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    Archaeological Excavation

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    Archaeological Excavation Empty Archaeological Excavation

    Post by Love Warrior Riley on 6th October 2015, 5:22 pm

    The sun scorched the lands, causing loose strands of the sands to blow, pelting Baal as he walked through the wasteland.   Wearing his usual attire, he walked alongside a couple of other mages as they made their way up a dune.   He brandished a pair of goggles and not much else other than his usual gear.   The people he was with was covered near head-to-toe with protective clothing and goggles.   Each of them looked the same; a mere copy-paste of one another.   It wasn't just their appearances that were copy-pasted, but their personalities were all flat and run-of-the-mill.

    Shielding his eyes from the sun as he and the cookie cutters ascended the steep dune, the pointed out in the distance to see a large encampment with holes dug and tents placed everywhere.   That's the location of the excavation site!   The cookie-cutters ran forward out of excitement only to tumble down the dune.   Levitating over the dune, he landed softly upon the ground before continuing forward without the gaggle.   Success of the job probably doesn't hinge on whether they were there or not.

    As Baal and the group approach, a man wearing large goggles turned and looked towards the rag-tag group.   “Oh!   Hello!   You must be the mages that we hired!   Good good!   Come see.   I got something to show you all,” the man said as he turned around and scurried off towards a large hole in the ground.   The hole is roughly a 500 feet in diameter and about 1000 feet down.   The entirety of the hole is lined with scaffolding leading down to the very bottom.   The edges of the hole was also lined with various bones placed, as if it was put there on purpose.  

    The bottom of the hole showed a single, massive skull.   As the group stared in awe of the massive hole, the man who hired the group pointed towards the large skull in the middle of the current floor of the hole.   “That's the creature we have found!   We tried to excavate it with our tools, but,” the man stated before tossing a small shovel into the hole and waited.   A couple of the copy-paste mages turned to look towards one another   before a bright light appeared from where the shovel hit the bottom only to be deflected from the ground and into the side of the hole.

    “Yes, conventional weapons don't exactly work on the floor.   So, since it looks like the ground is protected by magic, I hired all of you to help me out with that,” the man said as he adjusted his glasses.   Clearing his throat, he nodded his head.   “Alright, give us some time and we'll make platforms for you to stand on.   What we need from you is to dig into the ground with your magic.   Since, as you can see, conventional equipment no longer works.   But, try not to destroy the fossil.   Seriously, don't destroy the fossil or I'll dock your pay,” the man said before clearing his throat.   This caused the copy-pasted mages to look at one another.  

    Stepping forward, Baal, raised a hand.   “Question.   Can that thing come to life?” asked the elf as he pulled the goggles up to his forehead, revealing his full face.   “I mean, I'm more than alright beating a pre-historic predator's ass, but I'd rather have a head's up in case it happens,” the gray-skinned man stated.   This caused the copy-pasted mages to mumble amongst themselves for a moment.  

    “I'll help dig, but I ain't fightin' no ancient monstah!”

    “Yeah!   Same here!”

    “Eh.. I'll fight the monster!” said one of the copy-pasted mages stated.   This caused the other two to look at the third in disbelief.   The other two tried to bargain with the third, but to no avail.   The third mage unveiled himself to show his true face.   “Yeah!   I'll help wipe out a monster if it shows up!   I ain't afraid!”

    A little grin went across Baal's face at the third of the cooki-cutters revealing themselves, actually sticking out and looking different from the rest of the group.   The fact that he was brave enough to be with Baal to fight the creature, if necessary, was enough to earn Baal's respect for the time being.   Throwing his arm over the unveiled guy's shoulders, Baal nodded his head.   “Now this is the kinda guy I can get behind! The only one of this group with a big pair of balls!” he said with a hearty laugh.

    “Well, gentlemen, I think,” said the guy leading the excavation.   “I don't know if these things are going to come to life.   I really doubt it.   This isn't anime.   However, until we finish preparation of these platforms, I'd suggest taking it easy for the night.   Dont' get drunk and stupid.   You'll be awakened early in the morning to work while it's cool.   Alrighty!   Dismissed!”  

    The orders were given, so Baal took the time to get acquainted with his new battle partner and took the time to find his quarters to get some rest.   A bright light flashed, creating a bright pillar of light from the bottom of the pit all the way up to the heavens.   The light was so intense, everyone awakened from the sheer luminosity.   Coming out of his tent and covering his eyes, Baal walked out with his eyes squinted.   “What the hell is this?” Baal asked as the man in charge of this site came out, putting on his glasses with his eyes closed.

    “I don't know!   I think it's coming from the large fossil!” the man shouted as a loud wind started to come from the hole.   From the large wind-tunnel and the bright light came a loud roar before a loud crash could be heard and debris from the bottom of the hole exploded out into the side-walls and up-and-over the edge of the hole.  

    Running up next to Baal was the one that decided to break the mold and break away from the copy-paste.   "Yeah!   Like I said!   I got your back, man!" shouted the guy as he stood next to Baal.   His shaking was apparent as his fear was obvious.   Noticing this, Baal gave a big grin before the light and the storm subsided.   Everyone blinked in confusion as they all inched over to the large hole in the ground and peeked over it.  

    "Oh my, that's something different," stated the man in charge of the excavation as he fixed his glasses.   "So underneath all of that was a megalith!" the man stated as he pointed towards the center of the hole.   The floor of the hole changed with the large fossil standing over a large pyramid.   The fossil is seen standing over the pyramid in a very intimidating manner.   The pyramid, itself, is made of a strange black stone that reflects light; possibly onyx.  

    Clearing his throat, the man turned to look towards Baal and the one that revealed himself.   It appeared that the other two fled after it heard the loud roar from within the hole.   "Well, return to sleep, you two.   We need to build scaffolding all the way down.   We'll wake you up when we're ready for you," the man said before he nodded one last time before slapping his hands together, getting the workers together to build the scaffolding.   Now would be the best time for the two of them to get some shut-eye until the path is made.   Baal could easily just float down and land softly, but he isn't getting paid to think for himself, now is he?

    3 hours later...
    Baal is awakened once more by the man in the glasses in charge of this job.   After awakening groggily, he made his way towards the hole at the top of the scaffolding.   The workers worked diligently to build the scaffolding around the walls.   There was an attempt to branch off and go through the middle, but upon closer inspection, the scaffolding melted.  

    "Must be one helluva barrier," Baal mentioned before the man in the glasses shouted. "Astute observation, my gray friend!   In fact, nothing we own will allow us to get any closer, which is why we had to stop just before the floor yet again.   Now, you two should be able to closer to it.   Now what I want is for you to go into the pyramid and tell us what's inside!" the man said as excitement built up within him.

    Nodding his head, he turned to look towards his new partner with a reassuring nod.   "We'll see what we find down there!" Baal stated before he slowly began to descend the ramp going around the hole.   From then on, it was just Baal and his partner.  

    "What do you think is down there?" his partner asked.
    "I have no idea.   I haven't seen anything like this before.   There were pyramids like that where I came from, but they weren't this strange black color," Baal stated.
    "So if it's buried this deep, do you think this is ancient?"
    "Yes, probably.   Keep your guard up."

    As the two exchanged words, they finally made it to the final, floating edge of the ramp.   Clearing his throat, Baal stopped for a moment grabbed a coin from inside of his pocket and tossed it onto the ground.   The coin was instantly deflected upon hitting the ground.   Holding his hand out to his partner.   "Get on my back."

    "What do you mean?"
    "I said, 'Do it!'," Baal stated as he grabbed his partner and placed him upon his back.   Baal kicked off of the ramp and started to levitate above the ground and made his way towards the pyramid.  

    "You can levitate?"
    "Yes, yes.   Keep your eyes open."

    Baal and his partner made it to the entrance of the pyramid only to stop at the threshold.   Upon reaching the threshold, the pyramid shook and the door opened.   Taking this as a sign, Baal walked into the pyramid to see something absolutely gastly.  

    "Wha... What the hell is that?" Baal's partner asked.   Everything looked like veins coming from a sarcophagus in the middle of the pyramid all the way through it.   The inside of this building looked alive.   Not knowing what this was, Baal floated into the pyramid, hearing the sound of heart-beats in his head.   This caused confusion between the two and caused Baal's partner to begin flailing around..

    "I don't like the way this feels.   We need to get out of here," spoke his partner. A loud hissing noise could be heard from the two, causing intense pain in both of their ears.   The very sound repelled the two of them out of the pyramid and causing Baal to run like hell away from the pyramid.   With a quick movement, he threw his partner onto the ramp and jumped on, himself, and the two of them fled up the ramp until they reached the top.

    The man in charge of the expedition began to question them, only for the two of them to explain what they saw, heard, and felt.   No.   This place was meant to remain buried.   It was Baal's recommendation to re-bury this site.   There are some things that should remain buried in the past, and this is one of them.   Following his recommendation, explosions were set off on the side of the hole, burying it once again.   While the man in charge of the excavation wasn't happy about it, it was better to do this than to unearth a possible scourge upon the planet.

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