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    Job| Find This Book!|Solo

    Childish Chimera
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    Job| Find This Book!|Solo Empty Job| Find This Book!|Solo

    Post by Childish Chimera on 3rd October 2015, 12:14 pm

    Job: Find This Book!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Single or team. 2 D rank mage max for team. 10 post minimum and 170 words per post.
    Job Requirements:- Go to the Library and find the book
    - Do not destroy anything, especially books
    - Do not harm anyone
    - Retrieve the book and borrow it from the library before giving it to the old lady
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: "There is an old lady who enjoys reading a lot when she was younger who wanted to read a certain book that is used to be her favourite. Too bad the book is out of print and it is not being sold anymore. The only place that the book could be found is in a library but she is too old to go out on her own. She would ask help but most of the people she knew are too busy. So the old lady decides to make this a request for anyone willing to help her find this book in the library.”

    - You can make up the name of the book as long as it is not common and a rare book
    - The library that has the book would be in trouble
    - The library was pranked by some kids who decided to rearrange the books in the library so that it would be hard to find anything.
    - The book is somewhere in the library and it is hard to find it
    - If the book is about to be found, some of the kids would be there to grab it and run off with it.
    - The kid is just having fun and would give the book if they are scolded.

    Enemies: None
    Reward: 750 Jewels each

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