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    This Bank has a Wolfe in it!!


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    This Bank has a Wolfe in it!! Empty This Bank has a Wolfe in it!!

    Post by Wolfe 16th October 2015, 6:54 pm

    WIP- just reminder notes right now.

    Custom Lineage: coming soon
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t10202p325-the-trading-hub , post #350)


    Intended Multipart Weapon:
    using slots: Artifact Weapon, Artifact Item, and Legendary Weapon


    Artifact Weapon: coming soon
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t16212-burner-the-great#193424)
    This is now been traded to a Artifact Item
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14651p825-the-armory#315045) page 34 post 838)

    Artifact Weapon: Traded for extra Signature Spell
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14651p775-the-armory#305945) page 32 post 788)
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14653p475-magic-shop?nid=50#306040) page 20 post 489)

    Legendary+ Weapon: coming soon
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14819-my-weapon#178858)
    (evidence of upgrade: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14651p100-the-armory#195386) page 5 post 107)

    Weapon Substitutions:
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14653p475-magic-shop#305941) page 20 post 486)
    This will end Wolfe with the following Slots:
    Strong Slots: 0
    Legendary Slots: 2
    Artifact Slots: 2
    Strong Slots: 2
    Legendary Slots: 1
    Artifact Slots: 2


    Magic Items:
    Legendary+ Item: Coming soon
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t15596-the-cursed-mask#187165)

    Slots Used
    Weapon- art, leg+
    Item- art(soon), leg+


    Loki: blah
    (bought Legendary for him, havent upgraded him yet...)
    (evidence: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14656p25-the-pet-shop#192657) page 2 post 36)

    Pet Items:


    Character Sheet: Wolfe Raijin
    Magic Sheet: Cursed Lightning Magic
    Pet: Loki

    This Bank has a Wolfe in it!! QO55HpX

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