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    To Earthland and Beyond

    Love Warrior Riley
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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Love Warrior Riley 6th October 2015, 5:19 pm

    10:00 AM
    The lines were long as the air filled with the voices of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in unison. The clammering sounds of laughter, arguments, and babies crying resonated through the extremely cramped space. The air grew stale as the wind ceased, leaving just the warmth of the sun beating down upon himself and the mass of people. Standing with his hand up to his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun, he saw the length of the line and let out a groan.

    Two choices popped into Baal's head.
    1: Use Mystic Hands to push people out of the way and make his way to the front of the line
    2: Act like everyone else and wait his turn in line.

    This all boiled down to ethics and which way he wanted to represent himself. His eyes squinted a bit as he made a decision based around his morals. Taking a sigh out, he stood in line and waited like the rest of the people.
    3:00 PM
    The line felt like it hardly moved. People behind him began to evaporate, leaving him the last in line. This caused him to turn back and look behind him with a puzzled look.

    “If you aren't near the front by this time, you're better off coming back tomorrow,” one of the men that left said in a bitter tone. With a sigh, Baal squatted to sit upon his heels. The sun was blazing hot and it was unrelenting. Having a water-skin, Baal pulled it out only to hear that someone passed out further up in line. Clearing his throat, he walked up towards where the person passed out and squatted once again with the water skin in his hand.

    Looking at the item for a moment, he handed it over to the group tending the dehydrated individual. They begged for their deity to bless him, but when he asked if he was able to get in front of them or even behind them, he was met with quite a bit of opposition. With yet another sigh, he just walked away, letting them keep his water skin.
    6:45 PM
    Baal was next in line, waiting for the person ahead of him to finish getting his passport with the representative. Baal was extremely exhausted and it was plainly obvious upon noticing his face. It was so very close to his turn until a family arrived. An elderly man, his elderly wife, an adult man, his wife, and a handicapped child.

    Upon reaching the line, they looked at Baal for a moment and then the time. Disappointment settled in on the family. Another sigh came from Baal as he turned his shoulders and held his hand out, as if to give them a pass to go in front of him. Overjoyed, the family thanked him and blessed him before Baal stepped to the side. As soon as he did, it was the family's turn. They went and bowed to Baal once more before moving inside to speak with the representative.
    7:00 PM
    After having completed the family's passport, the clerk walked out of the office with his long coat and hat on. As he was preparing to lock up, he stopped and noticed Baal standing patiently in line. Curling his lip a bit, he took a deep breath and sighed. “I saw what you did for that person that was dehydrated and that family ahead of you. Just this once, alright?” the man stated before Baal nodded his head and went into the office.

    After a brief moment, Baal came out of the office with a passport in his hand. He claimed he was from Infinity Hydra, the newer guild sanctioned by the Magic Council.
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