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    Memories As Sweet As Candy [Open-Leaving/Death Thread]


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    Memories As Sweet As Candy [Open-Leaving/Death Thread]

    Post by --Cookie__ on 7th October 2015, 8:29 pm

    I don't want to go!
    don't let me go!

    The girl’s voice caught in her throat another time. It sounded greatly unpleasant, like that of a dying reptile. She didn’t care at the moment, she couldn’t care less about it right now. Her attention was focused on those around her- those she had become familiar with yet.. Never knew at all. It broke her heart that she hadn’t become a familiar sight to them all before her time had come. The magic that held her slender form together, what made her, was disappearing. It had held on so long, longer than she thought possible. But now, little of her legs were left that the black chunks of floating material just kept climbing, higher and higher, taking more and more of her with it. She could do nothing but accept it.

    As her lids slowly slid over her eyes, revealing the brilliant orbs that seemed to shine with a sort of wetness. She couldn’t see very well at this point, her insides tearing apart. Before long, she wouldn’t be able to speak or even think so she wanted to get this out quickly. Her trembling lips cracked open, voice floating out with a sense of shaky confidence. It shook and trembled with every word yet she stood strong- her classic smile still covering her fear. She was terrified- she didn’t want to go, not yet. “I-I.. I..” As she stuttered out the single syllable, a clear liquid that seemed mixed with flakes slid down her cheeks- she broke. “M-My name is Ku.. Kukki Yamamoto! I’ve been here for longer than I can re.. Re.. Remember..” Her voice faltered near the end of her sentence, breaking fingers clawing at the thin cloth that covered her. She’d miss her jacket- the bright color, the feeling of the smooth fabric.

    Breathing in deeply, she could feel her artificial lungs crack and creak, each little pixel holding them together disappearing- “I.. I’m going to miss this p-p-place.. I’m.. I’m going to miss every.. Everyone to!” Her grin widened subtly, hands now gone as she hugged herself with cracking arms- continuing. “I lo-love this place so much- I wish.. Wish I could’ve stayed longer!” She couldn’t see anymore- no longer. It was just darkness and her entire body trembled in fear. She didn’t want to leave yet! She wanted to stay longer!

    By now, her body was transparent, barely visible almost; but the flashes of black that swirled into the air above her were as vibrant as ever. Oh what could she do now. Her shoulders sagged as a soft whimper vibrated through her chest, a gasp of pain and shock soon following. “But.. Everything has to disappear.. Right?” The girl’s voice clearly painted the picture that she was trying her hardest to stay strong- despite the pain that radiated through her body as it crumbled into the air and the pain that tugged and tore at her heart at the fact that she wouldn’t see them anymore. They’d forget about her. She would never have existed. Her voice stood steady this last time, yet the tears that were black with her own body now continued to slide down her cheek and drip onto the floor beneath her.

    Lifting her remaining arm, it shook and twitched harshly as she reached forward, the last bits of her hands falling to the air beneath it in a flurry of black’s and blues. She couldn’t see them, she couldn’t hear them now. Where were they? She didn’t want to be alone her, she wanted to stay! DON’T LET HER LEAVE! But she was gone. It was with a final twitch, the final flicker of her blue glow before her entire shattering form disappeared. All that was left was a hovering gather of blues, whites, and black flakes. Each radiating a soft heat, a subtle hum and a disappearing presence. Kukki was gone now. She was no longer. The remaining floating pieces of her melted and molded into a small cube, each part a different shade of brilliant hues. Was this all that was left? It hummed and sang, falling to the cold floor beneath it. The sound it made would resonate within the silence, a single glowing name on the top. ‘Kissos’. It was the name of someone Kukki found great fun in- someone she could share her love of sweets with and the one person she could leave what was left of herself with.

    When touched, the cube would hold a small, moving picture. A waving hand. Then a torso and then a face. The face of the one who just disappeared. An amplified voice would resonate throughout the air, “Hey Ivy! I.. I miss everyone already. But- this is my goodbye because I hadn’t given you a proper one before that. Could.. Could you tell everyone else that I loved our time together?” The familiar face would smile softly into the video, her brows creased. “My candy stashes are placed underneath the tables of the guild hall- there’s also a few on the ceiling that you might wanna get. Also! Tell Annora- I wish her luck as the new Guild Master..!” Her voice was cheer-filled, the corners of her lips curled upward as if she was truly happy. “I’m gunna miss you.. Tell Ama that whatever sweets you want from his store will be paid in full whenever he wants- it’ll be at his doorstep. Enjoy yourself, Ivy- Keep up being that cute deadly mage I knew!” A finger was waggled at the screen, obscuring anyway to see her face. When it fell away, her smile flickered through the blue hued screen. If you focused staring at it, you could see a small, silvery glint slide down the edges of her cheeks yet her smile never moved. “Don’t forget me, Ivy.. I’ll always be here-“ The woman’s hand moved from being limp at her side to sliding over the spot where a real heart should be. A broken laugh hummed through the frail speakers of the cube afterwards, “Yet I doubt you’d take something like that to heart- I’m going to miss you all. now this is my goodbye! This cube that you touched, Ivy- will never disappear. It’s the only permanent part of me. I want you to take care of it but you can do whatever you want with it, I’m leaving it to you. Goodbye!” With that last, single word, the small screen would disappear with a sharp noise. The shinning hues would fade, making the cube look dull. Yet- it would constantly stay warm, a faint heat emitting from the surface of it. This is my goodbye~

    //I’ll miss Kukki.. And this guild! I promise to throw another character into this guild at some point! Take care of BF- Riley! <3
    -With love, Cookie <33 - keeping C


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    Re: Memories As Sweet As Candy [Open-Leaving/Death Thread]

    Post by Shipping Goddess on 8th October 2015, 1:25 pm

    Ivy, having been being perfectly calm today, was not expecting what was to happen. The young child was coping with Elijah being gone, still depressed but now being a bit more open to the new guild master, even though she didn't exactly like having a new one. This was a problem, as all the work she put in for Elijah was just fading away, without use, it was effort to a lost cause. She tried her hardest to have Elijah notice her, at least acknowledge her, she didn't want to be praised or anything, but before that could happen he left, and this brought a certain dislike to a certain new guild master, although she didn't express this out loud.

    The child was playing with a ball, in the corner she was always in. Bouncing the ball off the wall, adoring the pictures that she had laying around, as she drew often. The ball, bouncing and all took her mind off of everything, until she heard a familiar voice. Stopping the ball from bouncing, she turned her head, she heard the beginning of Kukki's monologue, seeing the woman begin to slowly fade away. Ivy got up, and quickly rushed over to Kukki, trying to grab her attention, although she didn't seem to be getting any response. "Kukki, don't tell me you're leaving too. Elijah just left, you can't leave also!" she was getting no response, and Kukki just continued to speak. She apparently didn't even notice the young pink-haired girl in front of her, not seeing nor hearing, and this began to make Ivy frantic. Even with Ivy reaching out to grab the wrist of the fellow mage, it was futile. Kukki Yamamoto dissipated, she was gone. This brought the child's eyes to be filled with anger, first Elijah, then Kukki. The only two members whom Ivy had actually connected with, gone. Clenching her fists, Ivy was about to go into a blind rage, that is until something strange occured.

    All of the bits of blue, black, and white all began to mold themselves together, into a small shape. A cube, which fell to the floor, making a small noise as it hit it. It hummed, and Ivy saw a single word on the top of it, no more than 1 small name. Kissos. This was her surname, Ivy's last name was Kissos. Was it directed to her? No one knows, but Ivy picked up the small cube, and then Kukki - nay, a hologram of sorts that was Kukki's "soul," porsay, appeared. It took the form of a prerecorded message, or was it made at the moment? Ivy didn't know anything about this small cube, but the message it projected brought tears to the young mage's eyes. For the first time in her short life, Ivy Kissos cried. The message told it in truth, Kukki Yamamoto was dead, gone, whatever a being like herself would call the human death. Ivy took a moment to sob, weeping over her friend, the one member of the guild she had actual fun with. Elijah and she connected with one another, but Kukki was the only one to play, to hang out, to want to be near Ivy. After the message was done, Ivy almost threw the cube from rage, not because Kukki left her, but instead because Kukki was gone. Much like death, whatever it was Kukki experienced just now was inescapable, but this fact alone brought Ivy to rage, but then the thought dawned upon her.

    She couldn't throw this, it was the last of her, the last of miss Yamamoto, the only thing that remained. There was no way Ivy could chuck this across the room, she had to keep it, in memory. Although it brought sadness to her, unlike Elijah Ivy actually had something to remember Kukki by. Elijah would eventually only become a story, a thing of the past, those who are new won't even know he existed. Kukki would be the same, she'd be gone, a memory, however Ivy would make sure that Kukki didn't disappear to herself, she herself was the only one that she could control. As the only one who had fun with the small demon slayer, Ivy owed it to her. Walking back over to her corner, and wiping the tears from her eyes and face, Ivy set down the cube next to her once she sat, and smiled at it. "Every part of you is permanent, remember that Kukki." This was the last that she said, before grabbing the ball once again. She was going to bounce it once more, but instead stopped herself, and set it down. She'd need some time.

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