Jan - 22:14

    The massive, burning air ship smashed, unobstructed, into the island. The damage was catastrophic, with the massive, burning, spear of a vessel gouging a long crater into the island, bits and pieces of burning debris snapping off to roll off in random directions, leaving their own little trails of destruction, fires erupting across the islands buildings, the palm trees bursting into flames, ocean water pouring into the torn trench in the island. The massive vessel came to a halt finally, the metal on the vessel glowing a vibrant orange, fires roaring across the vessel.

    Somewhere among the burning rubble, a massive piece of debris was shifted and then thrown aside, a tall, muscular man, his skin and hair turned to ivory shaded diamond, but blood still leaking from a wound just above his right eye. He stumbled forward, out of the wreckage that had once been his ship, positively stunned by what had just happened. This airship had been designed to level this entre island and announce the return of the Syndicate! And the entire thing had been blown to bits and oblivion by some fleet footed b rank wizard??? He couldn't believe it, he was positively stunned, and terrified as well. Doflamingo would not be pleased at all.

    "What the hell was that?" Came a voice behind the man of diamond, Vergo. Vergo turned around to look upon Diamante, the tall man with the big grin and the cape. His cape was gone now, as was his hat, with blood caking his long hair and the side of his face, and his left arm hanging limply at his side, the shirt burned away from that arm and shoulder, though his sword was still in hand. "How the hell did he do that? Did he do that?" Diamante asked as he stumbled from the wreckage, almost falling and being caught by Vergo. "Vergo......what the hell? What just happened?" Diamante asked, almost in a panic as the two of them turned to look over the wreckage, before slowly making their way through the rubble. Dead Syndicate soldiers, pieces of a magical armory, blood, wire, enough steel to arm a small nation. All that remained of their once proud vessel.

    As the two rounded a corner, passing a particularly jagged piece of metal that was acting as a wall, they would spot something that would interest them both. Mach-vise, their partner, stomping on a pan who was pinned under the rubble. Akryns entire right arm was crushed between two pieces of metal, holding him just below the shoulder. A big red and white boot was currently pressed against his rib cage as Mach-vise, beard covering his beard from a broken nose and mutilated face, took out his frustrations on the wounded, and somewhat defenseless, Akryn.....


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    Re: Blue Pegasus VS The Syndicate

    Post by Rosetta Crawford on Sun 31 Jan - 15:53

    Zack saw the ship descending but even with all his might and the might of Tikaani diverting such a large object was beyond them. At best he could of mitigated the destruction by erasing parts of the ship with strong spells. However, his body was weary from the fight with mr.exploding boogers and he didn't want to waste any more magic. All he could do was save as many as he could. He focused and flew off at high speed grabbing as many people as he could and carrying them as far away from the debris zone as possible. Even with that he was barely able to save more than a few dozen. He fell to his knees as he saw the ship crash into the ground. Yes, the second god of ishval and current guildmaster of Blue Pegasus fell to his knees and wept. He wasn't strong enough or fast enough to save everyone. So many had died, so many families would be torn apart. Yet he had been powerless to save many.

    A young woman walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't cry Zack...you did your best. Nobody could of done better." she said calmly and soothingly. "You saved dozens of lives today. Without you even more would of died. It is not your fault they died. It is the fault of the men who owned that airship." Those last words caused Zack to rise to his feet slowly the black from his clothing fading to white. The black of his hair fading to white. The black of his eyes fading to white and the white to black. Eclipse Zack had awoken and he was not in the best of moods.

    "You're right miss. Those Syndicate bastards are the ones responsible. I think its time I went and evened up the score." he said and then flew off at high speed towards the airship. Surely some of the syndicate would be there. He was just in time to see a few people enter and he followed behind them compressing his magic power as greatly as possible. Eventually he caught up with them to see a man kicking and stomping on Akryn. "Now that just ain't right. Ya never kick a man when he's down." Zack said blurring past the two syndicate members standing there and smashing his fists into the side of machvise's face. "Up you get Akryn. No lazing about. We've got some baddies to kill."

    Eclipse Zack was rather different to regular Zack. He was more playful and less merciful. Not the best combination for a H rank mage who in this form got pissed off very easily. Yes, the syndicate big wigs now had a rather different fight on their hands. Akryn was powerful and skilled, but he used mostly brute force from what Zack had seen. Zack on the other hand was fast and had a lot of variety in his magic and in this form he wouldn't hesitate to use every trick he had. He wasn't the type to plan ahead was this Zack. He also didn't fight fair.

    As if to demonstrate this he suddenly seemed to drop through the floor and then came up suddenly with a powerful uppercut to the nutsack of the non-diamond looking guy.


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    Re: Blue Pegasus VS The Syndicate

    Post by Akeya on Sun 31 Jan - 20:41

    Akeya was pretty glad that she was in her shadow form while the ship crashed, so she didn't have to deal with the trouble the physical world had to handle when it crashed and smashed right into the island, spreading chaos and uncontrolled destruction without restraint or regret. The half dragon kept flying towards the ship, or rather its crash site. Akryn had been in there when it had been falling down, and while he was a tough nut to crack even he wasn't built to escape such a catastrophic event unscathed. That was more Akeya's thing, but that was because instead of just matching her own strength against that which opposed her she was more inclined to use her powers to evade a direct confrontation. It was a lot more efficient and had more chance of success as well. Granted, a lot of people were more impressed by displays of raw power than being able to be sneaky and tricky, but the only people whose opinion mattered to Akeya were those who could recognize her approach as a display of pure skill and appreciate it instead of complaining that she hadn't just thrown all her power straight against her opponent without any finesse like some braindead idiot.

    Unlike Zack, the half dragon had neither bothered trying to save people from the disaster, nor did she feel sad or even regretful about their deaths. They were people she knew nothing of, who had no connection with her at all, and thus had given no reason for her to care about them. Even when she was still a human she was already indifferent about the lives of others, which was partially due to her being a trained assassin and partially just estrangement (growing up in a village where everybody counted as your family had resulted in Akeya seeing everybody from outside the village as not being her family, i.e. unimportant). Now that she was a half dragon, and becoming more draconic with each passing day, she cared even less about humans she didn't know about than before. Her mind was already nearly fully draconic, so if there were any dragons involved in the incident she would most likely be a bit more worried. As it was she was mostly thinking about how this would affect their mission. That ship was owned by the very people that Blue Pegasus had come to chase away from the island. Or in Akeya's case, eliminate. She wasn't much for scaring actual threats away. That just meant they could come back later. However while the stronger enemies most likely had survived chances were low that most of the many people that had been on that ship had survived the crash. Mage or no, having such a large ship smash right into the island without warning or protective measures could get you killed very easily. Only the strongest could take such an impact and roll with it. Akeya was fairly sure that a good part of the people on the ship were now dead, which meant she could focus on taking care of the actually dangerous ones.

    And of course Akryn. He was the last member of her team, since all the others had either left, disappeared, or died. She at least acknowledged him as a useful companion whose company she preferred over that of most humans, since he at least took his training seriously and didn't try to look down on her for her draconic heritage, even if his training was more about brute prowess than delicate and refined skill. That was just his style, and since he at least took it seriously Akeya could still respect him from that. But now she'd have to make sure that he was still alive after that. She could see that Zack was also heading for the crashed ship, and he looked quite angry. In fact he looked so angry that he wasn't himself any longer, his magic looking like it had somehow inverted itself. It was probably better to stay out of his way. Akeya didn't believe that Zack would actually attack his own allies even when angry, but when such a powerful mage was this agitated there was usually some collateral damage involved in what happened next, regardless of whether it was caused willingly or not. Even if Zack had managed to contain that much magic energy within that body of his didn't mean that if he was too angry it couldn't burst out and wreak havoc.

    Although once again unlike Zack, Akeya wasn't planning to just face her new opponents head on. First she had to observe the situation. Moving in Zack's wake Akeya used her own methods for disguising herself combined with Zack's far more dominating presence to ensure that all the eyes would be on her guild master, leaving her free to sneak around and see what the best move would be now. Because really, what kind of person would bother looking at shadows when they had somebody like a pissed off Zack to deal with? The half dragon went flat onto the ground once close enough, hiding inside Zack's shadow as he moved forwards, until they reached the location where Akryn had landed, where it looked like the strongest mages on the Syndicate's side had gathered. And weren't happy with her team mate, seeing how one of them had been stomping on his arm before Zack came and interrupted him rather rudely. Now that Zack had drawn their attention Akeya could plan her next move.

    Her choices so far seemed to consist of trying to quickly kill one of the enemies present, or get Akryn out of the way. Unlike what Zack was demanding of him the half dragon doubted that Akryn was in a proper state to fight right now. If he still had his eye (which she had thrown back at him once she no longer needed it) it shouldn't take too long to heal him. Otherwise he would have to stay out of the fight for a while. The assassination approach only had two options: the large man with the cape, who Zack had just punched from below on the chin, or the fat one who had been stomping on Akryn's incapacitated body. The third one was out of the question because he looked like he had some kind of full-body protection thing going on, and one which didn't have gaps for Akeya to exploit. And the other two didn't look like very good targets either: Zack was busy with both of them, the fat one made it difficult to actually hit any vital points because he was just too damn fat, and the other had a large cape which would obscure his vital points as well. He was still the best candidate, but Akeya would have to wait until after Zack was done hitting him. Which meant she was probably better off taking care of Akryn. Luckily she had just the thing here.

    Sneaking forwards as a shadow Akeya approached Akryn, then made a signal with one hand, after which two white eyes appeared in Akryn's shadow. Akryn would feel himself slowly sinking into the darkness, at the same time as he would hear Akeya whisper in his ear as she used her magic to turn herself invisible for the moment as she waited for Korikami to finish his job:

    "Don't resist. Korikami is swallowing you so we can get you healed and you can return to the fight. Where is your healing eye?"

    If Akryn didn't resist and the enemies didn't catch onto what was happening Korikami would then disappear together with Akryn, the half dragon following her shadow fox away from the fight that was undoubtedly going to break out next. If they did notice or Akryn was stubborn for some reason Akeya would have to think of something else she could do, and fast.


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