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Fairy Tail United


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Fairy Tail United Empty Fairy Tail United

Post by Sogeki on 16th October 2015, 7:03 pm

Fairy Tail United OzqBKHM

New Site Grand Opening
A non-canon fairy tail based rpg site. We are a new site and are celebrating our grand opening, we are asking all of you to join this wonderful site. As a site who is just growing, we expect to have participating and active members to have a better experience and together help this site become your home. Here, we are a family. Here we are united.

  • Supportive and Active Staff
  • A Friendly and Welcoming Environment
  • Interesting Systems
  • Races and Lineages
  • Custom Magic
  • Plenty of Guild Options
  • And with you, we hope to have much more!
  • Also Check out our Grand Opening and Advertising Event.

Join us and be part of this new community.



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