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    Get the Chicken!


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    Get the Chicken! Empty Get the Chicken!

    Post by MorpheusDavol on 7th October 2015, 2:45 pm

    Another interesting mission that just seemed to want Hayden to pursue some type of large gigantic chicken that had escaped from a farmer fence line. It was a rather amusing read to be frank about the whole matter but that didn’t take away from the importance to return the chicken safely to the farmer, whose livelihood depended on the success of this mission. ‘Hope I don’t end up trying to eat it’ he thought to himself with a slight chuckle to himself as he removed the job from the bulletin board with a yawn offering a wave to some of his companions before departing out the door to head to the train station. He had a feeling this was going to be an interesting few days to come, at the very least he would get some money for this relatively simple job and if he failed… well dinner.

    The train trip was uneventful as always mostly spent with Hayden eyes watching the passing by scenery alone, something he felt he was doing more and more everyday. ‘By the gods.. I need a team this is getting ridiculous,’ the lone swordsman thought to himself before letting out a sigh as his chin rested against the palm of his hand idly. Perhaps in the coming future he would find himself some team may be up and comers like himself that had a drive for something- a genuine dream to accomplish and path of freedom taken just as their guild preached.
    As Hayden arrived in Clover town he quickly rushed to the farmer location that was indicated on the paper, his eyes scanning the town for what might be the area. It took him a hour or so to finally pinpoint the location arriving to meet a middle aged bald man who through the panic in his eyes was his client. The man was a stout person but his calloused hands like Hayden indicated he was a working man, someone who had been doing it for many years and hopefully many years to come. His voice was strained and tired either from the previous work of today or the lack of sleep he was getting over the chicken matter- it was his main source of income.

    “Thank you, Thank you so much the whole chicken thing has been wearing on my nerves- forgive me would you like anything?” The man asked clearly trying to make a good impression on the male, Hayden simply shaking his head with a small smile. It was always good to show some comfort for the clients they were after all paying him.

    “No I’m fine thank you, I just wanted to ask where you might think the chicken might be.” He told the man who nodded quickly. “Yes.. it may have went into the woods behind my house wondering- it’s not the brightest…:” The farmer sighed shaking his head to which Hayden thanked him for before departing for the woods, best to lure the beast in for now.

    After some hours of collecting the favorite mix of food of the bird as instructed and provided by the farmer, Hayden had set up a hidden cage within a tree set to drop as soon as they bird would begin to eat the food which would cause it to step on a robe to release the trap. He had been waiting for roughly two hours before he saw the rather.. large… bird coming from the tree line squawking idly before shuffling over to the food. When the farmer said it was dumb by the gods was it dumb, even as the trap fell it kept eating it’s food making one wonder just how did the farmer managed to lose such a dumb bird. None the less he went to fetch the man who eyes bulged with joy at the sight quickly handing Hayden the money and thanking him repeatedly which Hayden waved off. With that he would depart from the area reboarding the nearest train back home!

    As he road the train back a single thought began to cross his mind, something along the lines of needing a team. While it was good and all collecting the money for just himself he knew to reach the peak of this guild he would need friends, people he could not only have loyalty with but trust and friendship something he valued deeply but due to that value that it held to him. Yet, he knew that with some guildmates he saw the potential for great friendships things that could extend life times.. provided they survived that long in this harsh world.

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