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    Twintastrophe [Job]


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    Twintastrophe [Job] Empty Twintastrophe [Job]

    Post by Cielle on 2nd October 2015, 6:58 pm

    Job: Double Trouble!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: C or D ranks mages only. Max group of two. 6 post min. 150 words per post min.
    Job Requirements: Take the children to the amusement park, do not let them get hurt, or lost, or no reward.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: "Hello to who ever is reading this, my name is Alice. I'm a busy business woman who has a set of ten year old twin sons. I was wondering if someone can take care of them for the day while I go out of town on some business. My sons want to go to this new amusement park that I can not take them to, because I'm so busy. So I'm asking you to take them. Their names are Zack and Chris. Zach is a wild one and will run from you if he doesn't want to be where he's at. Chris is more calmer, but he'll follow Zack if he runs. Please down let them wander off or get hurt."
    Enemies: Zack and Chris
    Run: Zack and Chris will run off at random intervals if the other doesn't want to be at a certain ride. The other will follow.
    Split: The twins will split up on purpose to aggravate you and run in separate directions to get away.
    Speed boost: The twins will use a magic boost to speed up they're running.
    Reward: 750 Jewels each

    ’Place is a little boring, guess I can’t really blame them for wanting a bit o’ free time.’ The whole air of this village – aptly named “Peace Village” – left Rohma feeling a little too relaxed for her liking. Everyone moved at their own pace, something she had to actively fight against matching, far too eager to get this job over and done with as dealing with children wasn’t exactly on her list of likes. Sure there existed some cool kids in a manner of speaking, but most children annoyed her for some strange reason. Maybe it had to do with shared excitement levels and disliking qualities one shared with them – as heavens knows she could dash off just as quickly as any excitable munchkin – but having to baby sit and basically be in charge of someone else’s offspring was a little more daunting.

    For starters she’d have to ensure that they came home with the same number of limbs and little appendages that they left, and preferably with only one or two bumps and scrapes because they were children and outright avoiding those altogether was impossible. ’Especially since we’re supposed to an amusement park: pretty hard for nothin’ to happen. Mostly gotta make sure they don’t run off and get into some mischief without me,’ the last part set off a smirk, because if Rohma wasn’t there could it really be called mischief?

    Patting her pocket as if to double check something was there, the woman finally rang the doorbell though it was easy to tell people were home: she could hear two loud voices, banging around, and a stern voice telling them to calm down or else no park. ’Oh if only.’ When it finally opened and the harassed looking father glared down at her – likely residual from the boys – she grinned right back, ”Your mage babysitting service, Rohma reporting for duty!”

    The greeting at least got him to smile and snort even if he didn’t outright laugh, ”Sorry about this, I’d hire a normal babysitter if I thought they could handle it. Unfortunately the boys have started their magic training and learned a hint of speed spells, so it’s hard for a layman to keep up with them on a good day. They want to become speed magic racers someday….and are well on their way. I wish you the best of luck, but I must be off.” She stepped aside, letting the man leave as he put on his hat and yelled over his shoulder, ”You two try to behave for once! Otherwise you can believe I’ll call your aunt next time!”

    The reaction was immediate and entertaining, watching the life drain from their faces: whoever this aunt was Rohma kind of wanted to meet her. ’Guess she’s the last resort and I’m something of their final resort before hell?’ An entertaining notion to say the least as she introduced herself to the two lads. As they in turn gave their names – one yelling and the other more calmly stating his – she watched life return to the energetic lads. ”All right once you guys are ready to go we can leave for this place. I’m telling you now though if we go on too many boring rides I’ll find the scariest one and you guys won’t get a say.” Their cheers of “Cool!” were very encouraging…

    They held true to that idea for quite a while until after lunch and then things got tricky. Chris revealed after they’d finished some corn dogs and fries that he couldn’t stomach any of the more extreme rides until sometime after eating – something Rohma wouldn’t fault him for because some people had softer digestive systems. Zack appeared to take some serious umbrage with the idea of going on slower or less twisty rides as they’d been doing for the past few hours. He argued, he pouted, and he threw his trash on the ground all in protest of going on some slow rides or trying out some games for a little bit until they found the shooting range one for him. ’Gods what a brat, good thing his twin’s a little easier and a bit self-sacrificing.’ She still rolled her eyes however, feeling a bit sorry for Chris given the selfishness of his brother. A sigh escaped however as Zack became angry again, this time over his lack of ability to shoot. ”You want the prize that bad then step aside son and lemme show you how it’s done,” she gently moved him aside, taking up the dinky and lack luster rifle. The rinky-dink thing shot off its pellets and one-by-one she dropped the targets until the man forked over the prize…which Zack begrudgingly accepted.

    ’Gods there is no pleasing this kid.’

    It was Chris’ suggestion of riding the merry-go-round however that broke the camel’s back, Zack yelling, ”Screw this!” before dashing off. She watched in a bored manner as Chris took off, calling out to his angered brother before she sighed and pulled out a little trinket from her pocket. Pressing down on the jewel in the amulet both boys suddenly sprung back towards her, surprise etched on their faces as they stared up from the ground, flat on their backs.

    ”Sorry guys, you ain’t goin’ anywhere without permission until I release you,” she grinned, staring at their stunned expressions whilst she recalled the slap on the back she gave them both before they left the house earlier: when she’d “marked” them with the amulet’s power. ”Your father warned about your mild speed addiction before I even came over, though I’ll be honest I probably would’ve brought this fun little thing before. Useful for saving lives on digs, but also nifty at keeping troublesome kids close by. Found it in a dig ironically…”

    Wonder replaced the surprise, and like that she had Zack’s attention as question after question tumbled out of his mouth, eliciting a few chuckles. ”Ride the merry-go-round with your brother and I’ll tell you all ‘bout it while we’re in line for the next roller coaster, got it?” He couldn’t seem to drag his brother off fast enough now while she followed at a more leisurely pace, trying to decide what grand looking stead to ride for herself. ’Yeah, the rest of this day should go by pretty quick.’ Looking up at the sky she figured they had about maybe another ride after the rollercoaster before the trio would head home. Either way they wouldn’t be escaping any time soon whether they wanted to or not.


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