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    Nagato Namikaze Secondary Magic Training (Private)


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    Nagato Namikaze Secondary Magic Training (Private) Empty Nagato Namikaze Secondary Magic Training (Private)

    Post by Pein on 11th October 2015, 7:18 pm

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    The portal in front of the black haired blue eyed mage swirled and contained a huge amount of magical energy and seemed to suck him in. His body and face were covered with a black cloak with the hood up, but it was safe to say under he wore a black tracksuit, and black boots, as they were his usual outfit. The white scarf tied around his neck also was visible. Grabbing it, the mage pulled it over his face, covering his mouth and nose. With a deep breath, he stepped forward. In an instant his body felt inflamed and pain caused him to scream in horror. He was moving at a ridiculously fast speed, surrounded by white magical energy that would cause H-Rank wizards to fall to their knees. His body felt tugged in multiple directions causing the painful screams to grow. Then, everything went black.


    His eyes opened slowly as his body was still in pain. He could feel the rocky ground below him, as the mage sat up and groaned. The traveling to a far away planet was something he would not recommend be done casually and daily. His body felt on fire and his bones felt as if they were being forcibly pulled in a position they should not be pulled in.

    Getting up, he wiped the dirt that found a home on his black cloak. He was one the planet Nazo, a planet where he heard one could be thrown into an alternate dimension. He was on top of a hill; that had a sole tree that called the hill home. The place looked so familiar. Walking to the edge, Nagato looked down. A small intimate village was shown. It radiated a comforting family feel. Smiling, tears began to rapidly roll down the mage's face as he looked down at the village. A small gust of wind blew his hood down, revealing a handsome Rune Knight known for possessing a personality that often questioned the way the world was runned. He bawled like a baby, and his tears were do sadness and happiness.

    He, Nagato Namikaze, was finally home.



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