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    To earthland and Beyond [solo]


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    To earthland and Beyond [solo] Empty To earthland and Beyond [solo]

    Post by MorpheusDavol 6th October 2015, 7:46 pm


    By gods and demons above and below the lines were long to say the least, that was even a understatement as Hayden watched how the lines extended on for what felt like miles. He had decided to stop by to pick up a passport for work related purpose but when his guild mates told him it would be a long line he had no idea it would be this long. This left him with quite a few options such as skipping or waiting like a decent human being; he went with the latter. But none the less that didn’t mean by taking the high road this wait would be any less more time consuming or even fun to bear, a heavy sigh began to escape the males lips as he peered over the edge of the line. That was going to be just ‘fun’.


    It was noon and so far it was looking like Hayden may actually be able to get his passport today but each second began to feel like hours at this point, his foot was tapping quickly on the floor as he sighed. The end was within sight by now but that didn’t mean there wasn’t what felt like a infinite amount of people ahead of him all talking and conversing- god that was the worse part having to deal with hyperactive mages asking him questions about why he wanted a passport or overhearing the most obscene conversation. This was like a mini hell for Hayden at this point- who knew a layer of hell was located within this building; it was fair for Hayden to say that maybe their was some type of demon with a domain over crazy long lines. Ugh.


    He was almost there! It was well within site only maybe like five people in front of him which may seem like a lot but from dealing with the crazy lines of earlier he felt this was just a fine amount of people to be in front of him. It was strange how dealing with this kind of torment made such previous subjugation of this type of waiting so small, he would never take for granted small lines again. Maybe this was simply that bit of happiness finally tugging at him that he could go home and sleep- maybe take on a job or something because he was growing anxious from all the waiting he had done today. While Hayden was a patient man when he needed to be this was just ridiculous test of his mental fortitude. As he arrived at the desk he began to answer a few questions and sign a few things- turns out this may take a second or so.


    By the gods he was finished! That damn passport was his and now he could finally head home after dealing with annoying young mages, families that spoke a bit too loudly, and idiots that tried to cut in front of him. Finally maybe… maybe he could get some rest.

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